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Juicy Ninja

The ninjutsu-inspired February 2019 video slot Juicy Ninja’s developer 1X2gaming has other battling games, including Asgard Warriors (May 2021), Battle Maidens (November 2019), Theseus Rises (July 2020), Gladiator of Rome (October 2015), and Battle Maidens Cleopatra (September 2020).

Phoenix Inferno

Phoenix Inferno is a volcanic April 2021 video slot from developer 1X2 Gaming whose games Red Dragon (December 2017) and Queen of Embers (July 2020) are relatable.

Stellar Ways

The interstellar, jewelry and planetary March 2021 video slot Stellar Ways’ developer 1X2gaming has other spatial games, including Space Christmas (December 2019) and Lucky Stars (2016).

Under the Waves

The developer 1X2 Gaming’s marine November 2019 video slot Under the Waves has a prequel titled Under the Sea (2015). Themes: personified marine animals, mythology, treasure, and marine accident.

Mystery Woods

Mystery Woods is a fantasy-filled August 2022 video slot from 1X2 Gaming, the developer of the relatable: Book of Loki (May 2020), Charming Lady Luck (December 2014), Book of Merlin (February 2020), and Faerie Nights (January 2019).

Smoking Hot Fruits 20

The May 2022 video slot Smoking Hot Fruits 20 is the second game—similar in all ways to the third game Smoking Hot Fruits Stacks (July 2022), apart from the latter’s ten win ways—in the developer 1X2gaming’s classic “Smoking Hot Fruits” … Continue reading

Smoking Hot Fruits

The fruity October 2020 video slot Smoking Hot Fruits is the earliest game in its developer 1X2gaming’s four-game “Smoking Hot Fruits” line whose second, third, and fourth games are Smoking Hot Fruits 20 (May 2022), Smoking Hot Fruits Stacks (July … Continue reading

Super Rainbow Megaways

Super Rainbow Megaways is a superstitious March 2022 video slot from developer 1X2gaming whose thematically relatable games are Pots of Luck (March 2019), Irish Love (March 2020), Fields of Clover (February 2021), Charming Lady Luck (2014), and Rainbow 3X3 (March … Continue reading

Queen of Embers

The devilish, fiery July 2020 video slot Queen of Embers’ developer is 1x2gaming whose most relatable game is Phoenix Inferno (April 2021). Themes: card values, gems, volcanic eruption, and spirit animals.

Pirate Armada

The 1X2gaming-owned pirating February 2022 video slot Pirate Armada resembles the developer’s games Asgard Warriors (May 2021) and Blackbeard’s Compass (October 2019).

Sherlock’s Casebook

The developer 1X2gaming thematizes police procedures, steampunk, and detective fiction in its investigative July 2019 video slot Sherlock’s Casebook, which is adapted from the protagonist Sherlock Holmes—operating from 221B Baker Street—fictionalized in Arthur Conan Doyle’s literary works.

Siren’s Kingdom

The developer 1X2gaming—via its 1X2 Network—also distributes the marine April 2018 video slot Siren’s Kingdom originally released by Iron Dog Studio.

Space Christmas

The video slot Space Christmas—launched in December 2019 by 1X2gaming —is a part spatial, part festivity-inspired game resembling the developer’s games Stellar Ways (March 2021), Yule Be Rich (June 2003), Neon Fruit (November 2018), Xmas 3X3 (December 2019).

The Da Vinci Device

The inventive July 2019 video slot Da Vinci Device, from developer 1X2 Gaming, is an adaptation of the ingenious Italian Leonardo Da Vinci’s scientific contributions and engineering inventions; the game thematically relates with Roboslots (November 2002).

Theseus Rises

The mythological July 2020 video slot Theseus Rises relates with its developer 1X2gaming’s games Gods of Olympus (May 2016), Gladiator of Rome (October 2015), Phoenix Inferno (April 2021), Asgard Warriors (May 2021), Legend Lore (March 2017), and Book of Loki … Continue reading

Whisker Jones

Whisker Jones is a feline December 2020 video slot developed by 1X2gaming whose other cat-inspired games include Kitty Cash (April 2017) and Kitty Cash Scratch (January 2018).

