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Slots: How To Use The Martingale Betting System

This is one of the systems adapted by most slot players to boost their chances of winning within a short period of time and still continue with the game. How to use the Martingale Betting System at Slots to give you the win you deserve should be the least of your worries. Before you even learn on how the system works, it’s very important to understand that this system does not work to all slot players. You must have what it takes to be able to manage a Martingale Betting System. It all depends on one’s perspective. Some players enjoy and embrace what the martingale system has to offer when it comes to slots. However, other players feel this is a waste of time and a wrong strategy. It is advisable to first learn the pros and cons of martingale. That is the only way you will be able to decide if the system works for you or not.

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Origin of Martingale

This is a betting strategy from a class of betting strategies that was adopted in the 18th century and made popular in France. The simplest of the martingale strategy was designed particularly for a game where a gambler would win his stake if a coin came up head and lose with a tail. The strategy required gamblers to double their bets each time they lost. This was aimed to recover all the losses incurred previously and make profit at the same time. This strategy has been applied to most of the casino games slots being one of them.

How Does It Work?

No one denies the fact that this is the most popular system used at slots. Apart from slots, it is also used in other casino games like blackjack, video poker and roulette. What this system is all about is that whenever you lose a single bet, you should bet twice as much when it comes to the next bet. The system states that you have a higher chance of wining the next bet when you lose on the previous one. This is called the law of averages. It will work well with you if you believe in it. This is the spirit that drives players into the system at some point during the game. According to the system, when you double your bets then it means that you stand a chance of winning all the money you previously lost. This will also lead to higher chances of making profits.

So for instance, if you want to walk away with $10, you will have to place a first bet of $ 10. You will need to place another bet of $20 if you lose by any chance. A win with bet will recover your lost $10 and give you a $10 profit. If you lose the $20 bet then it means that you will have to place a $40 bet that would cover the $30 that has been lost so far. A win would also give you the $10 you are chasing. This goes on and it’s up to you to decide whether to quit or press on.

Does The System Really Work?

Applying the system does not give you a full proof. The law of average is the main issue and since it does not come to fruition until a higher number of bets are placed. This is to say that simply because you have won a bet after losing the previous one does not mean that the trend will always continue. Knowing how to use the Martingale Betting System at slots is one thing and winning the game is another. You also need to understand that you taking a step further and doubling the bet can also put you at risk of losing twice the amount. If this trend continues and you lose ten times in a row, then you will get at a point where doubling the bet will be impossible.

The same way Martingale increases your chances of winning at slots also increases your chances of losing a lot of cash. It’s up to you to have your pick. The fact that a slot machine works with a random number generator makes it somehow impossible to manipulate it to your advantage by just changing your bet from one game to the other. This can lead to a massive loss within a very short period of time and vice versa. Having a lot of money before you settle for the system can give you enough time to decide whether you want to continue with the betting system or not.

Understanding Martingale System Of Betting

What this system needs is a player who has both infinite time and unlimited bankroll. In this state, one can breakeven and recover the incurred losses. The fact that the house always has some kind of advantage over the player makes any type of betting system weak. For instance, what most casinos do is to place a limit on the bets, this means that a player is restricted and may not recover all his losses. Martingale will best suite slot players who have control over their bankroll. Those who also have self-discipline will match this system because they know at what point to stop. Players who are bound to lose are always impulsive and emotional.

The Reverse Martingale Betting System For Slots.

As explained above, the martingale system is that simple to adopt, all you need to do is double your bet. If you are lucky you can stand a chance of winning all your money back. What this system assumes is that a player has enough money to fund this type of a counter-operation. But what next after you know how to use the martingale betting system at slots but things don’t go as planned. This calls for a Reverse Martingale System.

What this system does is that instead of doubling your bet each time you lose, you double down each time you win with the Paroli strategy. This is advantageous since the risk of cutting into your bankroll when you go through a big lose will be lifted off your shoulders. This strategy is even helpful when you are unable to get back on your feet. With the Reverse Martingale, your initial bet is safe in case you lose.

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