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60 Second Heist

Released on February 24, 2022, by its developer 4ThePlayer, 60 Second Heist is a minute-long bank robbery-based video slot using Yggdrasil Gaming’s platform. Themes: law enforcement, crime, and valuables.

4 Fantastic Fish

4 Fantastic Fish, a fishery June 2022 video slot, is a prequel to 4 Secret Pyramids (July 2022) and 4 Deals with the Devil (September 2022); distributed by Yggdrasil Gaming, it relates with its developer 4ThePlayer’s game 6 Sharks (August … Continue reading


Developer Avatar UX launched TikiPop on February 22, 2021. Supplied by Yggdrasil Gaming, the Mesoamerican video slot is the PopWins series’ fifth game, in a gaming line that also includes: PopRocks (April 2020), WildPops (July 2020), BountyPop (November 2020), CherryPop … Continue reading


Named after the popping piggish characters; PiggyPop is a video whose developer Avatar UX first launched it on November 29, 2021. Yggdrasil Gaming distributes PiggyPop, which is eighth under its PopWins series, also including: TikiPop (February 2021), CherryPop Deluxe (June … Continue reading


Games developer Avatar UX initially launched the confection-inspired video slot LolliPop on January 31, 2022. Supplied by Yggdrasil Gaming; LolliPop’s mass marked launch is dated April 7, 2022. It is a part of PopWins series, like: PopRocks (April 2020), CherryPop … Continue reading

Jaguar Super Ways

Games developer Bad Dingo launched Jaguar Super Ways on May 20, 2021. Supplied by both Yggdrasil Gaming and Relax Gaming; this Mesoamerican video slot’s themes include spirit animals, Mayan mythology, tribal patterns, playing card values, and pre-Columbian civilization.


A wildlife-inspired video slot launched on May 31, 2021; HippoPop is a product of Avatar UX, although its distributor is Yggdrasil Gaming. It is named after its popping hippopotamus symbol that can pay up to X4 its regular payout.


The vintage video slot CherryPop was launched on October 6, 2020. Developer: Avatar UX. Distributor: Yggdrasil Gaming. CherryPop Deluxe (June 2022) is the sequel to CherryPop, which is third in the PopWins gaming line, chronologically including: PopRocks (April 2020), WildPops … Continue reading


The pirating video slot BountyPop was originally launched on November 30, 2020.

The Hot Offer

Named after a cash-claiming or tokens-taking side game; The Hot Offer was launched on May 10, 2021. Distributed by both Yggdrasil Gaming and SG Gaming; other fiery games from its developer Bang Bang Games include Hot Shot Progressive (September 2018), … Continue reading

Jumbo Jellies

Jumbo Jellies is a confectionary video slot launched on December 13, 2021. Developer: Bally Technologies. Supplier: Yggdrasil Gaming. Themes: card suit-inspired, animal-like, gem-embedded and fruity candies. Ten symbols (“w” candy, swirl candy, alligator candy, teddy bear candy, cherries candy, coke … Continue reading

Ancient Eclipse

Launched on April 5, 2021; Ancient Eclipse is a Mesoamerica video slot whose developer and supplier are Bang Bang Games and Yggdrasil Gaming, respectively. Themes: Aztec mythology, natural phenomenon, celestial bodies, animal worship, sculptures, folk religion, and card suits.


Avatar UX Studios developed WildPops: a video slot launched on July 9, 2020. Yggdrasil supplies WildPops that is in the PopWins series, among: LolliPop (March 2022), PiggyPop (September 2021), RagingPop (May 2022), MonkeyPop (April 2022), BountyPop (November 2020), HippoPop (May … Continue reading


Developer Avatar UX and distributor Yggdrasil Gaming are companies behind PopRocks, which is a video slot launched on April 7, 2020. PopRocks is in the serialized PopWins, alongside: CherryPop Deluxe (June 2022), LolliPop (March 2022), PapayaPop (August 2021), RagingPop (May … Continue reading


PapayaPop is a fruity video slot named after a pawpaw: from developer Avatar UX; distributed by Yggdrasil Gaming; and released on September 6, 2021. It is in the PopWins series whose other games are: LolliPop (March 2022), CherryPop Deluxe (June … Continue reading

Lilith’s Inferno

Lilith’s Inferno is a demonic video slot game whose developer Avatar UX launched it on October 10, 2019. Provided by Yggdrasil Gaming; it is about the fiery and hellish realm occupied by Lilith, a biblical female demon, who formerly inhabited … Continue reading