Vampire Hunters

The October 2019 vampiric video slot Vampire Hunters is from 1X2gaming, the developer of other relatable games like Book of The Undead (October 2020), Dark Thirst (April 2015), Halloween Horrors (October 201), and Deadworld (September 2016).

Book of Loki

The Norse mythology mentions a sly god called Loki—a shapeshifting and sex-changing Aesir god fathered by the gigantic Farbauti; accompanyies war god Odin and thunder god Thor— who is the basis for the Book of Loki, a May 2020 video … Continue reading

Blazing Hells Bells

The hellish December 2019 video slot Blazing Hells Bells, from 1X2 Gaming, relates with the developer’s games Megablox 777 (April 2022) and Blazing Sevens (December 2018).

Blackbeard’s Compass

The pirating exploits of Edward Teach—the infamous pirate Blackbeard—within the Atlantic Ocean are thematized in Blackbeard’s Compass, an October 2019 video slot from developer 1X2 Gaming whose games Asgard Warriors (May 2021) and Pirate Armada (July 2021) are relatable.

Big Hitter

The games developer 1X2 Gaming has reimagined its November 2019 video slot Big Hitter; the classic slot symbolism is thematized in this retro game whose regular payouts range from X2 to X100 for a three-of-a-kind in its single winning line. … Continue reading

Battle Maidens

Battle Maidens is a warring November 2019 video slot from 1X2 Gaming, which also developed: Jewel of Athena (April 2020), Thor: Stormland (June 2012), Asgard Warriors (May 2021), Book of Loki (May 2020), Gladiator of Rome (October 2015), and Theseus … Continue reading

Battle Maidens Cleopatra

Battle Maidens Cleopatra is a September 2020 video slot whose developer 1X2 Gaming also developed the prequel titled Battle Maidens (November 2019). The title is borrowed from shield-maidens with allegiance to Cleopatra VII Philopator (c.70BCE to 30 BCE), an ancient … Continue reading

Asgard Warriors

The Norse mythology—and the plundering associated with the Viking warfare—is thematized in the May 2021 video slot Asgard Warriors from developer 1X2 Gaming whose relatable games include: Battle Maidens (November 2019), Jewel of Athena (April 2020), Thor: Stormland (June 2012), … Continue reading

Arctic Fruits

Arctic Fruits is a party wintry, party fruity February 2022 video slot developed by 1X2 Gaming whose other similar games include: Smoking Hot Fruits 20 (May 2022), Fruit Snapz (June 2019), Super Fruit 7, Classic Fruit (September 2015), Fruity 3X3 … Continue reading

Medieval Mania

The developer 1X2gaming’s June 2021 video slot Medieval Mania thematically relates with Gladiator of Rome (October 2015), Battle Maidens Cleopatra (September 2020), Theseus Rises (July 2020), Battle Maidens (November 2019), Gods of Olympus (May 2016), Jewel of Athena (April 2020) … Continue reading


Deadworld is a zombie apocalypse-inspired Internet casino game made by 1X2 Gaming in conjunction with Caliber Comics. The walking dead, zombies, comic characters, horror, and sadomasochism are among the themes. 1X2 Gaming has several relatable casino games, including Dark Thirst … Continue reading

Dark Thirst

Dark Thirst, released in May 2015, is a vampire-inspired Internet casino game from 1X2 Gaming. Other related games from the aforementioned games developer are Halloween Horrors (October 2017), Deadworld, and Blood Bank Scratch. The rival games of Dark Thirst include … Continue reading

Aztec Secrets

Aztec Secrets is an indigenous American tribe-inspired online casino game from 1X2 Gaming. Aztec mythology, Aztec sculpture, and human sacrifice are among the themes. The developer has other video slots based on early civilizations, including Gladiator of Rome (June 2015), … Continue reading

Rainbow 3X3

Rainbow 3X3, released in March 2019, is an Internet casino game made by 1X2 Gaming. Irish superstitions and lucky things are among the themes. Other luck-themed slot games from 1X2 Gaming are Pots O Luck, Charming Lady Luck, and Lucky … Continue reading

