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Golden Sphinx

About Golden Sphinx Golden Sphinx is an ancient Egyptian html5 video slot that games developer Wazdan released on September 2014. Treasure-seeking slot players virtually tour the ancient civilization, all the while learning about its hieroglyphics and mythological tendencies such as … Continue reading

In The Forest

About In The Forest In The Forest is a survivalism-inspired Wazdan-owned html5 video slot that was released on December 1, 2016, alongside Colin the Cat, Highschool Manga, Bars & 7’s, and Dino Reels 81. Slot players are challenged to test … Continue reading

Relic Hunters and the Book of Faith

Relic Hunters and the Book of Faith was released on July 4, 2019 by Wazdan. The html5 video slot’s plot: two daring fictitious archeologists who are on a spooky quest for Pharaoh’s relics raid and desecrate Egyptian pyramids; this attracts … Continue reading

Reel Hero

Since its initial launch on June 10, 2020—released for the mass market on August 12, 2020—the cyber punk-inspired html5 video slot named Reel Hero has endeared itself to slot players with its hyped dystopian futurism concept, heroic space force, cyborgs, … Continue reading

Sizzling 777 Deluxe

About Sizzling 777 Deluxe Wazdan launched Sizzling 777 Deluxe on June 27, 2018. This html5 video slot features classic slot symbolism and astronomical events. Sizzling 777 Deluxe’s prequel is Sizzling 777 (June 2016); these games, including Sizzling Stars (June 2016), … Continue reading

Slot Jam

About Slot Jam Wazdan released Slot Jam in December 12, 2018. This html5 video slot’s themes include fantasy, processed food, fruity emojis, and personification. Other Wazdan-owned games with personified fruits are Fruits Go Bananas (April 2020), Jumping Fruits (September 2017), … Continue reading

Sonic Reels

Released on May 12, 2020, Sonic Reels is a part musical, part fruity html5 video slot from Wazdan. Themes: music visualization, retro, classic slot symbols, and hi-fi audio system. Wazdan’s fruity games: Lucky 9 (April 2020), Slot Jam (December 2018), … Continue reading

Space Gem

Games developer launched Space Gem on January 22, 2019. Gems, extraterrestrial, celestial events, star polygons, and globular clusters are some of its themes. Space Gem has a sequel called Space Spins (May 2019). Wazdan operates lots of similar html5 video … Continue reading

Space Spins

Space Spins On its press release dated May 9, 2019, games developer Wazdan describes Space Spins as a simulation of interstellar voyage to crystalline exoplanets. Accordingly, this html5 video slot’s themes are superluminal travel, gems, science fiction, astronomical phenomena, ring … Continue reading


About Spectrum Released on July 19, 2018, the html5 video slot titled Spectrum is a light spectrum-inspired Wazdan-owned game whose themes are nuclear transmutation, fantasy, alchemy, gems, luck, and magic. Similar games from Wazdan: Space Gem (January 2019), Magic of … Continue reading

Super Hot

About Super Hot Super Hot is among the 20+ html5 video slots that Wazdan released on September 8, 2014. This fiery html5 online game’s themes are playing card suits, retro, and classic slot symbolism. Wazdan’s games in the “Hot” gaming … Continue reading

Triple Star

About Triple Star Triple Star was launched on September 8, 2014 alongside 20+ other online games. This html5 video slot from Wazdan is named after its three-star symbol. The Triple Star’s themes are wizardly, playing card values, luck, and magic … Continue reading

Turbo Play

About Turbo Play Turbo Play is one of the earliest classic html5 video slots developed by Wazdan, which released it on February 15, 2013, alongside three other games namely Vegas Reels II, Arcade, and Mystery Jack. This Las Vegas-inspired fruit-themed … Continue reading


About Valhalla Released on June 30, 2017, Valhalla is a Wazdan-owned html5 video slot adaptation of Asgard. The Norse mythology imagines Valhalla as a residence for fallen heroes that is located in Asgard, which, in turn, is a divine throne … Continue reading

