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Slots Definitions & Terminology

Welcome to our slots terminology list. In this article, we’ll try and cover EVERY definitation related to slots and slot machines, both online and offline.

We always receive a lot of questions about slots, and common lingo in regard to slots. Whether it’s people asking what a “loose slot” is, to people just wondering what exactly a “reel” is when it comes to slots.

Let’s get to it – our slots definitions list in alphabetical order – and if you heard something not listed then just send us an e-mail at the bottom of the article and we’ll explain it for you and add it to the site:

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3, 5 etc Reel Slot: A “reel” in slots is the cylinder which displays all of the symbols related to that specific slot machine. When you perform a spin, this will randomly stop on a specific symbol, and this is how you win the game. When there is a number, such as a 5 reel slot – that means there are a total of 5 reels or cylinders that will spin. The more reels, the more chances of winning, but the more you will have to bet.

Annuity: You may see this in the terms and conditions – especially when there’s a big jackpot. A big win will result in payouts made over a period of time, as opposed to a big one time payment.

AWP – Amusement with Prizes: See Fruit Machines.

Bet: You can’t just spin the slots for fun – you need to actually wager some money. This is called a bet – and most slots will offer you a variety of different betting options – for example wagering 3 bets(or credits) – with higher payouts if you win.

Bet Max: Many slot machines will have a variety of different betting options from amount wagered to the amount of paylines you can bet on. Simply click “Bet Max” to do the highest possible amount of lines and bets.

Bonus Game: Some slot machines will offer a specific bonus game if you get the correct symbols. Bonus games will usually be in a form of multiple choice, and will allow you to win additional payouts. Note that despite the bonus games sometimes appearing as if they require some sort of strategy – they are always completely random.

Bonus Feature: See Bonus Game.

Classic Slots: The evolution of slot machines over the years is crazy. Classic slot machines are your standard slot machine with one payline.

Credit: Alternative name for Bet.

Freeroll Slot Tournaments: See Slot Tournaments.

Free Spins: There are two definitions. (1) A feature during a game where if you hit the correct symbols, you will unlock a certain amount of free spins. The slot will then automatically spin X times, giving you the winnings for every spin. (2) A promotional offer from a casino to invite you to try their casino out. You will be allowed X amount of free spins, with the chance of winning real money. Wagering requirements will exist for these promotions based on any winnings.

Fruit Machines: Popular in the UK, and a form of slot machines. They add additional skill features such as “nudge” or “hold”.

Max Bet: See bet Max.

Jackpot Slots: Slot machines where there is a form of a jackpot. Some slots will have a progressive jackpot which increases every time a player plays at the slot. Other slots simply have an additional jackpot at a set amount, such as the marvel jackpots, and is just an additional feature of the slot machine.

Multi-line slot: A slot machine which has more than one payline. The “classic slot” you can only win based on the one payline straight through the middle, however more and more slots these days are adding multiple paylines with some as much as 100!

Nudge: Found in fruit machines. You will earn “nudges” allowing you to move a reel up or down.

Payline: The line where you get “paid” if the required symbols match up. Every slot has at least 1 payline, with some having manymore.

PayTable: This lists all the potential winning combinations, how to win, and how much you win.

Pokie: Definition of a slot machine in Australia and New Zealand.

Progressive Jackpot: When you spin at the slots, there will be a separate prize pool known as the progressive jackpot. It rises until it is hit, then the person who hit it will get the prize pool. These are always huge jackpots. Note that usually the casino will keep 20% of the progressive jackpot to add to the next jackpot.

RNG: aka the random number generator. This is how the slot machine works – it is random spins based on the random number generator.

Scatter Symbol: A popular symbol found on slot machines that does not need to be in a payline, and will provide additional winnings or sometimes a bonus game if you get 3.

Slot Tournaments: Tournaments facing players against each other. Multiple players will play these. Usually you will have to have the most winnings within a particular timeframe. Many casinos offer freeroll slot tournaments where it is free entry with a small prize pool like $100-$500.

Video Slots: These are usually more complex type of slot machines with multiple paylines and reels.

Wild Symbol: The wild symbol or wildcard symbol will be placed within a payline and can assist you in winning as it covers all symbols.

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