Mike Tyson Knockout Slot

Mike Tyson Knockout Slot, released in July 2016, is a combat sport-inspired Internet casino game from Inspired Gaming. Professional boxing, especially knocking out an opponent, is the main theme of Mike Tyson Knockout. Inspired Gaming has other Mike Tyson-inspired casino … Continue reading

Legend Lore

Legend Lore, released in May 2017, is a fictitious folklore-themed Internet casino game from 1X2 Gaming. The themes include elves, humanoids, and war. Other relatable games from 1X2 Gaming are Gladiator of Rome (June 2015), Gods of Olympus (December 2014), … Continue reading

Justice Machine

The Justice Machine, a video slot from 1X2 Gaming, was released in March 2018. Comics, martial arts, parallel universe, and superheroes in action are among the themes. Kick A$$ (November 2015), also from 1X2 Gaming, is another comic-inspired game. Rival … Continue reading

Gods of Olympus

Gods of Olympus, from 1X2 Gaming, was released in December 2014. Ancient Greece civilization, architecture, destiny, resurrection, religion, and mythology are the notable themes in this video slot. Other relatable games from 1X2 Gaming are Gladiator of Rome (June 2015), … Continue reading

Fruity 3X3

Fruity 3X3, released in early 2015, is a 1X2 Gaming-owned fruit-themed casino game. Also from the developer, relatable games are Superfruit 7, Classic Fruit, Neon Fruit Cityscape, and Juicy Ninja. 1X2 Gaming has other slot games under the “3X3” gaming … Continue reading

Football 3X3

Football 3×3, which was released in May 2018, is a soccer-inspired Internet casino game made by 1X2 Gaming. Another (extreme) sports-themed slot game from 1X2 Gaming is Gladiator of Rome (June 2015). Football 3X3 is among the four video slots … Continue reading

Faerie Nights

Faerie Nights, released in January 2019, is a fairy-themed Internet casino game made by 1X2 Gaming. Magical characters, mysticism, and fantasy are among the themes. Relatable games from 1X2 Gaming include Legend Lore (May 2017) and Alice and the Red … Continue reading

Alice and the Red Queen

About Alice and the Red Queen Alice and the Red Queen, released in May 2014, is a fantasy and fairy tale-themed video slot made by 1X2 Gaming. Relatable games from 1X2 Gaming include Faerie Nights (January 2019), Gingerbread Joy (2015), … Continue reading

Treasure Kingdom

Treasure Kingdom, released in early 2014, is a precious metals and medieval-themed Internet casino game from Casino Technology whose other treasure-themed slot games include Treasure Hill, Piece of Treasure, and Rainbow Treasure. Some of the rival games are Poseidons Treasure … Continue reading

Red Dragon

Red Dragon, released in July 2015, is a mythology-inspired video slot game from 1X2 Gaming. Feng Shui ideology, Chinese characters, architectural design, ancient scrolls, Chinese martial arts, and dressing sense are among the themes. Si Xiang (June 2018) is another … Continue reading

Puppy Payday

Puppy Payday, released in June 2015, is a puppy-themed and cartoonish Internet casino game made by 1X2 Gaming. Other farm animal-themed games from 1X2 Gaming are Kitty Cash (2017) and Piggy Bank (November 2015). The rival games of Puppy Payday … Continue reading

Pot O Luck

Pot O Luck (or Pot’O Luck) from Casino Technology is modeled on Irish superstitions. Casino Technology has other luck-themed slot games, including Full of Luck, Duck of Luck, and Lucky Clover. The rival games of Pot O Luck include Pots … Continue reading

Mamma Mia 2D

Mamma Mia 2D, released in January 2018, is an Internet casino game made by 1X2 Gaming. Italian fashion and architecture, Italian cuisine, painting, luxury, and sculpture are among the themes. The rival games of Mamma Mia 2D include Mamma Mia! … Continue reading