Legend of the White Snake Lady Slot

Yggdrasil Gaming released Legend of the White Snake Lady on July 21, 2016; its press release highlighted three selling points—innovativeness, enhanced drama, and maximized fun. The launch of Legend of the White Snake Lady came hard on the heels of … Continue reading

Jungle Books Slot

Jungle Books’ launch on September 20, 2017, overshadowed the previous game releases, and it became a flagship of Yggdrasil Gaming’s new generation of slot games, thanks to a freshly introduced game mechanic; Yggdrasil described it as a lens through which … Continue reading

Double Dragons Slot

Double Dragons, launched on September 9, 2016, is an online game from Yggdrasil Gaming. Described as a breathtaking slot game that lives up to its crowd-pleasing reputation, Double Dragons is among the three Yggdrasil games that are based on the … Continue reading

Cyrus the Virus Slot

Cyrus the Virus was released on May 1, 2015. Yggdrasil Gaming, its developer, described it as a playful declaration of war on malicious viruses. Cyrus the Virus is one of the few science-themed slot games in Yggdrasil’s collection, which also … Continue reading

Bicicleta Slot

When Yggdrasil Gaming launched the soccer-themed Bicicleta on June 9, 2016, it promised its market target an unforgettable and sporty gaming experience. Inspired by the UEFA Champions League, Yggdrasil has since added suchlike online games to its listing; ranging from … Continue reading

Beauty and the Beast Slot

When Yggdrasil Gaming released Beauty and the Beast in February 24, 2017, its press release described the slot game as a re-imagination of a romantic fable, with a game play as beautiful as the featured fairy beauty and the payouts … Continue reading

Vikings Go To Hell Slot

Sneak previewed in February 2018 and officially released on May 24, 2018, Vikings Go To Hell is a casino game made by Yggdrasil Gaming. A slot game based on the historic Vikings and hailed as a blockbuster showcasing the Vikings’ … Continue reading

Valley of the Gods Slot

When introducing Valley of the Gods in its August 24, 2017 press release, games developer Yggdrasil Gaming hailed it as a thematic deconstruction of an ancient Egyptians’ custom aimed at producing a time-defying slot game. A year later, Yggdrasil released … Continue reading

The Dark Joker Rizes Slot

Yggdrasil Gaming fittingly described The Dark Joker Rizes–launched on January 1, 2015–as a playful adventure through a dark basement. It is the first game in the Jokerizer trilogy; the other two installments in that series are Jokerizer (March 2016) and … Continue reading

Reptoids Slot

Reptoids, released on November 23, 2017, is a Yggdrasil Gaming’s alien conspiracy-inspired casino game. Its game description hails it as a playful reverse time-travel to the alien theories of the 1960s, and the plot is about a fictitious expose involving … Continue reading

Reef Run Slot

Reef Run, officially released on October 1, 2014, is an Internet casino game made by Yggdrasil Gaming. A marine life-inspired slot game, Reef Run was among the earliest releases from the then newly started gaming company. Incidentally, Yggdrasil has other … Continue reading

Rainbow Ryan Slot

Yggdrasil Gaming released Rainbow Ryan on July 24, 2017. An Irish myth-inspired slot game, Rainbow Ryan is in line with other mythological slot game adaptations in Yggdrasil’s portfolio, including the Vikings trilogy, The Legend of the Golden Monkey (May 2016) … Continue reading

Pumpkin Smash Slot

Pumpkin Smash, released on October 24, 2017, is an online game made by Yggdrasil Gaming. The slot game’s storyline concerns commemorating dead people the Mexican way; Yggdrasil describes its game play as beginner-friendly and yet a go-to game for players … Continue reading

Nitro Circus Slot

In May 2018, Yggdrasil Gaming interestedly announced its partnership with a sports company so as to create a slot game with a sports entertainment touch. This came to fruition on November 15, 2018, the date of the release of Nitro … Continue reading

Lucha Maniacs Slot

Yggdrasil Gaming released Lucha Maniacs on April 24, 2018, describing the slot game as a rumble between the famous luchadores fighters. A wrestling-inspired online game, Lucha Maniacs is listed alongside other Yggdrasil’s fighting-themed games such as Champions of Rome (February … Continue reading

