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Subbuteo Slot

About Subbuteo Slot Subbuteo Slot, released in June 2018, is a team sport-styled and association football-themed video slot made by Betdigital. Although it is distributed by SG Digital and NextGen Gaming, Subbuteo Slot is trademarked by Hasbro Inc. Sports, table … Continue reading


Ambassador, whose earliest version was released in 2017, is a video slot developed by Betdigital Ltd. Slot machine, stars, BARs, and clown are some of the thematic elements. Similar games from Betdigital include Joker 1000 (May 2017), Joker 1000 Deluxe … Continue reading

Wilds Deluxe

Wilds Deluxe, released on October 31, 2017, is a Betdigital Ltd-owned video slot whose thematic elements include jewelry and treasure. Wilds Deluxe is the first slot game in the developer’s two-game Wild series; the second slot game is Wild Jewels … Continue reading

Knights of Gold

Knights of Gold, released in 2017, is a medieval kingdom-themed slot game made by Betdigital; SG Digital and NYX Gaming are its suppliers. Knights of Gold is set in the medieval period and features warring people; silver, gold, swordmanship, heraldry, … Continue reading

Big Spinner

Big Spinner, released in 2017, is a video slot developed by Betdigital Ltd and distributed by SG Digital. Big Spinner’s thematic elements include spinning wheel, BARs, and fruit symbolism. Other Betdigital’s casino games with a relatable spinning wheel or similar … Continue reading

Joker 10000

Joker 10000, released in May 2017, is a Betdigital Ltd-owned video slot distributed by NYX Interactive and SG Digital. Clown, fruits, and classic slot machine are its themes. Joker 10000 has a sequel named Joker 10000 Deluxe (Betdigital; 2017). Other … Continue reading

Free Spin City

Free Spin City is an Internet casino game made by Betdigital Ltd, which also distributes it alongside SG Digital. Free Spin City is about Las Vegas by night, city life, fast-living, and gambling. Relatable games from Betdigital Ltd include Slots … Continue reading

Crowning Glory

Crowning Glory, released on June 2017, is a Betdigital Ltd-owned video slot. Gemstones, pkaying cards values, monarchy, and elegance are the themes. Relatable slot games from Betdigital include Wild Jewels (2015), Wilds Deluxe (2018), Pots O’Luck (December 2016), Slots of … Continue reading

Bon Bon Bonanza

Bon Bon Bonanza is one of the most colorful Internet casino games ever designed by Betdigital Ltd; its distribution rights are owned by Openbet and SG Digital. The symbolism involves confectionaries. There are numerous candy-themed rival games, including: Captain Candy … Continue reading

Blazin’ Hot 7s

Blazin’ Hot 7s, released in May 2017, is a video slot from Betdigital Ltd featuring classic slot machine symbols. Betdigital’s comparable slot games are Mega Pots Mega-X, Super Pots Bar-X, and Reels of Fortune Triple Pay (September 2017). Some of … Continue reading


Valhalla, released in 2016, is an Internet casino game made by Betdigital Limited. Norse and Germanic mythologies, afterlife, fallen heroes, Norse cosmology, Poetic Edda (mysterious poems), and Nordic gods are among the themes. A similar game from Betdigital Limited is … Continue reading

Slots of Money

A resplendent game whose grid deviates from the norm, Betdigital Ltd released Slots of Money in June 2017. Distributed by SG Digital, Slots of Money features playing card values, card suits and a gem. Similar games from Betdigital include Reels … Continue reading

Reels of Fortune Triple Pay

Reels of Fortune Triple Pay, released in September 2017, is a luck-themed and slot machine-styled video slot copyrighted by Betdigital Ltd. Other relatable games from Betdigital include Mega Pots Mega-X, Super Pots Bar-X, and Blazin’ Hot 7’s (2017). Some of … Continue reading

Pots O’Luck

Pots O’Luck, released in December 2016, is a luck-themed video slot casino made by Betdigital Ltd; and distributed by NYX Gaming, OpenBet and SG Digital. Themes include superstititon, St. Patrick’s Day, Irish mythology, lucky clover, and rainbow myths. Pots O’Luck … Continue reading

Joker 10000 Deluxe

Joker 10000 Deluxe, released in July 2017, is a trademark of Betdigital Ltd; SG Digital and NYX Interactive distribute this video slot. Joker 10000 Deluxe uses clown, crown, and fruit symbolism. Joker 10000 Deluxe has a prequel titled Joker 10000 … Continue reading

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