Welcome to Hell 81

About Welcome to Hell 81 On February 11, 2016, games developer Wazdan launched two more html5 video slot adaptations of the biblical infernal. The release of Welcome to Hell 81—it is notable for its occult, Satanism, afterlife, and underworld themes—coincided … Continue reading

Wild Girls

Wazdan released Wild Girls on June 2, 2016. This html5 video slot is characterized by two female bikers on a road trip, although classic slot symbolism dominates its paytable. Wazdan’s other road trip-themed games: Jack’s Ride (September 2017), Highway to … Continue reading

Wild Guns

About Wild Guns Wild Guns is a historical html5 slot game adaptation of the Wild West whose plot dares slot players to duel with outlaws. A product of Wazdan that released it on September 21, 2017, its themes are cowboy … Continue reading

Magic of the Ring Deluxe

About Magic of the Ring Deluxe Wazdan released Magic of the Ring Deluxe on June 13, 2018. This part wizardly, part medieval html5 video slot has diverse themes, including sorcery, magic, incantation, mysticism, treasure, mythology, and medieval kingdom. Magic of … Continue reading

Magic Stars 3

About Magic Stars 3 Magic Stars 3 is a html5 video slot adaptation of a star-studded night sky and it invites slot players to a virtual cosmic tour, according to games developer Wazdan’s press release dated February 6, 2018. Themes: … Continue reading

Magic Stars 5

About Magic Stars 5 Magic Stars 5 is a celestial html5 video slot that Wazdan released on February 12, 2019. It is a simulation of an intergalactic tour whose themes are astronomy, universe, astronomical events, starry crystals, and star polygons. … Continue reading

Magic Stars 6

About Magic Stars 6 When Wazdan released Magic Stars 6 on April 16, 2019, the developer described this spatial html5 video slot as an interplanetary teleportation that traverses the universe. The thematic elements include distinct crystallized star polygons, the observable … Continue reading

Magic Stars 9

About Magic Stars 9 Wadan launched Magic Stars 9 on November 14, 2019. It is a cosmic html5 video slot whose thematic elements range from crystalline star polygons to intergalactic space to transient astronomical events. Magic Stars 9 is the … Continue reading

Magic Target

About Magic Target Magic Target—games developer Wazdan released it on June 2016—is a part fruity, part weaponry html5 video slot that is characterized by classic slot machine symbolism, jester, and cannonry. Magic Target’s sequel is Magic Target Deluxe (June 2017). … Continue reading

Mayan Ritual

About Mayan Ritual In a press release dated August 21, 2018, Wazdan introduced Mayan Ritual as a ritualistic html5 video game adaptation of a Mesoamerican civilization tribe called the Maya Empire. Its setting dates back to one-and-a-half millennia. Themes: shamanism, … Continue reading

Mystery Jack Deluxe

About Mystery Jack Deluxe A html5 video slot that Wazdan released on December 1, 2017, Mystery Jack Deluxe is a subseries’ sequel to Mystery Jack (February 2013). Set in the Wild West, its protagonist is a horse-riding outlaw called Jack. … Continue reading

Neon City

About Neon City Released on December 10, 2019, Neon City is a Wazdan-owned html5 video slot that is characterized by electrified classic slot machine symbolism, neon lighting, futurism, and city lights. Suchlike games from Wazdan: Vegas Reels II (February 2013), … Continue reading

Night Club 81

About Night Club 81 Night Club 81 is billed as a nostalgic html5 video slot that relives the retro 1980s. Wazdan launched it on February 8, 2016. Its themes include partying, classic slot machine, disco, nightlife, and neon lighting. Wazdan … Continue reading

Magic Target Deluxe

About Magic Target Deluxe Released on June 8, 2017 by Wazdan, Magic Target Deluxe is a circus-inspired and fruity html5 video slot whose prequel is titled Magic Target (December 2016). Other themes: entertainment, magic, artillery, fireworks, and circus props. Wazdan … Continue reading

