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The Vikings

The Vikings is an October 2015 Nordic warrior-inspired video slot casino whose other themes include piracy, Viking Age, medieval military expeditions, adventure, arctic, Norse mythology, and historic Scandinavians. Moreover, its developer Endorphina has filed it under “ethnic” and “adventure” themes, … Continue reading


Tribe is a March 2018 aboriginal-inspired video slot. Themes include: shamanism, aquatic animals, Oceanic culture, body painting, and sun worship. On the developer Endorphina’s website, it is listed under the “ethnic” theme, alongside: Kamchatka (September 2018), Almighty Sparta (May 2019), … Continue reading


Twerk is an October 2016 sexy dancing-inspired video slot. Themes: dancing competition, digital, popular music, skimpy outfits, sexy twerk dancers, and sound system. On the games developer Endorphina’s website, Twerk is filed under the “unique” theme, together with: Cash Tank … Continue reading

Ultra Fresh

On its developer Endorphina’s website, the October 2018 Ultra Fresh video slot is classified thematically under the “fruit” and “classic” themes, alongside: Luxury Life (February 2019), Sparkling Fresh (January 2015), Football Superstar (June 2018), More Fresh Fruits (June 2015), In … Continue reading

Undine’s Deep

Undine’s Deep is an October 2014 mermaid-inspired video slot from Endorphina. Themes: folklore, mythology, fairy, and marine life. The developer has thematically classified it under the “mystic” theme, alongside: Troll Haven (March 2020), Minotaurus (March 2015), Voodoo (December 2015), Fairy … Continue reading


Urartu is a January 2015 ancient civilization-inspired video slot. Themes: ancient kingdom, topography, stone carving, symbolism, and royalty. Its developer Endorphina has classified Urartu under the “mystic” theme, alongside: Almighty Sparta (May 2019), Dia de Los Muertos (October 2018), Kamchatka … Continue reading

Voodoo Dice

Voodoo Dice is a June 2019 cult-inspired video slot developed by Endorphina. Voodoo Dice has a prequel called Voodoo (December 2016). Themes: religion, dice rolling, ecstasy, ritualism, occult, black magic, psychic, enchantment, and voodoo spirits. Thematically relatable slot games from … Continue reading

The Vampires

The Vampires is an October 2014 video slot game adaptation of bloodsuckers. Themes: Gothic horror, Gothic architecture, European folklore, libation, reanimation, zombification, graveyard, black magic, legendary creature, and mythology. This is a product of games developer Endorphina, which has, on … Continue reading


Voodoo is a December 2016 occult-inspired video slot from Endorphina. Voodoo has a sequel called Voodoo Dice (June 2019). Themes: cult, black magic, supernatural, paranormal, gods, spirits, mysticism and hypnosis. Endorphina’s corporate website has listed Voodoo under the “mystic” and … Continue reading


Safari is a November 2015 wildlife-oriented video slot developed by Endorphina. Themes: game drive, wildlife tourism, African savanna ecosystem, big five, navigation, postage, mapping, and safari (still) photography. The game developer has placed Safari under the “adventure” theme, together with … Continue reading

Satoshi’s Secret

Satoshi’s Secret is a May 2015 dark web-inspired video slot developed by Endorphina. Themes: cryptography, cryptocurrency, hologram, digital circuits, encryption, matrix code, binary numbers, electronic currency, hacking, computing, online banking, forex, and cyber security. Moreover, Endorphina has filed Satoshi’s Secret … Continue reading


Shaman is a November 2014 spiritual-inspired video slot made by Endorphina. This developer has filed Shaman under the “mystic” theme, alongside: Minotaurus (March 2015), Voodoo (December 2016), Voodoo Dice (June 2019), Fairy Tale (March 2015), Temple Cats (December 2015), Undine’s … Continue reading


Slotomoji is a March 2017 emoji-inspired video slot made by Endorphina. The developer lets players thematically filter Slotomoji, which is classified under “unique” alongside: Cash Tank (February 2020), Book of Santa (December 2019), Taboo (February 2018), Cuckoo (April 2017), 2027 … Continue reading

Sparkling Fresh

Sparkling Fresh is a January 2015 fruity video slot. Its developer Endorphina has, under its “fruit” theme, ten other relatable slot games, titled: More Fresh Fruits (June 2015), Wild Fruits (March 2015), 7Up! (June 2017), Lucky Streak 1 (November 2018), … Continue reading


