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Where To Play Online Slots Tournaments?

Slots are fun, but online slots tournaments are funner. WIth online slots tournaments you basically buy in for a certain amount, are given a whackload of chips then bet away to your hearts content.

There is a good variety of slots tournaments online but there are a few casinos who really specialize at them. Actually there is one casino in particular which I’d give my highest recommendation to if you are going to play slots tournaments online.

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These guys are insane – they have a tournament lobby area with literally hundreds of slots tournaments going on. I mean just look at this list:

It might be a bit hard to see but they have multiple tournaments and it’s ridiculous. They have jackpot tournaments, they have sit and go tournaments and freerolls and oh man – seriously if you’re a slots tournament player the selection is amazing.

As you play it will track everything for you on the left side it lists for example how long is left, your position in the tournament and then the leaderboard of people currently playing and their score.

Here’s an example of a slots tournament I was playing:

As you can see it also has a cool feature involving a multiplier. Some of the slots tournaments have that feature and after you win once the line(s) you got with the symbols will disappear and everything will drop down with new items appearing. Sort of like Candy Crush Saga actually in that regard. And if you win again then the multiplier increases again and it goes on.

Everything is updated fast and the games also give you cashback with the rewards program. That’s right freaking Cashback and Trophies and Race Spins are won on them too.

The way VideoSlots.com does it is they call it battles. And if you have no money here that’s okay because they have freeroll tournaments which have things like 100 free spins, 1,000 free spins etc. Imagine winning one of those and then spinning 1,000 freaking times on a slot machine at no risk? It’d be amazing.

They offer tournaments from 1 Euro up to 20 Euros usually although there can be bigger ones. They do guaranteed prize pools too and the more people that enter the more money in the prize pool.

The slots they use are also set up to go very fast so you don’t have to worry about anything but clicking the spin button really. They have a wide variety of slot machines available too like the Twin Spin slot, Starburst slot, Jack and the Beanstalk slot and more.

The slots tournaments usually have a min/max bet so that you don’t have to worry about that too much. Some have different rules too you’ll find some only give you a set amount of spins for example. Others will allow you to rebuy in later.

So yeah if you are interested in playing slots tournaments online drop everything and head to VideoSlots.com.

Unfortunately they do not accept Americans. If you’re an American, head to Slots.LV instead.

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