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What poker supplies do I need to host a home game?

If you’re playing poker for any substantial amount of money, you owe it to the players to invest in quality materials.

Creative Home Poker Games For 6

When you are looking for games to play for a home poker game, it can get boring to play a game like Hold’Em. With the game only being six handed, the odds of better hands going straight up can get … Continue reading

What kind of poker chips should I buy?

To have a good home poker game, you need good equipment. You can’t have the same sorry cards that your kids use to play Go Fish! and you can’t have cheap poker chips. If you want to have the kind … Continue reading

How should a home game pay out prizes in a sit-and-go?

A home poker game is a great way to have fun with a group of friends. While a lot of people will play cash games, those games can often get heated and some people might leave with some bad blood … Continue reading

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