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Golden Wild

About Golden Wild

Golden Wild is a May 2018 video slot game developed by Wild Streak Gaming and provided by Leander Games. Theme: Chinese mythology, gold, playing card values, oriental, and cultural symbols. Wild Streak’s other oriental-themed include: Girl with the Golden Eyes (January 2019), Dragon Power (January 2019), and Mystery of the Orient (January 2019).

Golden Wild’s rival slot games include Charming Queens (July 2018) from Evoplay Entertainment, China MegaWild (November 2016) from Skywind Group, and Asian Beauty (March 2011) from Microgaming. The title “Golden Wild” refers to the golden symbols that become wild during the free games mode.

Twelve symbols (golden coin, pagoda, pot of gold, Chinese lantern, horns, hand fan, K, A, Q, J, 10, and 9) require three, four, or five winning combinations. One symbol (Chinese girl) requires two, three, four, or five winning combinations.

Golden Wild Game Characteristics

Golden Wild has a partitioned gold-framed maroon 5X3 grid; with 30 fixed paylines, thirteen symbols, eleven total bets, one main substituting wild, two bet multipliers, ordinary symbols that can be converted to 11 other substituting wilds, two sets of free games, extra free games, side game, two jackpots, and regularly pays from X5 to X3000.

Golden Wild has two special symbols and eleven ordinary symbols. Special symbols: the main wild-and-substitute feature is a floral golden brown coin; and the scatter is a colorful gold-framed pagoda among flowering trees.

Ordinary symbols: a bejeweled Chinese girl in a tiered golden kimono robe; a dragon-handled green-and-red pot of gold; a flowery blue-and-golden Chinese lantern; a pair of emerald-embedded green-tipped golden-and-red horns; a pink-and-green Chinese hand fan; an orange K; a pink A; a yellow Q; a blue J; a red 10; and a green 9.

Golden Wild total bets: $0.40 (minimum bet), $0.80, $1.20, $1.60, $2.00, $4.00, $10.00, $20.00, $40.00, $80.00, and $120.00 (maximum bet).

The Golden Wild payouts. Two, three, four, and five Chinese girl pays X5, X30, X100, and X400. Three, four, and five winning combinations: golden coin pays X10, X50, and X800; pagoda pays X60, X300, and X3000; pot of gold pays X20, X60, and X250; Chinese lantern pays X15, X50, and X200; horns, or hand fan pays X10, X30, and X125; K, or A pays X8, X20, and X80; and Q, or J, or 10, or 9 pays X5, X10, and X40.

Three to five pagodas offer eleven free spins—eight ordinary free spins that precede three re-triggerable gold free spins, where one of the ordinary symbols is converted into a substituting wild. In the side game, the current win can be gambled—either lost entirely, or doubled/duadrupled—by clicking the green-and-white “2X” icon along the bottom. On the pop-up window, players: click “red” or “black” that, if correctly predicted, doubles the gamble amount; click the diamonds, or hearts, or spades, or clubs suit icons that, when accurately predicted, quadruples the gamble amount. Pressing “take win” ignores the side game, while wrong predictions nullify the current win.

Golden Wild has two progressive jackpots: a minor jackpot ranging from $826.28 to $1000.00; and a major jackpot ranging from $8,054.37 to $10,000.00.
The good Golden Wild software does not constantly time out, and has: up/down volume; fast mode; ten-game-long game history; and 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 autospins. The mutable ambient background consists of Chinese guitar and bamboo flute. The abstract art background aside; the animated 3D graphics include gushing golden coins during the “out of this world” wins, zooming out symbols, the flipping golden coin’s fiery centrifugal force trail, and confetti effect.

Luck in Golden Wild

A game of chance, Golden Wild has two sets of RTP rates. The regular game’s RTP rate is 95.22% and house edge of 4.78%. The non-progressive jackpots’ RTP rates are a mere 1.5%, while the house edge is a whopping 98.5%. The collective RTP rate and house edge are 96.72% and 3.28%, respectively.

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