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European Poker Tour(EPT) Information, History

In 2004, in response to the growing popularity of Texas Hold’em, The European Poker Tour (also known as EPT) was created. The EPT is the largest annual European poker tournament which consists of series of broadcasted poker tournaments and is … Continue reading

International Championship of Poker (iCoP) Information, History

iCoP is the acronyom for a series of online poker tournaments spread over a certain amount of days, which was held at the poker rooms hosted on the Boss, or International Poker Network. iCoP stands for International Championship of Poker.

What is a headhunter tournament? | HeadHunter Tournament Definition

A headhunter poker tournament is pretty much what it sounds like, you get paid to eliminate players. These can be a lot of fun as players might play hands that they normally wouldn’t in order to eliminate certain players. Especially … Continue reading

Different Types of Tournament Poker Online

One great thing about online poker compared to live poker is the variety of tournaments you can choose from, because the poker room or casino don’t have to worry about space. They have a wide variety of traffic from high … Continue reading

What Is A Satellite Tournament?

A poker satellite is a special poker tournament which could be considered close to winning the lottery. When you enter a poker satellite tournament you are not entering to win cash – you are entering to win entry to another … Continue reading

Sit & Go Basic Beginners Strategy

Sit’N’Go poker tournaments must be analyzed in three parts. There is the early stage, where everyone has a relatively deep stack, the middle stage, where everyone’s stack is starting to get smaller, and several players have busted out, and the … Continue reading

Turbo Tournaments: Luck Or Skill?

Turbo Tournaments are tournaments in which the blinds rise rapidly with the idea of the tournament not taking very long, even in the later rounds. You will typically see people all-in early and often. For this reason, a lot of … Continue reading

What is Double or Nothing (Sit & Go)?

After a year or so, online double or nothings are still going strong. I’ve only recently delved into this popular bracket, but unfortunately I find it too slow for my tastes. For those that haven’t been introduced to the game … Continue reading

What happens if you don’t have enough chips to cover small blind?

In a tournament, the standard rules are that a player does not surrender even if they cannot post any of their blinds, and that they must participate in the pot. The blinds also stay the same no matter whether the … Continue reading

Where do the blinds move when a player is eliminated in a tournament?

When you get deep into a tournament, the blinds can get quite large and they can be the difference between elimination and staying on. The deeper you get, the more likely someone is to be eliminated. A lot of people … Continue reading

What are Synchronized Breaks in Tournament Poker?

Whether it’s at a live casino or an online casino, tournaments can take a long time to play. The human body has things that it needs to do and the length of these tournaments can be hell on it. Single … Continue reading

How To Make Money at Super Turbo Tournaments

Super-turbo tournaments are tournaments where players start with very few chips and blinds go up extremely fast. Typically, you start with 15 big blinds and the size of the blinds increases every 2 minutes. Fortunately, there are still plenty of … Continue reading

When To Take a Tournament Add-On

In a typical re-buy poker tournament, once the re-buy period has ended, players are all given the opportunity to purchase an “add-on,” for an additional fee. What you need to realize here is that, although you may think of this … Continue reading

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