Magic Hot 4 Deluxe

About Magic Hot 4 Deluxe Wazdan released Magic Hot 4 Deluxe on December 1, 2017. This html5 video slot is modeled on Magic Hot 4 (July 2013) that, alongside Magic Hot (July 2013), form a trilogy. This retro game is … Continue reading

Magic Fruits Deluxe

About Magic Fruits Deluxe Magic Fruits Deluxe, which Wazdan released on September 21, 2017, is a fruity and retro-styled html5 video slot that is modeled on the classic slot machine. Magic Fruits Deluxe is the third slot game in the … Continue reading

Magic Fruits 4 Deluxe

About Magic Fruits 4 Deluxe On December 1, 2017, games developer Wazdan released Magic Fruits 4 Deluxe whose selling point was slot player’s familiarity with its retro and fruity themes. A html5 video slot, Magic Fruits 4 Deluxe is a … Continue reading

Lucky Reels

Lucky Reels, which was released on June 6, 2019 by Wazdan, is a fruity html5 video slot that is notable for its retro theme and classic slot symbolism. Lucky Reels is the fourth slot game in the seven-game “Lucky” gaming … Continue reading

Lucky Queen

Wazdan released Lucky Queen on September 2014. This html5 video slot adaptation of a Mesoamerican civilization’s queendom is set in the Amazon Jungle. Players are mandated to trace the attractive matriarch’s secret palace, and to try to woo and get … Continue reading

Lucky Fish

Wazdan announced the release of Lucky Fish on July 2, 2019. This submarine html5 video slot invites adventurous and treasure hunting slot players to swim with personified marine mammals. Lucky Fish is the fifth game in the seven-game “Lucky” series; … Continue reading

Lucky 9

About Lucky 9 Officially released on April 29, 2020 by Wazdan, Lucky 9 is fruity-cum-pixelated April 2020 html5 video slot that is modeled on the classic slot game. Themes: retro, luck, fruits, metropolis, traffic signs, vehicular traffic, and pixel art. … Continue reading

Los Muertos

About Los Muertos Los Muertos is an October 2018 html5 video slot adaptation of a Mexican public holiday that is held in early November. The slot title “Los Muertos” is short for the Spanish name “dia de Los Muertos” that … Continue reading

Larry the Leprechaun

In a press release dated July 17, 2019, games developer Wazdan described Larry the Leprechaun as an Irish luck-inspired online game that is set in a fairyland where sojourners are prospecting for the fabled potful of gold. This award-winning html5 … Continue reading

Hot Party Deluxe

About Hot Party Deluxe Released on July 2018 by games developer Wazdan, Hot Party Deluxe is a html5 video slot that introduces first-timers to a beach party. The themes are recreation, partying, beach games, and tropical vacation. Hot Party Deluxe’s … Continue reading

Hot Party

Hot Party is a September 2014 Wazdan-owned html5 video slot adaptation of a summertime beach party in the tropics. Its sequel is Hot Party Deluxe (July 2018). The developer has four other beach-themed video slots: Beach Party Hot (February 2016), … Continue reading

Hungry Shark

About Hungry Shark Hungry Shark is one of the four games—alongside Haunted Hospital, Jackpot Builders, and Back to the 70’s—that games developer Wazdan released on May 1, 2017. This html5 video slot’s plot is all about an ultimate survival of … Continue reading

Jack on Hold

Jack on Hold, named after a Wild West-era outlaw called Jack, is a February 2016 html5 slot game developed by Wazdan. Themes: classic slot symbolism, banditry, gunslinging, bullfighting, treasure, law enforcement, and cowboys. The games in the “Jack” gaming line: … Continue reading

Jackpot Builders

About Jackpot Builders Games developer Wazdan released Jackpot Builders on May 1, 2017. This civil engineering-inspired html5 video slot prompts players to team up with construction workers who are constructing a skyscraper. Themes: construction equipment, construction industry, safety helmet color … Continue reading

