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Classy Vegas

About Classy Vegas Classy Vegas is an August 2018 gambling hub-inspired online casino game designed by Cayetano Gaming. Better still, its own game description summarizes thus: a cascading slot game with up to 10 reels that are sub-divided into up … Continue reading

Dragons Wild

About Dragons Wild Mythology and knight fights are conceptualized in this Cayetano Gaming-owned July 2018 video slot named Dragons Wild. The themes incorporated in this online casino game include the dragons that are synonymous with the Chinese mythology, the historic … Continue reading

Easter Money

About Easter Money Easter Money is a March 2014 Easter holiday-inspired video slot developed by Cayetano Gaming. The thematic elements are Easter festivity, mythology, New Testament feast, German Lutheran tradition, and spirit animal. Another festival-themed slot game from Cayetano is … Continue reading

Forest Rush

About Forest Rush Forest Rush is a December 2016 enchanted forest-inspired video slot created by Cayetano Gaming. Its diverse themes include fantasy, magical animals, mysticism, white magic, omen, superstition, and wizardly. Similar slot games from Cayetano include Fantasia, Gypsy Luck … Continue reading

Gem Blast

About Gem Blast Gem Blast is a January 2018 is gem-based online casino game made by Cayetano Gaming. The thematic elements in Gem Blast include bomb blast, crystalline, gemstones, and jewelry. Gem Blast is the second video slot in Cayetano’s … Continue reading

Golden Kingdom

About Golden Kingdom Golden Kingdom is an April 2019 mythology-inspired video slot developed by Cayetano Gaming. Fantasy, Germanic mythology, magic, folklore, goblins, Norse mythology, elves, Gothic architecture, jewelry, and divinity are among the themes of Golden Kingdom. Cayetano’s portfolio lists … Continue reading

Great Gems

About Great Gems Great Gems is a May 2019 gem-inspired non-payline Internet casino game designed by Cayetano Gaming. The themes in Great Gems include jewelry, precious stones, and gemstone mine. Cayetano’s other gem-branded slots: Gem Blast (January 2018) and Nudging … Continue reading

Reels of Egypt

About Reels of Egypt Reels of Egypt is a March 2019 Cayetano-owned video slot that revisits dynastic Egypt through the lens of space age. Themes: space faring ancient Egyptians, space science, futurism, hieroglyphs, Egyptian gods, Egypt’s Old Kingdom, and monumental … Continue reading

Royal Goose

About Royal Goose Royal Goose is a May 2019 fairyland-inspired video slot made by Cayetano Gaming. Fable, fairy tale, magic, fantasy, fairy kingdom, and royalty are the themes. Suchlike online games in Cayetano’s portfolio include: Irish Clover (January 2017), Tumble … Continue reading

Shaman Spins

About Shaman Spins Shaman Spins is a July 2019 black magic-oriented Internet casino game made by Cayetano Gaming. The themes of Shaman Spins include supernatural, talisman, rune stones, stone god, folk magic, spirit animal, animism, shamanism, mysticism, divination, hypnosis, crystal … Continue reading

Solar Snap

About Solar Snap Solar Snap is a December 2013 astronomy-inspired slot game developed by Cayetano Gaming. Better yet, its “game details” section describes itself as a re-spinning video slot whose payout type is connected symbols; instead of pay lines, it … Continue reading

Wild Sheriff

Wild Sheriff is a June 2012 Wild West-inspired Internet casino game made by Cayetano Gaming. American frontier, cowboys, gold, lawlessness, banditry, musical instrument, playing cards values, law enforcement, Old West, and gunslinging are among the Wild Sheriff’s themes. Cayetano Gaming … Continue reading

Wild Egypt

Wild Egypt (released in October 2016) is a King Tut era-inspired video slot developed by Cayetano Gaming, and provided by Red Tiger Gaming. Its themes include weather elements, galaxy, gold, Coptic Christianity, Egyptian gods, hieroglyphs, afterlife, and pyramids. Cayetano Gaming … Continue reading

Tumble Dwarf

Tumble Dwarf is a 2011 fairyland-inspired video slot; Cayetano Gaming developed it, whereas Red Tiger Gaming is its distributor. Dwarfism, mysticism, crystal-gazing, playing card values, enchantment, wizardly, and shape shifting are among the Tumble Dwarf’s themes. Thematically relatable games from … Continue reading

