Sports Betting Beginner Questions

Welcome to the Sports Betting Beginner Questions section of Casino Answers.

In this section, I cover all of those beginner questions that people ask in regard to sports betting.

You could consider this a sports betting for dummies area – although I don’t think you are dummies! My articles are here just to help all those rookie sports betters.

Here is the current content:

Can You Mail Sports Bet Tickets? A question I received from a reader asking whether they can mail in sports betting tickets or not.

How Can I Access Gambling Websites if there is a country block? If you are attempting to access your usual sportsbook while out of the country, you may not be able to do so if they have a country block. I’ve had that issue on vacation myself! I cover how to access them in this article.

What Differences are there in UK vs US Sportsbooks? An article covering the biggest differences between UK based online sportsbooks and US based.

What Is An Arbitrage? Explaining the entire process of “arbing” which is very popular within the world of sports betting.

What Is Juice / Vig? Juice, or vig as it is also known, is the method in which sportsbooks theoretically make money beyond just accepting losing bets. I go into detail about juice and vig here.

What is a Money Line? A money line is the most common form of sports betting – betting on who will win. No points, no handicaps. Just straight up betting on who will win.

What Is A Parlay? Parlays are the be all and end all for beginner sports betters. Who doesn’t love them? Risk $10 to win $1,000? Hell yeah! I cover parlays and explain them in great depths in this article.

What Is A Push? What if you bet the Packers -7 and they win by exactly 7? That’s a push. I explain how that works, and what happens when that event occurs.

What Is a Sports Betting Challenge? Sports betting challenges can be very fun to do and also to blog about. I explain what they are in this article.

What Is A Teaser Bet? Teaser bets are very common in American sports betting and I go into depth about teasers here.

What Is An Over/Under Bet? Another very common sports bet which you can find in practically any sport or betting market. I explain over/unders in this article.

What Sportsbooks have Mobile Apps? Most sportsbooks don’t do apps these days – they just have responsive websites. I list what sportsbooks do have mobile apps in this article.

What Trusted Platforms for Sports Betting Are There? An article covering what to look for when finding a trustworthy online sportsbook.

Where Can I Bet Sports On My Ipad? iPads are very popular and I cover the best online sportsbooks to bet on from your iPad.

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