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The Popularity of Real Money Slot Games

Walk into any casino in the world and you will quickly notice that the slot machines outnumber the table games at an alarming rate. Is this because they take up less space and are cheaper to run that a table game? Partially yes, but it is mainly because they are the main revenue driver for every casino on the planet.

It’s not even a close-run thing either, slot machines account for just under double the revenues of all table games combined. It’s no wonder then that real money slot games, also known as online slots, have become the focus of real money gambling online casino sites in recent years.

But what is it about online slots in particular that make them such a hit with new and seasoned online gamblers alike? Read on to find out.

Big Wins

Few table games offer the tantalizing allure of huge cash wins at a low price. Roulette is the only game that offers players the chance to daydream of a big win, but with odds of 35-1 for a single number, to win big players often have to wager big.

Slots however don’t have this limiting factor. You can log in to an online casino site now and start playing for as little as 50 cents a spin and still be in for a chance of winning a progressive jackpot of tens of thousands of dollars, or spinning a combination that scoops you a few hundred bucks.


When you walk into a casino and start playing a slot machine, you often find yourself striking up a conversation with the player next to you. Similarly, online, you can make use of the chat facilities to have conversations with other players.

Playing online slots is a great way to meet people with similar interests and boost your social circle. The chat facilities are also a great tool to learn more about the slots you are playing by sharing information and strategies with fellow players.


Never enough’ seems to be the mantra of most online casinos when it comes to how many slots they can offer their customers. It’s certainly not a case of ‘less is more’ with most sites offering their players well over a hundred online slots.

Those hundreds of slots will all be different themes, with different specials, different sequences, different music, and different jackpots. It’s this variety that is one of the main appeals of slot machines as there truly is something for everyone.

Love sports? Why not try out the dozens of sports-themed slots? More of a fan of music? How about trying a slot based on classical music, or one licensed by your favorite band? The choices are endless when it comes to online slots.


The biggest draw of online slots by far is convenience. Compare slots to poker for example. Whilst the latter may offer more drama and intrigue at the top end, it takes a hell of a lot of learning and practice to get there.

To enjoy poker you not only have to learn what all the different hands represent and how the game operates, but you also have to learn and fine-tune a strategy so that it suits your playing style.

With slots, however, you can just hop straight in and start enjoying a game for the very first time without having to learn a slew of confusing rules and terms or even once having to think of a winning strategy.

With automatic spinning, you can tune out all other distractions and just focus on the slot itself, which makes it the ideal type of game to play on the move or when time is tight.

In Summary

The popularity of real money slots does not come down to just one reason but rather a combination of a great many. If we were to pinpoint one main reason for their success we would be inclined to point toward the convenience they offer.

However, that would be to do a disservice to the wide and enticing variety that slots offer to players, the social aspect of playing, and the often eye-watering jackpots that they use to attract customers in their thousands.

Our only tip would be to set yourself a budget before you start playing an online slot as their immersive nature can often lead you into getting carried away and lose sight of just how much you have wagered.




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