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Play Live Dealer Slots Online

We’re always getting interesting questions here at Casino Answers. Some are very simple – people asking how to play Blackjack and so on, or if Pokerstars is rigged. But we also get a lot of unique questions.

One we recieved last week had us talking:

Is there anyone online where I can play Live Dealer Slots?

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“Live Dealer Slots” is quite the phrase. At first we laughed at it – thinking it was a joke question. But the more we thought about it, the more cool we thought it would be. At first we thought the person meant Interactive Slots but nope – they wanted to know about actual live dealer slots.

We’re familiar with the likes of Live Dealer Blackjack and Live Dealer Roulette. But slots? Never heard of it. How would that work? I guess a camera would show the person sitting at a slot machine, and then when you click “Spin” the pull and the reels spin? It’s actually quite a neat idea. Imagine a group play where everyone puts money in on the same slot machine. Or a fruit machine where you can instruct the person to nudge and so on.

Unfortunately we have bad news – at this time, there is no such thing as a “live dealer slot” – as cool as it would be.

HOWEVER there is SOMETHING related to Live Dealer Slots.

It’s called Mermaids Fortune. It’s a slot machine that looks like your regular slot machine – see below for a screenshot:

Nothing special, right? Here’s the thing – every 8 minutes, a girl in a mermaid costume comes out and spins the bonus wheel.

Here’s a screenshot of that:

This is brought to us by a company called Evolution Gaming. And considering that they brought us a LIVE DEALER SLOT then yeah – I’d say that name is pretty close to the truth.

OF course it isn’t a true live dealer slot, but it’s close, right?

You can play this slot machine over at Casino Euro. This is a great casino that is set up for anywhere – desktop, table PLUS mobile casino. They’ve got a wide variety of slots like the Sopranos slot, or the Aliens slot machine. They also have progressive jackpots and all that.

So if you want the closest thing to online slots as is all possible – then Casino Euro is the place to be.

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    Why are there no “true” Live Dealer Slots?

    Probably because of the work involved and the financial outlook. See – online casinos make an absolute ton from slots. It’s their bread and butter – people jamming the spin button over and over again. They count on that. Having a live dealer could slow the game down – and also make them rethink placing bets and so on.

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