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What Slots Superstitions Are There?

Most activities that engage a lot of people always have some kind of superstition. Slots superstitions are not new in the world of gambling. This is the one thing that people will always stick to. In a game that mostly depends on a person’s luck to hit the jackpot will always have some form of belief.

As much as it may seem irrational, slot like most of the games played in the casino requires no skills. It depends on pure luck. Here are some of the slots superstitions s that gamblers believe in and stick to them before and during the game.

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Play only when the casino is busy.

Most of the players have it in their minds that the casinos change their games and make them loose during the weekends. It is at this time that the casinos are always high in attendance and everyone seems to be busy. The games are made easy so that it appears that most of the people in the casino are wining. This means that during weekdays, the machines become harder since the number of people visiting the casino is not that big.

Secluded areas have the toughest slots

Since players know where to find the “loosest” slots, it goes without saying that they also know where you should never play. A lot of gamblers have been asked and a good number of them agree to the fact that the toughest slots are always located around the table games. The reason as to why this is true is that: casinos always want those people playing table games to have a quiet environment and no disturbance. Tough slots are also placed near table games because casinos don’t want to lure such gamblers to slots because table players are totally different from slot players.

“Loosest” Slots are along the crosswalks and aisles

This is a popular belief where gamblers believe that “loosest “slots are always in the aisle. The reason as to why this is so is to draw people passing by to the main slot area. The main area is where tougher machines are ready to fleece you off your money. Gamblers believe in this superstition so much since they know that no law stipulates that two of the same slot machines standing side by side should have a similar payout percentage.

“Loose” slots are commonly found near sports bars. “Tight” machines are also found near the entrance of the casino according to players. The reason as to why they believe this hypothesis is that casinos will never place their highest-paying slots near the entrance because people will not want to explore and play the rest of the casino. However, these two theories are interesting.

Cash out and insert the ticket back in if things don’t go well

The “cash out” button is the “reset” button on any slot machine according to most of the people who spend most of their time in the casinos. People who believe in slots superstitions know that in case things don’t go as you had planned then it’s only safe to cash out the ticket then reinsert it to change your luck. The question is, does it really work?

Keep off slots that have just awarded jackpots

Players are always uneasy when playing from a slot that has awarded jackpots recently. It is even worse if the message on the screen tells you that the previous player cashed out a huge amount of money. However, it is advisable to be extra careful if you believe in this superstition. Some players put a large ticket and after playing a few spins they cash out.

Play slots that have just awarded jackpots

Slots superstitions will always amaze you. As much as it is believed that slots that have awarded jackpots are bad luck. Some people believe they are the best machines to play from. They believe that a particular machine seems to award jackpots. A machine can award jackpots consistently for a while. But since the machine can turn “hot” who says it can’t turn “cold” and stay that way.

Don’t sit, stand.

Players also believe your posture determines your win. They say that when you get comfortable when you play slots there are higher chances that the machine will sense and that’s not good for you during the game. You have to stand. As much as this sounds weird, most people stick to this belief. You are probably asking yourself how the machine knows whether you are seated or standing.

Don’t play after a “drop”

A “drop” is when the personnel comes to replace the full cash box with an empty box. After exchanging the boxes, the top light on the slots lights until money is inserted or a ticket then the first play is underway. Most players believe playing at this time is risky. They believe that a slot will not pay until a certain amount is reached in the box.

Take out your player’s card when losing.

This is one of the slots superstitions that have been prevailing in the past years. However, this is one of the theories that are also very hard to believe in. It doesn’t make sense and one would not see the relationship between the card and the random number generator. It is however advisable to always have your card when playing especially if you believe in this superstition.

The employees in the casinos know the best slots

As much as one feels somehow superior in the casino. A wise player will always ask the personnel in charge of the floor to recommend the best machine. It is expected of the employees not to tell anyone of the hottest machines .however, they spend the whole day or night looking at the machines. This means that they know which machines get played the most and which ones don’t.

If you want to be successful when it comes to slots, it is important to understand that the outcome of the game is determined by Random Number Generator(RNG) and this cannot be influenced by any external factor whatsoever. These slots superstitions might not give you the win that you really want but they will at least make you feel comfortable. If being motivated will make you win slots then keep it up. I all depends on the power of the mind.

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