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Slot Machines Odds & House Advantages

It is true that slots is one of the casino games that solely depend on luck. The random numbers generator makes it even impossible to know the definite winner. Understanding the slots odds and house advantage is an important step especially for those people who wish to win a fortune from slots.

House Advantage

House advantage simply means the profit or rather what the casino earns from a player’s wage or bet. The house advantage is what keeps the casino in the game. It is obvious that if all the casinos never had an advantage over the player then we wouldn’t have a single casino in Atlantic City, Las Vegas or any other casino for that matter. You have to inflate in order to get paid if you are a business owner. The same applies to any other business with the aim of being successful.

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Slots Odds

As much it’s only luck that helps you win at slots, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a strategy as a player. It is always a good thing to leave a casino richer than you came in. At one point in the casino you must also have a chance to win so that you can have a reason to come back again.

Before, one could figure out the house advantage or the slot machine odds by simply counting the numbers of reels. One would then later count the amount of symbols visible on every reel for every machine. One would have a 1 in 3375 chance to hit the jackpot in an instance when the slot machine had 3 reels and 15 reels on each reel. From a simple multiplication of 15x15x15, one would get 3375. This means that the possibilities of having a potential number and a combination of wins were high.

What Happens Today?

It is impossible to predict a win or a loss with the computerized slot machines. They are not set to hit a certain combination since they are not mechanical like the previous machines. Slot machines today are run by the Random Number Generators (RNG).This is a computer chip programed to decide when to bring up the combinations.

Online Casino

It is perceived that one would have an advantage over the house playing online slot machines as compared to playing with an actual slot machine. Some sites are even known to hit 100% payback after a given month. The longer you play the higher your chance of hitting the house age. This is because time is always against you when gambling on anything.

Knowing you odds of winning has been proven impossible with the modern slots that run buy RNGs. However, it is advisable to always look for a slot with the highest payback offer and keep your fingers crossed for a quick access and a quick win.

The Truth About House Advantage.

The house advantage is basically difference or rather what’s left after the payouts that had been advertised. For instance, if an online casino offers a 99% return on every dollar spend or if an actual casino has a row of slots, then it means that for every dollar a player spends, he/she will get his .99cents back. Depending on the luck of the spins, this might go for an hour or even a week. But always keep in mind that having your money back is not guaranteed. If this was the case then all the casinos would have run bankrupt if every player was given back his money.

Slots odds and house advantage vary depending on where you are playing from. Online slot as compared to the actual casino will be your best odds when it comes to slot machine play. The land casino will have similar odds but the variety is less.

Improving your odds

It boosts your confidence to know that you are in a position to win at slots. Below are some of the tips to keep you in a better position. This will also help you always be on top of the game and beat the machine at its own game.

1. Cash In Your Win And Come Back Later

When you hit a significant win, it is advisable to first cash in on that and come back after it has been stored safely on your balance. If you believe in luck then this might be your lucky day. You should also understand that one careless move is enough to send you down to despair.

2. Keep A Level Head.

The existence of a “hot” or “cold” machine is just a superstition that has not yet been proved. What can be termed as a reality is the existence of a lucky day or an unlucky day. It is advisable to always go back home and come back some other time if you notice you have been playing for some minutes but haven’t won a single coin. While away you will have enough time to collect yourself for another game on the following day. If you feel you are under some kind of pressure, you can enjoy a free demo version or anything related to that.

3. Bet The Maximum.

The maximum bet you will get on most of the Wheel Of Fortune slots is 3 coins. You also need to place the maximum bet in order to get to the bonus spin function. It can be somehow useless to play without having a chance to hit since most profits occur on the Spin Function

4. Know Your Denominations.

The machine is able to determine the bet through the “coin”. You are probably asking yourself what “coin” means. It can be low to the level of a penny but in some instance, it might rise to a dollar. Before you even start betting, it is always advisable to double check the available denominations to avoid any nasty surprises.

5. Make The Best Out Of Bonuses And Promotions.

You can also be on the safe side when it comes to determining slots odds and house advantage. How you ask? The daily promo section should be the first place you visit each time you walk into a casino. You might earn yourself a huge bonus simply for being attentive. Sometimes casinos give you a whole hour or more where you can play slots for free and keep the profits. It would be so unfortunate to start playing and missing out on such offers.

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