Alchymedes Slot

Yggdrasil Gaming introduced Alchymedes in a press release, dated January 24, 2017, where its theme was acclaimed as blurring the difference between science and magic. Hence, the Alchymedes game play is all about mixing magical potions in a laboratory to … Continue reading

Wolf Hunters Slot

Since its release on September 24, 2018, Wolf Hunters has wowed Yggdrasil Gaming’s fans with its werewolf theme. Wolf Hunters’ gameplay is all about hunting and slaying a notorious werewolf that has been inconveniencing the residents. Yggdrasil’s other beast-inspired games … Continue reading

Spina Colada Slot

In its press release dated June 22, 2017, Yggdrasil Gaming introduced Spina Colada as a freshening serving. Yggdrasil’s May 2017 slot named Sunny Shores set the thematic pace for Spina Colada, which is vacation-themed. With a game play featuring the … Continue reading

Legend of the Golden Monkey Slot

Yggdrasil Gaming picked the self-explanatory slot game name Legend of the Golden Monkey for this May 24, 2016 release; it is the first game in Yggdrasil’s two-game Legend series, preceding Legend of the White Snake Lady (July 2016), and the … Continue reading

Nirvana Slot

Nirvana, which was released on October 24, 2016, is a Buddhism-inspired casino game made by Yggdrasil Gaming. Yggdrasil’s Valley of the Gods (August 2017) is another relatable slot game. Nirvana’s rival games include Nirvana in Fire from Inteplay, Sea of … Continue reading

Fruitoids Slot

Yggdrasil Gaming initially launched Fruitoids on May 22, 2014 as a flash game. However, after redeveloping and converting it into an html5 game, the developer then released a newer version on March 15, 2018. An alien fruits-themed and science fiction … Continue reading

Doubles Slot

Doubles, which was released on October 1, 2015, is an online game made by Yggdrasil Gaming. A retro-themed and vividly packaged slot game, Doubles has an unusual game play, although some of its features—such as the absence of pay lines … Continue reading

Chibeasties 2 Slot

On March 23, 2017, Yggdrasil Gaming launched a uniquely named slot game—Chibeasties 2. A fairy tale-inspired online game, Chibeasties 2 is the second game in the two-game Chibeasties series whose first game is also called Chibeasties (June 2015). Other suchlike … Continue reading

Champions of Rome Slot

February 21, 2019 put an end to the long-awaited release of Champions of Rome, and games developer Yggdrasil Gaming did expertly manipulate the ancient Rome theme in this slot game. Champions of Rome is an ultra-modern reproduction of the gutsy … Continue reading

Chibeasties Slot

When Chibeasties was released on June 1, 2015, it laid the foundation of the Chibeasties series. This fairy tale-based game from Yggdrasil Gaming has a twin slot game named Chibeasties 2 (March 2017). In fact, the original Chibeasties paved the … Continue reading

Easter Island Slot

Easter Island, which was released on March 22, 2018, is the name of a casino game designed by Yggdrasil Gaming. Unique for featuring huge humanoids, Easter Island has a notable resemblance with Gem Rocks (February 2018), which is also from … Continue reading

Dark Vortex Slot

Dark Vortex, released on October 24, 2018, is from Yggdrasil Gaming. Dark Vortex is a dark magic-inspired slot game, in line with other Yggdrasil’s games like Baron Samedi (November 2018); the usage of monsters reminds of Wolf Hunters (September 2018) … Continue reading

Big Blox Slot

Big Blox, which went live on August 24, 2016, is a non-pay line casino game created by Yggdrasil Gaming. Gods is a recurring theme among Yggdrasil’s online games as it also appears in its other games such as Valley of … Continue reading

Winterberries Slot

January 14, 2016 saw the addition of Winterberries to Yggdrasil Gaming’s portfolio. Although this slot game was new, Yggdrasil had been familiar with both the fruity and seasonal themes by then as Winterberries followed Seasons, a suchlike astronomical seasons-based slot … Continue reading

Vikings Go Wild Slot

Since its release on August 1, 2015, Vikings Go Wild has brought to the fore an epic theme. A Vikings-based online game from Yggdrasil Gaming, Vikings Go Wild is the first game in the Vikings series; Vikings Go Berzerk (November … Continue reading

Super Heroes Slot

Super Heroes, which was released on October 24, 2018, is an alien invasion-themed casino game made by Yggdrasil Gaming. Yggdrasil’s other fighting-inspired slot games include Hanzo’s Dojo (August 2018), Vikings Go Berzerk (November 2016), Vikings Go To Hell (May 2018), … Continue reading

