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Board Game Slots

One of the best things about online slots is how easy it is to get a licensed slot going. Whether it is a TV show, movie or rock band – it just takes a few minor customizations and it’s ready to launch.

In this article, I’m going to be covering board game slots.

These are slot machines that are inspired by various board games. There are a lot of them out there and there are a lot of great bonus games which bring in elements of the actual board game.

Here are the top board game slots:

Monopoly Slots

An excellent resource for a full run-down of the Monopoly Slot is Twinspires Edge who provide a full rundown on it.

There are multiple monopoly slot machines and they highlight the two biggest and best ones which are Monopoly Big Spin and Monopoly Utility Trails.

Monopoly Big Spin is a very unique slot machine in that it gives a strong roulette vibe. It’s a very neat twist. Much like with roulette, you can also place more than one bet at a time so you can bet on all of the sections. It offers Minor, Major, and Epic Progressive Jackpots.

Monopoly Utilitiesis an 8×7 game with bonus rounds triggered via the utility symbols, and three extra special spins based off landing on the Electricity Company.

Cluedo Slot

The Cluedo slot machine is known as the Cluedo Spinning Detectives slot. It uses a lot of Cluedo themes. For example, there are three separate jackpots named after rooms in Cluedo; The Conservatory, The Billiard Room, and The Library.

There are various Room Feature bonuses and when you unlock them, you expand into a fun mini-game. If you land in the Billiard Room, for example, you get to pick a secret clue card and win a free spin, as well as the ability to advance your position.

The best part of course is the Spinning Detective Bonus game. If you unlock this you get to pick cards that reveal the suspects, weapons, etc. The object is to find a matched color group of suspect, weapon, and room that solves the case.

An excellent slot machine for any Cluedo fan.

Battleship Slot

Battleship is a classic game and we’ve seen many variations of it over the years; now check out the online slot version of Battleship.

It’s known as Battleship Wild Targets and the best part of course is the bonus game. If you unlock that, you actually unlock the Battleship game where you place your boats and can rotate them on the map. Then you play against your opponent and earn free spins based on what you take out. You also earn money based on how much you wager.

If you take out the carrier, you will earn 4 x what you bet for example. The patrol boat only nets the amount you bet as profit.

This is only the first phase of Battleship Wild Targets though; once you have finished that, you move onto Phase 2. This is the Free Spins feature.

Now you may think well free spins – not so exciting. Except this one is completely different. All of the bonus symbols that were on the reels originally that unlocked the bonus game are now replaced by target crosshairs.

You are able to move the targets up or down, then when you have settled on the placement you can launch with the aim to get ship symbols within the targets. If it does then it becomes a Wild Symbol for the remainder of the free spins.

On top of that, if all of the ship symbols land in the target crosshairs, you get a 1000x bonus prize.

An excellent twist on an excellent game.

If you’re looking for slot machines inspired by board games, these are the best ones to play.

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