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American Gods

Game developer Skyrocket Studios partnered with Bang Bang Games to develop the quasi-religious video slot American Gods—released on December 21, 2021; jointly distributed by Adoptit, Playzido and Entain—whose exact basis is a three-season 2017-2021 TV series that, in turn, is … Continue reading

Goddess of Asia

The Goddess of Asia is an oriental July 2017. Adoptit Publishing—alongside SG Digital—distributes this game developed by ReelNRG. Themes: Asiatic culture, fortune, folk religion, mythology, and Feng Shui ideology.

Hippie Chicks

Hippie Chicks is an avian March 2018 video slot from providers Adoptit Publishing and Playzido, and developer The Games Company. Featuring personified, cartoonish, trendy, musical, and wanderlust hens equated to the 1960s/70s youthful fashionistas; this retro game has 20 nonadjustable … Continue reading

Mariachi Mayhem

Released on December 10, 2016, and distributed by Adoptit Publishing—alongside Playzido—Mariachi Mayhem is a musical video slot whose basis is the Mexican music subcategory called Mariachi, featuring Mexican street performers.

Rampage Riches

Rampage Riches is a monstrous video slot from provider Adoptit Publishing. Developed by Lost World Games, and launched on August 11, 2015; its basis is an ill-fated scientific experiment. Themes: seismology, radioactivity, mutation, Japanese mythology, sci-fi, suboceanic eruption, natural and … Continue reading

Trip Trap Troll

Launched on January 15, 2018, by its developer Zonelock Games, the fairy video slot Trip Trap Troll’s distributors include Adoptit, Leander Games, and Proprietary Games. Basis: a Scandinavian folklore named Three Billy Goats Gruff (1840s publication), involving three intergenerational goats’ … Continue reading

Elephant Gang

Launched on November 24, 2020 by distributor Playzido; Elephant Gang game is a mob-related video slot developed by Adoptit Publishing. Plot: reenacting the prohibition era—1920s to early 1930s—when the US illegalized alcohol, the protagonists are an Elephantine crime family peddling … Continue reading

Super 7 Wilds

Super 7 Wilds is a June 2020 video slot, developed by Adoptit and distributed by Playzido. The modernized retro game has locked and repopulating “7 Wilds” that require a five-of-a-kind contrary to the ten symbols (BAR, bell, watermelon, lemon, plum, … Continue reading

Golden Haul Infinity Reels

Golden Haul Infinity Reels is a video slot developed by Bad Dingo—the developer of Jaguar Super Ways (May 2021) and Wild 9s (February 2022)—which launched it on September 13, 2021. Nevertheless, the Wild West-era gold mine-inspired game uses the “Infinity … Continue reading

Wonder Woman: Bullets and Bracelets

Wonder Woman: Bullets and Bracelets is an August 2018 video slot developed by Bally Technologies and provided by SG Digital. A sequel to Wonder Woman Gold (November 2016); the game has DC Comics-inspired characters.

Super Cash Drop

Super Cash Drop is a monetary video slot whose developer Bally Technologies collaborates with distributor Yggdrasil Gaming. Launched on July 19, 2021; Super Cash Drop’s sequel is Super Cash Drop Gigablox (February 2022).

Super Cash Drop Gigablox

Launched on February 14, 2022 by developer Bally Technologies; the video slot Super Cash Drop Gigablox, whose distributor is Yggdrasil Gaming, has a prequel titled Super Cash Drop (July 2021).