Jade Heaven

Jade Heaven, released in June 2014, is a video game from Casino Technology. The themes are Feng Shui ideology, dualism, treasures, Chinese tradition, and gold. Relatable slot games from Casino Technology include Flaming Treasures, Lucky Coin and Green Diamond, and … Continue reading

Gladiator of Rome

Gladiator of Rome, released in June 2015 by 1X2 Gaming, is an ancient Rome-themed video slot that incorporates gladiatorial fights and charioting. Other relatable games from 1X2 Gaming are Legendlore, Thor Stormland, and Gods of Olympus (December 2014). Rival games … Continue reading

Columbus Treasure

Columbus Treasure is from Casino Technology; its themes include treasure hunting, exploring, and Spanish conquest. Some of its rival games are Sails of Gold (April 2016) from Play’n GO, Golden New World (February 2017) from BF Games, and Gonzo’s Quest … Continue reading

Bye Bye Spy Guy

Bye Bye Spy Guy, released in mid-2016, is an intelligence gathering-themed casino game from Casino Technology. Rival games include Microgaming’s Agent Jane Blonde Returns (March 2019), Microgaming’s Agent Valkyrie (May 2018), and Spy Game (August 2009) from Rival Powered. Bye … Continue reading


Candyland, released in January 2015, is a confectionary-themed video slot from 1X2 Gaming. Another candy-themed slot game from 1X2 Gaming is Candy Cash. The rival games include Candyland from Logispin, SugarPop! (November 2013) from Betsoft Gaming, Candyland (December 2013) from … Continue reading

Blood Bank

Blood Bank (officially called Dracula’s Blood Bank and released in 2015) is an Internet casino game from 1X2 Gaming. The themes include vampires, ghosts, mysticism, the spirit world, and horror. 1X2 Gaming’s other bank-oriented slot game is titled Piggy Bank … Continue reading

Yule Be Rich

Yule Be Rich, a slot game that 1X2 Gaming released in June 2003, is centered on fairies, Norse mythology, and Christmas. Other Christmas-inspired games from 1X2 Gaming are Gingerbread Joy and Santa 3X3 (December 2015), while the fairies theme is … Continue reading

Treasure of the Pyramids

Treasure of the Pyramids, which 1×2 Gaming released in September 2013, is a video slot adaptation of the pyramids of Giza. Buried treasure, gods, logograms, pyramids, and ancient Egyptians’ burial ritual are some of the themes in this slot game. … Continue reading


Robslots, which is also called Roboslots, is an Internet casino game made by 1X2 Gaming. Robslots is a robotics-themed video slot. Other themes are electromechanics and imagineering. 1X2 Gaming lacks a relatable game in its portfolio, thereby making Robslots a … Continue reading

Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank, which was released in November 2015, is a video slot game developed by 1X2 Gaming. The themes include personification, policing, banking, and cooking styles. Another bank-oriented slot game from the developer is Dracula’s Blood Bank (2015). The rival … Continue reading

Kitty Cash

Kitty Cash (also Kitty Ca$h), which 1X2 Gaming released in 2017, is a cat-inspired and fantasy-themed video slot. It is the second game in the Cash series, after Candy Cash (July 2013). 1X2 Gaming has another pet-inspired slot game called … Continue reading

Kick A$$

Kick A$$, which 1X2 Gaming released in November 2015, is a comic strip-inspired video slot. Other themes are superheroes and cartoonish characters. The Justice Machine (March 2018), from 1X2 Gaming, is also comic. Other hero-themed slots from the developer are … Continue reading


Downtown, which 1X2 Gaming released in September 2013, is a slot game adaptation of the vices found in a big city, which, in this case, is seemingly Las Vegas. Another relatable game from 1X2 Gaming is Neon Fruit Cityscape (January … Continue reading

Halloween Horrors

Halloween Horrors, which 1X2 Gaming released in October 2017, is a slot game adaptation of Halloween. Relatable games from its developer include Dark Thirst (May 2015), Deadworld, and Blood Bank Scratch. Rival games include NetEnt’s Halloween Jack (October 2018), Playtech’s … Continue reading

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