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Sugar Cubes

Released on February 18, 2020, Sugar Cubes is a candy production-related html5 video slot developed by developer Dice Lab and distributed by Relax Gaming. Themes: confectionery, dice game, explosives, and statuettes. Sugar Cubes’ upcoming sequel is Sugar Cubes Halloween (May … Continue reading


Slotdice is a dicing hml5 video slot from developer Dice Lab. Its distributor Relax Gaming released it on January 23, 2019. Gameplay: modeled on the dice game called Yatch, Slotdice players seek at least three similar dices in their bid … Continue reading

Jolly Dicers

Jolly Dicers is a pirating-and-dicing November 2019 html5 video slot. Developer: Dice Lab. Distributor: Relax Gaming. The game’s plot concerns three cheerful prowling pirates (clean-shaven hulky pirate in orange and red; ginger-haired dwarf pirate Captain Hawkins in purple; and brown-haired … Continue reading

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