Incinerator Slot

Incinerator, which was released on January 1, 2016, is a futuristic casino game from Yggdrasil Gaming. Incinerator is set in space; this theme also appears in other Yggdrasil’s games like Cazino Cosmos (January 2019) and Robotnik (March 2014). Incinerator’s space-inspired … Continue reading

Penguin City Slot

On July 24, 2018, Yggdrasil Gaming launched Penguin City, cashing in on the trendy penguin theme. Yggdrasil has several wild animal-themed slot games, including Seasons (March 2016), Jungle Books (September 2017), Golden Fish Tank (February 2016), and Reef Run (October … Continue reading

Orient Express Slot

The release of Orient Express on November 30, 2017, proved Yggdrasil Gaming’s commitment to diversified slot games. Thematically, Orient Express is centered on journeying, like Yggdrasil’s Viking series (the Viking warriors’ adventures take them across oceans), Cazino Cosmos (January 2019) … Continue reading

Jokerizer Slot

Jokerizer, released on March 1, 2016, is a circus-themed casino game from Yggdrasil Gaming. Jokerizer is the first game in the three-game Jokerizer series; the second game in that series is The Dark Joker Rizes (January 2015), while the third … Continue reading

Golden Fish Tank Slot

Golden Fish Tank, launched on February 1, 2016, is a game from Yggdrasil Gaming. It is among the developer’s two underwater-inspired slot games; the other game is the October 2014 slot named Reef Run. Gold Fish slot from WMS is … Continue reading

Gem Rocks Slot

Gem Rocks, released on February 22, 2018, is a casino game made by Yggdrasil Gaming. Gem Rocks features gigantic humanoids, just like in Yggdrasil’s March 2018 slot game named Easter Island, while the usage of gem-embedded objects resembles that of … Continue reading

Cazino Cosmos

Launched on January 24, 2019, Cazino Cosmos is a casino game from Yggdrasil Gaming. It is the second installment in the developer’s two-game Cazino series. Incidentally, the October 2015 slot called Cazino Zeppelin is the first installment in the serialized … Continue reading

Baron Samedi Slot

Baron Samedi, which was released on November 22, 2018, is a voodoo-themed casino game made by Yggdrasil Gaming. Another black magic-inspired slot from Yggdrasil is the October 2018 game named Dark Vortex. Baron Samedi’s rival games include the October 2014 … Continue reading

Wicked Circus Slot

Wicked Circus, launched on October 5, 2016, is a casino game from Yggdrasil Gaming. Wicked Circus is the third game in the Jokenizer slot game series, which consists of three games in total. The first game in the serialized Jokenizer … Continue reading

Sunny Shores Slot

Sunny Shores, released on May 24, 2017, is a casino game made by Yggdrasil Gaming. Generally, the setting for the Sunny Shores partially resembles that of the developer’s June 2017 slot named Spina Colada; Sunny Shores is among Yggdrasil’s few … Continue reading

Seasons Slot

Seasons, released on March 1, 2016, is an astronomical seasons-inspired casino game made by Yggdrasil Gaming. It is also a slot game adaptation of the Norse mythology. Although Seasons is a one of a kind game in Yggdrasil’s portfolio, its … Continue reading

Power Plant Slot

Power Plant, which was released on April 24, 2017, is a video slot game made by Yggdrasil Gaming. An incomparable game in Yggdrasil’s portofolio, Power Plant’s rival games include High Voltage series made by Everi Gaming and Electric Wilds from … Continue reading

Cazino Zeppelin Slot

Cazino Zeppelin, which was released on October 15, 2015, is a casino game made by a famous Malta-based games developer known as Yggdrasil Gaming. Cazino Zeppelin is the first installment of Yggdrasil’s two-game Cazino series; the second game in the … Continue reading

Trolls Bridge Slot

Trolls Bridge, which is a slot game made by the Malta-based Yggdrasil Gaming, was officially released on January 8, 2019, but had been selectively available for trial purposes since November 2018. Trolls Bridge is availed through Yggdrasil’s so-called iSENSE 2.0+, … Continue reading

Holmes and the Stolen Stones Slot

Holmes and the Stolen Stones, which was released on September 9, 2015, is an online game developed by the Maltese games developer named Yggdrasil Gaming. Holmes and the Stolen Stones game is lauded as among Yggdrasil’s finest works, and its … Continue reading

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