Trick O Treat

Trick O Treat is an October 2018 dark magic-inspired Cayetano Gaming-owned video slot. Themes: occult mysticism, Halloween holiday, paganism, skull pumpkin, Celtic festival, magic, witchcraft, confectionery, fantasy, superstition, and wizardly. Relatable games from Cayetano Gaming include Fantasia, Forest Rush (2016), … Continue reading

The Great Wild

The Great Wild (2019) is a Cayetano Games-owned video slot; Red Tiger Gaming distributes it. Themes include elegance, classic automobiles, jewelry, visual arts, architectural style, merrymaking, playing card suits, and fireworks show. Other Wild-themed games from Cayetano Games include Fruit … Continue reading

Safari Dream

Safari Dream is a July 2014 safari-inspired video slot designed by Cayetano Gaming. Big cat, big five animal, game drive, wildlife, playing card values, wildlife photography, wildlife viewing, and tourism are among the themes. Relatable games from Cayetano Gaming include … Continue reading

Money Tower

Money Tower is a January 2017 cityscape-inspired video slot developed by Cayetano Gaming. Legal tender, skyscrapers, vertical transportation, city life, firework display, light beam display, gemstone, rings, architecture, jewelry, and safekeeping are the thematic elements in Money Tower. Also in … Continue reading

Money Machine

Money Machine is a January 2018 robotics-inspired video slot from Cayetano Gaming alongside Red Tiger Gaming. Themes: engineering, robots, steampunk, jewelry, gears, playing cards values, wheel of Fortune, and piping system. Cayetano Gaming owns other money-themed casino games, including: Money … Continue reading

Diamond Rush

Diamond Rush is a November 2018 underground mining-inspired video slot designed by Cayetano Gaming. Themes: ore deposits, host rocks, minerals, treasure chest, dwarves, gemstones, ore extraction, and smelting. Lucky Mine (March 2019) is another mining-themed slot game from Cayetano Gaming; … Continue reading

Dark Jungle

Dark Jungle is an April 2018 forest ecosystem-inspired video slot released by Cayetano Gaming in conjunction with Red Tiger Gaming. Apes, big cats, birds, playing cards values, and jungle are the Dark Jungle’s themes. Relatable games from Cayetano Gaming: Fantasia, … Continue reading

Mississippi Queen

Mississippi Queen is a December 2016 Mississippi River-inspired video slot developed and supplied by Cayetano Gaming. Themes: maritime transport, shooting, gambling, playing cards values, New World, merrymaking, cruising, exhaust emission, riverine. Still from Cayetano; Lucky Cabaret (2015) and Money Night … Continue reading

Lucky Mine

Lucky Mine, also called Paddys Lucky Mine, is a March 2019 underground mining-themed; it is made by Cayetano Gaming, which supplies it jointly with Red Tiger Gaming. Themes: gold and diamond mining, luck, rock blasting, and nuggets. Lucky Mine is … Continue reading

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is a December 2016 fairy tale-inspired video slot developed by Cayetano Gaming. Themes: European fairy tale, cautionary tale, emotional blackmail, werewolf, personification, and shapeshifting. Thematically related games from Cayetano Gaming include Beauty’s Beast (2016), Magic Fairies … Continue reading

Jousting Wilds

Jousting Wilds is a May 2017 medieval-inspired video slot from Cayetano Gaming. Themes: heavy calvary, medieval kingdom, royalty, knighthood, medieval shields, martial game, and medieval warfare. Cayetano Gaming has relatable slot games, most notably Castle Pillager (May 2017). The rival … Continue reading

Fruit Stack Deluxe

Released in 2014, Fruit Stack Deluxe is a Cayetano Gaming-owned video slot; Red Tiger Gaming distributes it. Fruit Stack Deluxe is the second online game in the five-game Fruit Stack series whose first game is Fruit Stack (June 2014), third … Continue reading

Fruit Stack Mega Wheel

Fruit Stack Mega Wheel, released in 2018, is a nightlife-inspired video slot developed by Cayetano Gaming and provided by Red Tiger Gaming. Fruits, classic slot machine, metropolitan, BARs, and city life are among the the themes. Similar games from Cayetano … Continue reading

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