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What Different Types of Slot Features Are there?

Now this is an interesting one to answer – What Different Types of Slots Are there?

There is an absolutely insane selection of slots out there with a wide variety of different options. I mean it’s so hard to cover this in one article but hey I’m going to give it my best shot.

First let me quickly say if you’re looking for the biggest variety of slots online, check Slots.LV if you’re American and check out VideoSlots.com if you’re not. Both of these slot machines have the best variety of slots by far.

Now I’m going to list the types of categories where you could find different slots:

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Software: There are a variety of different software providers all of whom offer unique takes on slots. You may have heard of some of them. Just a few names are Microgaming, Real Time Gaming, Big Time Gaming, Casino Technology and GamesOS.

Themes: There are a ton of different themes for slots. One of the most popular is Superhero slot machines based off Comic Books etc. Green Lantern, Superman and Wonder Woman are just a few.

Then there are slots based after movies and TV shows like 24, Games of Thrones etc. There’s also music based slots like the Guns & Roses slot(which is bloody awesome and available at VideoSlots.com).

Then you have Pirate slots, sports slots, food slots etc. Basically a massive variety.

Type: Each slot has a base type for example you’ll have classic slots which are 3 reel slots, video slots, 3D slots, Interactive slots and more.

Payline: You will often see a filter for the different slots you can find via Payline. For example some slots only have 1 payline some has as high as 243 paylines etc. For some people multiple paylines are too much and they only want a nice simple one with 1 or 3 paylines.

Reels: Reels is another way to see the different types of slots. The most common reel amounts are 3 and 5 but you can sometimes see more.

Max Coins: Some slot machines offer different amounts of coins you can bet. Some may restrict you to 1 coin others may get you to bet 5 and some more etc per line. That’s another way to see the difference in all of the slots.

Features: Finally one of the biggest ways to differentiate slot machines is via the features that they offer. There are so many different features for slot machines.

For example theres slots with a double or nothing game, or slots that offer progressive jackpots. There’s basic features like autoplay or turboplay, and slot machines that offer free spins.

Then there’s slots that offer unique symbols like scatter symbols and wild symbols etc.

Hopefully this article has helped you get an idea of just SOME of the different type of slots out there and the variations in them.

See Slots.LV if you’re American and check out VideoSlots.com if you want to see the variety of slots they offer. It’s insane!
Thanks very much to the awesome website SlotsBuddy.com which offers up a huge variety of different slots and allows you to choose what you want via filter.

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