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Pimped Slot

Winding down is the essence of playing online games so slot players who want to trade the often stifling formality for free and easy should check out the laidback informality packed in Pimped. A Play’n GO’s slot game whose theme is synonymous with African Americans’ fast life, Pimped hit the gaming industry in February 2015. Jazz of New Orleans is another Black American-themed game.

Although Pimped is seemingly styled on Loaded slot game by Microgaming, the term “pimped” denotes the showy lifestyles of well-off African American males like their flashy dressing sense. Pimped players have to match between three and five symbols to win their respective payouts.

Spin and Pimp Up
Pimped, which is a highly volatile game, contains five reels. The Pimped symbols range from African American males and females to letters and a number to status symbols. The African American males, one bespectacled and dreadlocked and the other wearing a fedora, remind a player of rappers Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre but much has been done to avoid striking resemblance. The females have different hues, and are clad in a black and a dark yellow bras. The status symbols are a diamond-and-gold ring and a wad of rolled up dollar notes. There is a clenched fist and dollar symbols. Lastly, there are letters A, K, Q, and J, and number 10.

Pimped game starts by stating that the clenched symbol can substitute for others and how to get five free spins whenever 3+ scatter (symbolized by a dollar sign) appears. The “Continue” icon leads to the interface, where the Pimped players adjust three things—the coin value, active coins, and (ten maximum) pay lines. The symbols start spinning in a blur when “Spin” is clicked after which the reels stop, allowing a comparison between the symbols’ formations and the ten alphabet letters-like pay table figures—three three horizontal Is, V, inverted V, U, inverted U, Z, reflected Z, and S turned laterally.

Pimped has $0.01 as its lowest coin value and minimum bet, while $100.00 is its highest coin value and maximum bet. More coin values are $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, and $1.50. Learn about Pimped payouts for three, four, and five symbols, respectively. The bespectacled and dreadlocked male in a blue waistcoat offers X20, X150, and X750. The male wearing a fedora felt hat offers X20, X100, and X500. A symbol with females offers X10, X75, and X400. The ring offers X10, X75, and X250. The rolled up dollar notes offers X5, X50, and X250.

The payouts for letters and number with three, four, and five matches, respectively: As offer X5, X50, and X150; Ks offer X3, X25, and X125; Qs offer X3, X25, and X100; Js offer X3, X20, and X75; and 10s offer X3, X20, and X50. Three, four, and five clenched fists (Wilds) offer X50, X200, and X1000. Pimped’s non-progressive jackpot is 500,000 golden coins.

Pimped has a simple graphical user interface. The sounds vividly capture an African American setting, especially the West Coast HipHop beat and the chattering interspersed by the occasional woo hoo in the background. The graphics relatably capture fun and glamor, ranging from the skimpily dressed hyperrealistic female images to the slowly falling virtual dollar notes on the interface and the expensively furnished Penthouse-like apartment facing the neighboring skyscrapers silhouetted against the city lights.

Pimp Up with All Lines
The RTP rate of Pimped is 96.51% and the house edge is 3.49%. Luck matters, but its wise for a Pimped player to engage all lines.

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