Jack’s Ride

About Jack’s Ride Jack’s Ride is a September 2017 Wazdan-owned html5 video slot adaptation of a North American-style transnational road trip in a luxury car. This game’s setting befits the term “British Columbia-Route 66 road trip” as it begins from … Continue reading

Joker Explosion

About Joker Explosion Joker Explosion is among the 20+ html5 video slots that games developer Wazdan released on September 8, 2014. Named after the featured jester and explosion effect, the game’s themes include retro, blasting, pixilation, and comic performance. Joker … Continue reading

Juicy Reels

Released on March 26, 2019 by games developer Wazdan, Juicy Reels is a fruity html5 video slot. It is retro-themed, thanks to its classic slot machine symbolism. More fruity slot games from Wazdan: Beauty Fruity (August 2019), Black Horse Deluxe … Continue reading

Jumping Fruits

About Jumping Fruits Wazdan released Jumping Fruits on September 21, 2017. This fruity html5 video slot is set in a lush wooden kitchen garden and—like Slot Jam (August 2018) and Fruits Go Bananas (July 2018)—has personified fruits. The games developer … Continue reading

Fruit Mania Deluxe

Fruit Mania Deluxe is a fruity February 2018 Wazdan-owned video slot that is modeled on its prequel Fruit Mania (March 2014). Themes: Las Vegas, classic slot symbols, retro, outdoor concert, carnival dancers, entry tickets, neon lighting, and lottery. Wazdan has … Continue reading

Fruits Go Bananas

About Fruits Go Bananas Fruits Go Bananas is a part fruity, part voyage July 2018 video slot developed by Wazdan. The players accompany personified cartoonish fruits embarking on a cruise ship destined for a tropical vacation. Wazdan’s other fruit-themed games: … Continue reading

Good Luck 40

About Good Luck 40 Good Luck 40 is culturally a part Irish, part Indian September 2014 html5 video slot developed by Wazdan. Themes: totems, luck, fortune, faux Sanskrit font, sunburst, and superstition. Good Luck 40 is one of the five … Continue reading

Great Book of Magic Deluxe

About Great Book of Magic Deluxe Great Book of Magic Deluxe is a magical June 2018 video slot from Wazdan. Themes: mysticism, medieval, spellcasting, and enchantment. Great Book of Magic Deluxe’s is the third video slot in the Book of … Continue reading

Great Book of Magic

About Great Book of Magic Great Book of Magic is a June 2016 Wazdan-owned html5 video slot that involves a tome-opening and spellcasting session as per a spell book whose thematic elements are mysticism, fantasy, medieval magic, enchantment, omen, and … Continue reading

Haunted Hospital

About Haunted Hospital Haunted Hospital is a horrific and creepy May 2017 Wazdan-owned html5 video slot that is set in the operating theatre of an escape-proof derelict medical facility whose monstrous staff surgically mutilate their inpatients. Wazdan’s other similar video … Continue reading

Highschool Manga

About Highschool Manga Highschool Manga is an animatic December 1, 2016 html5 video slot from games developer Wazdan. Set in a typical Japanese classroom, Highschool Manga’s anime characters remind of the oftentimes secretive and dramatic romantic escapades synonymous with high … Continue reading

Highway to Hell Deluxe

About Highway to Hell Deluxe Highway to Hell Deluxe is a July 13, 2018 Wazdan-owned html5 video slot, where slot players accompany beautiful daredevils in a hellish rollercoaster. Themes: infernal, underworld, occult, cruising, and trucking. Highway to Hell Deluxe has … Continue reading

Hot 777 Deluxe

Hot 777 Deluxe is a part classic, part historic October 2018 html5 video slot from Wazdan. Hot 777 Deluxe is modeled on its prequel titled Hot 777 (June 2012), but it encompasses themes like the banditry, lawlessness, gunfights, and law … Continue reading

Hot 777

Hot 777 is a June 2012 classic html5 Wazdan-owned video slot. A fruit game that is set in a desert, Hot 777’s sequel is titled Hot 777 Deluxe (October 2018). Wazdan owns lots of other similar games, including: Black Horse … Continue reading

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