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How To Play Slots

Please note: this is referring to slot machines in an actual live casino, not online.

Slots are one of the most popular games played while gambling whether you are at a casino or online. The glamour of those shiny lights and bells is second to none and it’s cheaper than most of the other casino games , less than a dollar could earn someone a handsome amount of money.

Slot machines generate about 70 percent of a casinos revenue and a big reason for that is the simplicity of it. So if you’re new to gambling this is the entry level game for most of the rookies and who are willing to try their first hand here are some step wise instructions that will help you.

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Things to remember before we place our bet :-
* Get registered into the slot clubs or any kind of perks the casino is offering – Casinos offer different additional benefits/rewards to a person that he can use while playing , that is based on how much a person plays . So before you start playing compare those deals and go for the one which suits you the most.

* Have an idea of what type of machine you are going to play- There may be a lot of variations of a slot machine but basically they all work on the same principle. One can play with coins , cash tickets or cards according to what a casino offers .Modern slot machine don’t spit coins instead all the winnings go to the payout machine where a person could cash it out.

* Bet only about as much you can handle losing.- Slot machines can drain some ones money faster than some of the other casino table games . The minimum amount for betting could vary greatly. If you’re planning to win go for the minimum bet required for jackpot as they will pay out more .

How to play and what to do while playing it?
* Most machines which are based on reel spinning have a single payout line , for others it could vary up to five where each line is for a coin played. Whether a player wins or loose is dependent on what comes in front of the line . i. e. cherries and bars.
* A player could get two coins for a single cherry on the payout line , 10 coins for mixture of any three bars ( single , double or triple). A person will get 30 when the pay line will show three single bars , 60 for when there are 3 double bars and 120 when all of them are triple bars. Jackpot is achieved when all the reels are at 7 on the pay line. However there are combination and blank spaces in the reel that will pay nothing at all.
* Going for the multi-player machine is always the best choice where placing more coins could win someone a fortune when jackpot is struck. Imagine if one coin wins you 500 coins after hitting the jackpot then 3 coins will get you 22,500. But losing is a big part of gambling so bet sensibly .
* Plugging into progressive slots is an intelligent gesture where a person not only gets the amount he wins but a percentage from the amount that the others have won during that progressive game. In progressive slots all the machines are linked to each other and the person who hits the jackpot first will get a percentage from others with his own. To get a jackpot in this type of game one has to bet max otherwise the person won’t be winning a jackpot although small cash prizes are available.
* Starting with Video game slots will provide multiple lines ( 2 to 500) and up to 5 reels which increases someone’s odds to hit a jackpot . A person can select how many lines he has to bet on and how much he will spend on each line. Video games provide us with a feel of playing an actual game instead of gambling.
* Etiquettes are are very important because it could very annoying if someone takes over your machine while you were at the washroom. So if you see a chair with a belonging on it you should leave that chair because most probably that’s taken. Don’t occupy two machines while the place is crowded , give others a chance to play .

Managing the money you have :-

One should never play with the money they won as luck could always backfire. Playing at machines with highest payout percentage aids the player and playing with the lowest denomination possible on that machine gives the player more gambling experience. Always know your limits and don’t give away all your hard earned cash for free.
I hope that know you know more about the slots and these steps will help you while playing .

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