RA and the Scarab Temple

RA and the Scarab Temple is an August 2018 video slot distributed by SG Digital. Developed by Bally Technologies, it is based on—and named after—the sun god Ra and the rebirth-related scarab beetle linked to the ancient Egypt, a recurring … Continue reading

Lucky Link Beats

Lucky Link Beats is a musical August 2018 video slot distributed by SG Digital. Lucky Tree (December 2016) and Lucky Irish (October 2016) are also under the Lucky series developed by Bally Technologies whose other musical games are Disco Disco … Continue reading

Dragons Lucky 8

Dragons Lucky 8 is a folkloric video slot that was released on August 20, 2019 by games developer Wazdan. Its blurb urges slot players to surmount their fear of the terrifying fire dragon to get oriental and fruity wins. Other … Continue reading

Cube Mania Deluxe

Cube Mania Deluxe is a geometry shape-based June 2018 video slot developed by Wazdan. Themes: pixel art, cubes, isometric fonts, retro, jester, and emojis. Cube Mania Deluxe’s prequel is titled Cube Mania (July 2013). Lucky 9 (Wazdan; April 2020) is … Continue reading

Demon Jack 27

Demon Jack 27 is a satanic February 2016 video slot. Its developer Wazdan welcomes slot players to a demonic realm, where they brush shoulders with the devil. The thematic elements include harbingers of death, evil spirit, trinity, cult cross variants, … Continue reading

Dino Reels 81

Dino Reels 81 is a megafauna-inspired video slot that games developer Wazdan released on December 2016. This game’s plot and thematic elements straddle two geologic times—the Mesozoic era that is especially notable for diverse dinosaurs and mammoths; and the present-day … Continue reading

Dracula’s Castle

Dracula’s Castle is a horrific December 2017 video slot developed by Wazdan. This slot is set in and named after the vampiric lord’s medieval abode. Expectedly, its thematic elements are: bloodsucking, vampire, bats, parasitism, preternatural, shapeshifting, hypnosis, immortality, demonic manipulation, … Continue reading

Fenix Play 27 Deluxe

Fenix Play 27 Deluxe is a mythic video slot that games developer Wazdan released on September 21, 2017. Its blurb invites players to domesticate the phoenix, watch its hatchlings, and unearth treasures stashed in the bird’s mountainous lair. Consequently, the … Continue reading

Fenix Play Deluxe

Fenix Play Deluxe is a part mythic, part classic slot September 21, 2017 Wazdan-owned video slot. The blurb prompts players to assist the phoenix (also called Fenix) in its rite of passage that, thematically, is all about cremation, self-immolation and … Continue reading

Fire Bird

Fire Bird is a mid-2012 Wazdan-owned classic video slot adaptation of the phoenix, a folkloric regenerating bird that the Greek mythology associates with immortality. Ancient Greeks thought of the phoenix as an animal symbolism that signifies the sun, wherein the … Continue reading

Football Mania Deluxe

Football Mania Deluxe is a soccer-themed June 2018 video slot from Wazdan. The gameplay is thematically all about enthusiastically repossessing a soccer ball from and dribbling past rival players before goalscoring during a tournament. Football Mania Deluxe has a prequel … Continue reading

Fruit Fiesta

Fruit Fiesta is a December 2017 Wazdan-owned video slot adaptation of a Mexican festival. Themes: spices, personification, cartoon, pinata art, Wild West, arid climate, and musical instruments. There is a prequel named Ten or Twenty (2016). Relatable Wazdan-owned games: Mystery … Continue reading

Criss Cross 81

About Criss Cross 81 Criss Cross 81 is a November 2012 Wazdan-owned video slot that is modeled on the classic slot machine. It is among the four games fitted with 81 paylines, alongside Dino Reels 81 (December 2016), Mega Jack … Continue reading

Crazy Cars

About Crazy Cars Crazy Cars is a motor racing-inspired February 2016 video slot developed by Wazdan. Themes: sport, drag racing, celebration, race track, cartoon, personification, and burnout. Wazdan has another car racing-themed slot game titled Turbo Play (February 2013), and … Continue reading

Corrida Romance Deluxe

About Corrida Romance Deluxe When Wazdan released Corrida Romance Deluxe on July 5, 2018, its press release hailed it as a commemoration and a video slot adaptation of the yearly Festival of San Fermin. The event is alternatively called Pamplona … Continue reading

