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Top High RTP Slots to Play in 2023

One key element of playing slots is enjoyment, and nothing can take away from this. So, if you have a particular favourite game, keep playing. However, if you’re looking for the best online slots for real money that offer a higher-than-average RTP, or Return to Player, then have a look at the top picks for 2023.

What is RTP?

The RTP of a game is a mathematical calculation based on the number of wins divided by the total number placed on the bet. So, the closer to 100% this number is, the more money the players can win. In most land-based casinos, for example, those found on the Las Vegas strip, the slot machines tend to have an RTP of close to 75%. However, online casinos have a history of offering a higher RTP figure around the 95% mark.

This means that if you were to play the same machine online and, in a land-based casino, the difference in the money you win would be around £20 per hundred-pound bet. If a slot machine online offers an RTP of 97%, the implication is that the player could potentially receive £97 back in winnings for every hundred pounds wagered.

However, because of the law of averages and the fact that a huge number of spins are generated, the average cannot always apply. So, it is perfectly reasonable for a player to spend £100 and we’re only £10 back, whereas another player spending £100 could, in some cases, win more than £5000. It is not a game of skill. It is a simple game of chance, but the higher the RTP, the more chance of taking home the hard cash.

Game: Ugga Bugga

Software House: Playtech

RTP: 99.07%

Ugga Bugga has been around since 2006 and is a slot hybrid poker game. It has an incredibly high RTP making it very popular with players. There are several combinations to win, and you can choose to keep a symbol space with the game played across ten lines. It is popular and worth a shot if you enjoy games with a high RTP.

Game: Mega Joker

Software House: NetEnt

RTP: 99%

NetEnt is one of the biggest names in game design, and they released Mega Joker in 2011. It’s a classic fruit symbol slot machine and has 33 pay lines. Lining up three joker symbols gives you a random reward. There are a few additional features, but not as many as you might expect, although they are well worth playing. At the top of the slot, you will find the super meter. Money builds up here during the game, and you can either wager the money or collect it. It’s also a progressive jackpot, with each wheel spin adding 3% to the pot.

Game: Rainbow Riches Pick ’n’ Mix

Software House: Barcrest

RTP: 98%


Colourful and eye-catching this game features card symbols such as King, Queen and Jack, and there are three different ways to win. 0.20, game credits offer an RTP of 94% for every spin wagered, but if you place a 1-500 credit spin, the RTP shoots up to 98%.

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