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Top 10 Gambling Episodes of TV Shows

Gambling in TV shows is always entertaining. Whether it is how badly the writers have written a poker game, or how obvious it is that the lead character’s horse is going to lose because he bet his life savings on … Continue reading

Top 10 Microgaming Casinos

Welcome to our selection of the Top 10 Microgaming Casinos. This is a list of the best online casinos that use the Microgaming Software. We know how online casino players are – with online casinos sharing the same software, you … Continue reading

Top 10 Best Slots for Women

We here at Casino Answers don’t know a lot about women. If we did, life would be a lot easier. But we do know one thing – that like men, women like slots. Infact, we’re fairly certain if there was … Continue reading

Top 10 Funny Poker Hand Nicknames

If you’ve ever watched the World Poker Tour, you’ll know at least a handful of nicknames for poker hands. The most common ones of course are “pocket rockets” or “bullets” for pocket aces, and “snowmen” for pocket 8s. It seems … Continue reading

Top Ten Gambling Destinations

Is there a finer type of vacation than a gambling vacation? It’s when debauchery becomes a bit more acceptable and you can spend every waking hour doing what you love the most – gambling. Of course, your partner/children/parents might not … Continue reading

Top 10 Gambling Songs

So, I’m going to assume you’ve played at an online casino before, or at an online poker room. What frustrates me are the shockingly bad sound effects that are standard in the industry. Bleeping, whistling, clanking and an assortment of … Continue reading

Top 10 Slot Trademark Ripoffs

Often an online casino platform such as Cryptologic or Microgaming will go out and get licenses for slots such as the many Marvel and DC comic book slots you can find around or the Lord of the Rings movie slot. … Continue reading

Top 10 Online Casino Names

People ask, “What’s in a name?” when it comes to most things and choosing a name for an online casino is an important thing. It can convey what the casino is all about, it can entice you in with promises … Continue reading

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