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Welcome to the Casino Answers Slot Machines Guide. Whether it’s a classic slot machine or a video slot machine or even a fruit machine, we’ve got you covered. We go into detail about all slots online and offline from slots strategy to just general reviews, and teach you more than you ever wanted to know about slots.

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Slots Beginners Section

beginners slotsWhile Slot Machines can be easy to play, some can actually be difficult with the amount of bonus games available to them and extra additions.Not sure when to nudge, when to collect or when to double, or how many lines to play?

Don’t worry – our slot machines for dummies guide will walk you through slots and get you playing every slot machine with ease. We cover both online and live casino slots within this article. So whether you are playing slots at an online casino or in Vegas – our guides have you covered.


Slot Machines Variations – Different Types of Slot Machines

slots variations There’s a LOT of slot machines out there. A LOT. You have your classic slots, your video slots, your interactive slots, your fruit machines and many more variations of slots.You also have different themed slot machines, 5-line slots, 25-line slots and oh so much more. Thankfully we here at Casino Answers have did all the hard work – we’ve went through every slot machine and provided a very detailed and comprehensive guide and review on every slot machine online. it was a big job – but hey, we sat around playing slots all day so we can’t complain!


Miscellaneous Slot Machines Articles

slots questionsWe aim to cover everything we can about slots, and if the article you were looking for isn’t listed above, then look below where we have a variety of slot machine articles.If your question still isn’t answered or if you are looking for something you can’t find here, please just use the contact form below and we’ll do everything we can to have you an answer and a full article helping you out about slots!

So hopefully you find what you’re looking for – if not just ask away.

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