A slot game adaptation of a similarly named world-famous Japanese cuisine, Sushi is a December 2014 Endorphina-owned video slot. A Feng Shui ideology-themed game, the developer has classified Sushi under the “oriental” theme, together with seven other slot games, namely: … Continue reading


Taboo is a February 2018 erotic video slot whose dominant theme is BDSM—bondage, dominance, submission, and masochism. Its various subthemes include: erotic practice, fetish, female submission, flogging toys, rope bondage, kinkiness, psychodrama, sex restraints, and animal roleplay. Taboo, which uses … Continue reading

Temple Cats

Temple Cats is a December 2015 ancient Egypt-inspired video slot that uses Endorphina software. Themes: hieroglyphs, sacred animals, mummification, animal worship, animal symbolism, animal god, and sacrifice. On its webpage, games developer Endorphina has classified Temple Cats under both the … Continue reading

The Ninja

The Ninja is a February 2015 ninjutsu-inspired video slot from Endorphina. Themes: infiltration, swordsmanship, stealth walking, martial art, dragon mythology, blood shedding, and ninja hand signs. On its website, Endophina has classified The Ninja under the “oriental”, “ethnic” and “adventure” … Continue reading

The Mystery of Eldorado

The Mystery of Eldorado is a June 2019 treasure hunting-inspired video slot from Endorphina. Themes: ancient South American civilization, expedition, lost city, gemstones, Amazon Rainforest, sacrifice, myth, and Mesoamerican pyramids. Furthermore, Endorphina has included The Mystery of Eldorado in the … Continue reading


Retromania is a December 2014 analog era-based video slot developed by Endorphina. The video game developer has listed Retromania under its “cute” theme, alongside Sugar Glider (November 2018), Sugar Glider Dice (July 2019), Origami (March 2015), Ice Pirates (December 2015), … Continue reading


Pachamama is an April 2014 deity-inspired video slot developed by Endorphina, which has classified it under its “ethnic” and “adventure” themes. Other notable, relatable games from Endophina: Dia De Los Muertos (October 2018), Tribe (March 2018), and Mystery of Eldorado … Continue reading


About Origami Origami is a March 2015 crafty Endorphina-owned video slot. The developer has classified Origami under its “cute” theme, alongside Sugar Glider Dice (July 2019), Sugar Glider (November 2018), Little Panda (January 2018), Retromania (December 2014), Football (June 2014), … Continue reading

More Fresh Fruits

More Fresh Fruits is a June 2015 video slot developed by Endorphina, which has filed it away in its “classic” and “fruit” categories; other themes are card game and classic. More Fresh Fruits is the second installment in the Fresh … Continue reading

Mongol Treasures

Mongol Treasures is a January 2015 empire-based Endorphina-owned video slot. Endorphina has classified it under its “oriental”, “ethnic”, and “adventure” themes. Other themes: land empire, nomadic tradition, Mongolian landscapes, card game, royalty, falconry, Mongol horses, horseback riding, minimalism life, and … Continue reading


Minotaurus is a March 2015 mythical Endorphina-owned video slot whose themes are Greek mythology, folklore, classic tale, gladiatorial fight, the labyrinth, classical architecture, and hybrid monster. Endorphina has classified it under horror and mystic categories, alongside Dia De Los Muertos … Continue reading


Macarons is a March 2015 part romance, part confection-inspired online casino game designed by Endorphina. Themes: frame artwork, love, portrait, classic, card game, engagement, confectionaries, visual art, and fruit garnish. Endorphina-owned December 2014 slot Sushi is relatable. Its rival games … Continue reading

Lucky Lands

Lucky Lands is a July 2018 fairyland-inspired online casino game developed by Endorphina. The developer has filed it under the “classic” category; other themes are bug superstition, card game, good luck plants, leprechauns, Irish luck, magic, fairy tale, precious metals, … Continue reading

Lucky Dice 3

About Lucky Dice 3 Lucky Dice 3 is a June 2019 dice-oriented video slot developed by Endorphina. Themes: Chinese writing system, dice game, Chinese mythology, card game, and dice throwing. Lucky Dice 3 is the third slot game in the … Continue reading

