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Wanted Outlaws

Developer All41 Studios’ September 2020 game Wanted Outlaws is second in the Nobleways series whose first game is Mayan Eagle (July 2020). Distributed by Microgaming and related to Book of Captain Silver (All41 Studios; August 2021); Wanted Outlaws’ plot concerns … Continue reading

Tiki Reward

Tiki Reward is a November 2020 video slot whose builder All41 Studios partnered with its supplier Microgaming, which has also listed it alongside the comparable Tiki Mania (November 2019) and Tiki Vikings (August 2019). The developer’s Mayan Eagle (July 2020) … Continue reading

Solar Winds

Although supplied by Microgaming; Solar Winds is the brainchild of All41 Studios. This spatial March 2021 video slot concerns seven planet-sized gems. Themes: alien planetary system, plasma, celestial bodies, supernova, meteors, and gemstones. Solar Winds’ symbols (golden-and-orange planet, red planet, … Continue reading

Shamrock Holmes Megaways

Microgaming distributes the All41 Studios-made December 2020 video slot Shamrock Holmes Megaways whose title is a corruption of— and its leprechaun resembles—Sherlock Holmes, an 1880s-1920s fictitious English investigator.

Kings of Crystals

A gothic and mythological February 2022 video slot, Kings of Crystals is seemingly an adaptation of the serialized video game God of War (2005—). Developer: All41 Studios. Supplier: Microgaming. Themes: Greek mythology, medieval era, weather elements, kingdom, gemstones, armor, playing … Continue reading

Ingots of Cai Shen

Ingots of Cai Shen is an oriental video slot from developer All41 Studios. This January 2021 game, from supplier Microgaming, is named after the featured yuanbao ingots dedicated to the mythical wealth-bringing god Caishen.

Forgotten Island Megaways

A creation of All41 Studios; the January 2021 video slot Forgotten Island Megaways is the second in the four-game Megaways gaming line whose other games, chronologically, are Shamrock Holmes Megaways (December 2020), Joyful Joker Megaways (April 2021), and Dia del … Continue reading

Book of Captain Silver

A development of All41 Studios; the Microgaming-powered Book of Captain Silver is an August 2021 video slot featuring—and named after the logbook of—the fictitious pirate Long John Silver, originally from Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1883 book Treasure Island.

Alchemy Fortunes

Built by All41 Studios, the December 2020 video slot Alchemy Fortunes—presented by Microgaming—is the introductory game in the newly Hyper Clusters series. It involves the philosophical alchemy field advocating for metal transmutation; alchemical guides, gems, and magic are its other … Continue reading

6 Tokens of Gold

6 Tokens of Gold is a vintage January 2021 video slot. The Microgaming-powered game’s themes: fruits, gems, and disco. Its developer All41 Studios’ other retro slots: Joker Megaways (March 2021) and Lock A Luck (October 2019). 6 Tokens of Gold … Continue reading

WWE Legends

In its combat sport-oriented September 2021 video slot WWE Legends, developer All41 Studios—and distributor Microgaming—reenacts a wrestling tournament featuring four former and active legendary wrestlers assigned to the World Wrestling Entertainment.

Temple of Medusa

Temple of Medusa is a June 2021 video slot—from developer All41 Studios and supplier Microgaming—adaptation of the Gorgon monster Medusa, with snaky hair locks, from Greek mythology. A part woman, part serpent whose eyes transformed victims into stony figures; Medusa’s … Continue reading

Mayan Eagle

Mayan Eagle was developed—and released on July 7, 2020—by All41 Studios, but is powered by Microgaming. It is a video slot adaptation of the Mesoamerican civilization, specifically: Maya architecture, Mayan glyphs, sculptured Mayan animal gods, and Mayan mythology. The All41 … Continue reading

Magic of Sahara

Magic of Sahara is a video slot adaptation of the Maghrebi Arabs’ desert lifestyle. Microgaming owns the distribution rights to this online game that games developer All41 Studios released on July 17, 2019. Treasure, magic, lucky charm, beadwork, and African … Continue reading

Lock A Luck

Lock A Luck, whose themes are luck and classic slot symbolism, is a video slot developed by All41 Studios. Microgaming released it in November 2019. Lock A Luck is named after its self-locking reels. Also from All41 Studios, Magic of … Continue reading

Le Kaffee Bar

Le Kaffee Bar is a French coffee culture-inspired video slot developed by All41 Studios. Games distributor Microgaming released it on June 5, 2019. This hospitality-themed game’s title “Le Kaffee Bar” is derived from French words, meaning “the coffee bar”; subsequently, … Continue reading

Electric Avenue

Electric Avenue is an All41 Studios-owned video slot that games supplier Microgaming released on May 12, 2020. Its retro theme includes the 1980s neon fashion and the vintage neon signage synonymous with nightlife in the Art Deco-era City of Miami. … Continue reading

Book of Atem

Book of Atem, which was launched on January 2020, is a video slot adaptation of the Egyptian sun god Atem. All41 Studios developed this mythological online game that has animal gods, while Microgaming distributes it. Book of Atem has a … Continue reading

Book of Atem WowPot!

Book of Atem WowPot! is an Egyptian god-inspired video slot that All41 Studios released in September 2020, but it is exclusively distributed by Microgaming. Themes: treasure, animal gods, Pharaoh-era Egypt, and Egyptian mythology. Book of Atem WowPot! is modeled on … Continue reading

Arena of Gold

Arena of Gold is a video slot adaptation of the gladiatorial duels synonymous with ancient Rome. All41 Studios released it, through games supplier Microgaming, on April 21, 2020. Themes: Roman Empire and extreme sports. The slot title is derived from … Continue reading

All Win FC

All Win FC is a soccer tournament-inspired video slot developed by Microgaming. Its distributor Microgaming released it on May 19, 2020. The slot title All Win FC refers to the featured fictitious football club (fc) that is partially named after … Continue reading

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