Colin the Cat

About Colin the Cat Released by Wazdan on December 2016, Colin the Cat is a pet-inspired video slot whose themes are cat, mischief, trapping mice, pendant lights, table lamps, and yarn. Other feline-themed slots from Wazdan are Double Tigers (September … Continue reading

Captain Shark

About Captain Shark Released on March 15, 2012, Captain Shark is a marine video slot developed by Wazdan. Accordingly, it is set in a fictitious waterbody called Ocean of Fortune that is patronized by a generous shark. Players dive and … Continue reading

Butterfly Lovers

About Butterfly Lovers Butterfly Lovers is an October 2019 Wazdan-owned video slot that revolves around a legendary ill-fated love story. Themes: oriental, romance, gems, betrothal, arranged marriage, ancient social norms, flowers, spirit animals, tragedy, reincarnation, and logographs. Other oriental-themed Wazdan-owned … Continue reading

Burning Stars

About Burning Stars Burning Stars is an observational astronomy-based September 2014 video slot developed by Wazdan. This html5 game description urges slot players to look through a telescope on a quest for wish-fulfilling shooting stars. Therefore, the thematic elements are … Continue reading

Burning Reels

About Burning Reels Burning Reels is a firefighting-inspired July 2017 Wazdan-owned video slot that challenges slot players to team up with other firefighters responding to a burning forest to get fiery payouts. Themes: wildfire, fire apparatus, and inferno. Wazdan’s other … Continue reading

Black Horse

About Black Horse Black Horse is a horse-based February 2012 Wazdan-owned video slot. Themes: galloping horse, classic symbols, bullets, Wild West, and steppe climate. Black Horse has a sequel named Black Horse Deluxe (March 2020). Black Horse is one of … Continue reading

Black Hawk Deluxe

About Black Hawk Deluxe Black Hawk Deluxe is an August 2018 Wazdan-owned video slot whose game description dares slot players to defend the residents of a medieval castle that is about to be breached by living dead knights. Themes: spiritual … Continue reading

Bars and 7s

Bars and 7s (formally called Bars&7s) is a December 2016 classic video slot developed by Wazdan. Themes: gear system. Wazdan has many other relatable slot games, including: Juicy Reels (March 2019), Magic Fruits Deluxe (September 2017), Hot 777 Deluxe (October … Continue reading

9 Lions

9 Lions is a September 2018 Wazdan-owned video slot. An award-winning game, its themes are: oriental, Chinese mythology, Feng Shui concept, Hanzi writing system, Ayurveda elements, Chinese architecture, gold, dragon gods, and Chinese constellations symbols. Wazdan’s other relatable slot games … Continue reading

Amazon Queen

About Amazon Queen Amazon Queen is a Mesoamerican tribe-inspired September 2014, video slot developed by Williams Interactive. It is distributed by SG Digital. Themes: Amazon ecosystem, playing card suits, and matriarchy social system. Relatable games from the developer include: Montenzuma … Continue reading

Beauty Fruity

Beauty Fruity is a video slot developed by Wazdan. In its press release dated August 14, 2019, the developer hailed it as a tropical bounty and a simulation of a year-long summertime vacationing in an exotic island. As such the … Continue reading

Bell Wizard

About Bell Wizard Bell Wizard is a February 2016 video slot developed by Wazdan. Themes: fairy, magic, fantasy, sorcery, enchantment, fruits, and wizardly. Relatable from Wazdan slot: Larry the Leprechaun (June 2019), Great Book of Magic Deluxe (June 2018), Spectrum … Continue reading

Black Hawk

Black Hawk is a July 2016 magic video slot developed by Wazdan. Themes: bird of prey, treasure, magic, and medieval. Black Hawk is the earliest installment in a two-game series whose sequel is Black Hawk Deluxe (August 2018). Relatable slot … Continue reading

Gems Gems Gems

About Gems Gems Gems Gems Gems Gems is a gemstone-based June 2019 video slot game developed by Williams Interactive and distributed by SG Digital. Williams Interactive’S other gem-themed slot games include: Gold Fish (May 2016), Glitz (November 2015), Hot Molten … Continue reading

