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What are the 21 Holes at the Bottom of a Cribbage Board For?

Bill asks: What are the 21 holes at the bottom of the cribbage board for?

Advanced Cribbage Strategy

When it comes to advanced strategy in any game, it’s impossible to really cover it in one quick article. Advanced strategy for any type of game needs to cover everything about that game in complete detail.

Intermediate Cribbage Strategy

Before reading this section, you should obviously be familiar with how to play cribbage, and also basic cribbage strategy. The basic cribbage strategy article is very important because it teaches you the basics of the game, the best method of … Continue reading

What Are The Rules to Cribbage?

Below are the complete rules to Cribbage. These rules will cover how to actually play the game of Cribbage, as well as clarify any potential questions you may have about Cribbage rules.

How To Play Five Card Cribbage

While you may not know it, Five Card Cribbage was the original game of Cribbage. It’s how Cribbage was originally created, and while the game has evolved since then it’s still a fun alternative to the current game of Cribbage.

Basic Cribbage Strategy

So you understand how to play Cribbage but you still keep getting beat, or feel you are always at a disadvantage against your opponent. Well we’ve got some advanced Cribbage strategies that will really help your game, however this article … Continue reading

Cribbage Scoring Guidelines

If you’ve played any form of card game before, then you should be able to understand the scoring of Cribbage with ease. There are no complications with Cribbage scoring or how to score Cribbage points, and you should be able … Continue reading

How To Play Cribbage

If you’re not sure how to play Cribbage or what the rules to Cribbage are then don’t worry – we have you covered. This is a nice simple guide that will have you understanding and playing cribbage in a matter … Continue reading

Play Cribbage on Your Mobile/Cellphone

I’ve actually made every cellphone purchase decision in the last 10 years based on whether or not there was a cribbage game available. I held off on buying a Blackberry for over a year only because there wasn’t a Cribbage … Continue reading

Cribbage Terminology

Cribbage is a game which has a lot of different lingo and terminology to it. I’ve sat in games and heard phrases that I’ve never heard in my life, and I’ve been playing Cribbage for over 20 years!

Where To Play Online Cribbage For Free?

If you’re looking to play online cribbage for free then we’ve got some great news for you: there are literally hundreds of places these days where you can play online cribbage for free. In this article we outline some of … Continue reading

What Is The History of Cribbage?

Cribbage was invented in the 1600s, and was created by a man from England called Sir John Suckling, although it evolved from a game called “Noddy”.

Who Was Sir John Suckling?

Sir John Suckling was an Englishman who lived from 1609 to 1642. His legacy was the wonderful game known as “Cribbage”, which he invented and had published in The Compleat Gamester years after his death, in 1674.

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