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Vikings Rampage

Vikings Rampage is a warring html5 video slot from DreamTech Gaming. Released on October 23, 2020; its themes are pirating, afterlife, treasure, medieval warfare, runes, and Norse mythology. Similar DreamTech-owned games include Medusa: Fortune and Glory (August 2020), Glory of … Continue reading

Silk Dynasty

Silk Dynasty is a part steampunk, part oriental html5 video slot whose developer DreamTech Gaming released it on January 18, 2021. Game’s plot: the protagonist is oriental steampunk engineer-and-emperor Han Wudi (alternatively named Emperor Wu) whose reign, during the Han … Continue reading

Riches of Atlantis

Riches of Atlantis is a philosophical-cum-mythological html5 video slot; DreamTech Gaming launched it on November 20, 2020. Plot: the cyan Atlantic Ocean waters harbor the underwater metropolis named Atlantis City—a philosophical invention associated with Plato’s work—lorded over by Romanian water … Continue reading

Books of Tao

Books of Tao is an oriental html5 video slot that DreamTech Gaming released on July 23, 2020. Based on Taoism originator Lao Tzu’s ideology; other themes are dualism, classical elements, magic, Chinese mythology and philosophy, Feng shui, and meditation. Suchlike … Continue reading

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