Golden Wild

About Golden Wild Golden Wild is a May 2018 video slot game developed by Wild Streak Gaming and provided by Leander Games. Theme: Chinese mythology, gold, playing card values, oriental, and cultural symbols. Wild Streak’s other oriental-themed include: Girl with … Continue reading

Reel Riches Fortune Age

Reel Riches Fortune Age is a May 2015 wealth-inspired video slot developed by Williams Interactive and distributed by SG Digital. It is the second slot in the two-game Reel Rich series whose earliest slot is Reel Rich Devil (February 2011). … Continue reading

Black Knight

Black Knight is a November 2011 mounted soldier-based video slot developed by Williams Interactive in partnership with SG Digital. Themes: medieval kingdom, royalty, knighthood, jewelry, and swordsmanship. Black Knight is the first installment in a two-game series whose second installment … Continue reading


Aurora is a March 2020 natural light display-inspired video slot developed by Northern Lights Gaming and provided by Relax Gaming. Themes: totem heads, troll, fantasy, and fairy tale. More video slots from Northern Lights Gaming: Electric Wilds (September 2018), Trail … Continue reading

Electric Wilds

Electric Wilds is a September 2018 electric power transmission-inspired slot game developed by Northern Lights Gaming. Its webpage describes its game type as an online video slots game whose reel type is spinning reels. Themes: polyphase system, voltage switchgear, fuse-links, … Continue reading

Jewel Quest Riches

Jewel Quest Riches is a gemstone-inspired video slot. Old Skool Studios originally released it on August 2, 2017, although Microgaming Quickfire released it for the mass market on August 23, 2017. Themes: gems, treasure, adventure, stone carving, and historic civilizations. … Continue reading

La Rouge

Released on May 3, 2017, La Rouge is a cinematic-inspired video slot developed by Old Skool Studios. It is distributed via Microgaming Quickfire. Themes: monochrome, comics, historical, film making, stylistic element, classic, jazz, playing card suits, and visual arts. Other … Continue reading

Rocky’s Gold

Rocky’s Gold is a November 2018 mining-inspired video slot developed by Northern Lights Gaming. Themes: jewel, gemstones, prospecting, arid blasting, and underground hard rock mining. The developer has other slot games, namely: 100 Fortunes (February 2020), All Star Knockout (February … Continue reading


Old Skool Studios initially released Temperance on May 23, 2018 on White Hat Gaming. On June 6, 2018, the developer released it on Microgaming Quickfire for the mass market. Themes: science fiction, underwater search, pachinko board game, sunken city, deep … Continue reading

Trail Blazer

Trail Blazer is a December 2019 suburbia-inspired Internet casino game made by Northern Lights Gaming. Themes: recreation activity, way marking, adventure trail, wealth, gold, jewelry, and playing card values. Other games from Northern Lights Gaming are: All Star Knockout (February … Continue reading

Poker Dogs

Poker Dogs is an April 2018 part-slot, part-stud poker online casino game from Asylum Labs; providers: Gameiom and Leander Games. Set during the Roaring Twenties era, the themes in Poker Dogs: personification, distinct dog breeds, kitsch art, card game, and … Continue reading

Congo Bongo

Congo Bongo is a March 15, 2017 Congo rainforest-inspired video slot developed by Asylum Labs, and supplied by Leander Games. Jungle, fairy forest, African rainforest, personification, air crash, and orchestra are among the Congo Bongo’s themes. Relatable video slots from … Continue reading


Paywire is a July 2018 haywire-inspired slot game made by Asylum Labs, and provided by Gameiom alongside Leander Games. Classic slot machine, retro style, polka design, and jumbovision are among the themes. The rival games of Paywire include Viva Las … Continue reading

Pimped Slot

Winding down is the essence of playing online games so slot players who want to trade the often stifling formality for free and easy should check out the laidback informality packed in Pimped. A Play’n GO’s slot game whose theme … Continue reading

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