Lucky Dice 2

Lucky Dice 2 is a June 2019 dice-based video slot designed by Endorphina. Themes: luck, Hanzi, mythology, card game, and throwing dice. Lucky Dice 2 is the second slot game in a trilogy called Lucky Dice. The video slot in … Continue reading

Lucky Dice 1

Lucky Dice 1 is a June 2019 dice-oriented video slot video slot developed by Endorphina. Themes: good luck, oriental, Chinese writing system, logographs, Chinese mythology, card game, engraving, and dice rolling. Lucky Dice 1 is the first game in the … Continue reading

Little Panda

Little Panda is a January 2018 mammal-inspired video slot developed by Endorphina. Themes: flowers, animals, cute, Chinese philosophy, dualism, and bamboo crafts. More animal-themed slot games from Endophina: Gladiators (December 2015), Safari (November 2015), and Kamchatka (September 2018). Little Panda’s … Continue reading


Kamchatka is a September 2018 peninsula-inspired video slot developed by Endorphina. Themes: arctic animals, arctic berries, weather elements, volcanism, volcanic belt, card values, and card game. other animal-themed slot games from Endorphina: Gladiators (December 2015), Little Panda (January 2018), and … Continue reading


Gladiators is a December 2015 cartoony and action sports-inspired video slot developed by Endorphina. Themes: extreme sports, gladiatorial fight, personification, ancient Rome, underwater, aquatic animals, treasure, card values, seaweed, card game, and cartoon. Other suchlike games from Endorphina: Almighty Sparta … Continue reading

Gems & Stones

Gems & Stones is a June 2014 gemstone-inspired video slot designed by Endorphina. Themes: precious stones, jewelry, gemstone cuts, playing card pip values, card game, and lock mechanism. Some of its rival games are Jewel Quest Riches (August 2017) from … Continue reading


Geisha is an August 2015 entertainer-inspired video slot developed by Endorphina. Themes: oshiroi makeup, Feng Shui ideology, tea ceremony, dancing, entertainment, oriental, shimada hairstyle, oil-paper umbrellas (wagasa), and traditional Japanese dress code. Other relatable Endorphina-owned slot games are Sugar Glider … Continue reading

Fresh Fruits

Fresh Fruits is a June 2014 fruity Endorphina-owned Internet casino game. Themes: fruits and classic slot machine. Similar games from Endorphina: 7UP! (June 2017), More Fresh Fruits (June 2015), Sparkling Fresh (January 2015), Ultra Fresh (October 2014), Lucky Streak 1 … Continue reading

Football Slot

Football is a June 2014 team sport-inspired video slot from Endorphina; it was re-released in June 2016. Its themes: sporting event, soccer, personification, visual arts, cartoon, soccer kit, team game, refereeing, referee equipment, bookings, and fandom. Football has a sequel … Continue reading

Football Superstar

About Football Superstar Football Superstar is a June 2018 soccer player-inspired Endorphina-owned video slot. Themes: superstardom, soccer player’s spouses, headshot, elegance, gold, jewelry, soccer championship, and card game. Football Superstar has a sequel slot game called Football (June 2014), and … Continue reading


Jetsetter is a November 2015 globetrotting-inspired video slot developed by Endorphina. Wealth, luxury, journeying, extravagance, cardistry, and female escorts are the notable themes in Jetsetter. Relatable slot games from Endorphina include The Emirate (January 2015), In Jazz (April 2017), and … Continue reading

Stone Age

Stone Age is a March 2015 human prehistory-inspired video slot developed by Endorphina. Cavemen, stone tools, prehistory period, prehistoric art, bowhunting, and prehistoric animals are Stone Age’s notable thematic elements. Relatable games from Endorphina: Ancient Troy (March 2019), Ancient Troy … Continue reading

Wild Fruits

Wild Fruits is a March 2015 fruity online casino game developed by Endorphina. Themes: classic slot machine, fruits, Wild West, lawman, and gunslinging. Similar slot games from Endorphina: Fresh Fruits (June 2014), More Fresh Fruits (June 2015), Sparkling Fresh (January … Continue reading

Ice Pirates

Ice Pirates is a December 2015 piracy-inspired video slot developed by Endorphina. Set in the arctic region, the Ice Pirates themes are: pirating, historical, wintry, sea patrols, arctic animals, ice crystalline, thawing, and glacier. Endorphina’s other relatable (esp. historical themes) … Continue reading


7UP! is a June 2017 a fruity video slot developed by Endorphina. Themes: card game and classic slot symbols. Similar games from Endorphina: Fresh Fruits (June 2014), Wild Fruits (March 2015), More Fresh Fruits (June 2015), Lucky Streak 2 (December … Continue reading

The King

The King is a January 2015 medieval kingdom-oriented video slot game made by Endorphina. Thematic elements: medieval era, swordsmanship, archery, treasure, visual art, medieval architecture, and Gothic calligraphy. Suchlike slot games from Endorphina: 4 of a King (November 2014), Urartu … Continue reading

The Emirate

The Emirate is a January 2015 Islamic state-inspired online casino game developed by Endorphina. Themes: Arabic political territory, elegance, skyscrapers, Arab dynasty, wealth, gold, Middle Eastern monarchy, and shisha-smoking apparatus. Other kingdom-themed slot games from Endorphina include The King (January … Continue reading

Ancient Troy

Ancient Troy is a March 2019 Trojan War-based video slot developed by Endorphina. Ancient Troy’s sequel is called Ancient Troy Dice (June 2019). Themes: interstate war, classical age, classical architecture, Greek mythology, Greek invasion, Greek heroes, Spartan army, and military … Continue reading


Chunjie is a January 2017 calendar-based video slot developed by Endorphina. In Endorphina’s catalog, Chunjie is filed under ethnic and oriental. Other themes are: Feng Shui ideology, Chinese folk religion, Chinese mythology, lunisolar calendar, ancient Chinese currency, holiday, fruits, and … Continue reading

Chimney Sweep

Chimney Sweep is an August 2014 soot damage cleanup-inspired video slot developed by Endorphina. Themes include: house cleaning, unseasoned wood burning, luck, kitchen ventilation, fairytale, wood smoke, and creosote buildup. An incomparable slot game in Endorphina’s portfolio, its rival games … Continue reading

Blast Boom Bang

Blast Boom Bang (formally called Blast! Boom! Bang!) is a June 2014 superhero-inspired video slot developed by Endorphina. Superheroism, superhuman power, comic strips, blasting, and visual art are its themes. Rival online games include Super Heroes (October 2016) from Yggdrasil, … Continue reading

Ancient Troy Dice

A slot game adaptation of the Trojan War, Ancient Troy Dice is a June 2019 Endorphina-owned video slot whose prequel is titled Ancient Troy (March 2019). Notable themes: Graeco-Roman period, interstate conflict, Greek folklore, dice game, Trojan heroes, and warfare. … Continue reading


Durga is a December 2017 Hindu sect-inspired video slot developed by Endorphina. Themes: Sanskrit literature, Hindu mythology, metaphysics, mantra, mysticism, divinity, sacred text, Earth religion, contemporary paganism, incarnation, deity’s mount, card game, spiritual warfare, and eternal goddess. Relatable Endorphina-owned online … Continue reading

4 of a King

4 of a King is a November 2014 playing card-inspired video slot designed by Endorphina. Themes: card game, casino tokens, gambling, card dealing, cardistry, and playing cards back zeta. Other king-themed names from Endorphina are The King (January 2015) and … Continue reading


Cuckoo is an April 2017 bird-inspired online casino game designed by Endorphina that has filed it under “unique” and “ethnic” categories. Other themes: pendulum clock, clockwork, floral clock face, chiming clock, Russian ceramics, motif flowers, bird vocalization, brood parasite, and … Continue reading

Almighty Sparta

Almighty Sparta is a May 2019 Greco-Persian War-inspired online game released by Endorphina. Its themes: warriorhood, ancient Persian invasion, Spartan society, card game, Persian and Spartan armies, classical age, Achaemenid dynasty, and sword fighting. Ancient Troy Dice (June 2019), The … Continue reading

2027 ISS

2027 ISS is an April 2017 space station-inspired video slot developed by Endorphina. The themes include futurism, space exploration, dice rolling, space diving, artificial satellite, astronaut, card game, and human spaceflight. Rival games include Space Adventure (January 2010) from PlayPearls, … Continue reading

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