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Fenix Play 27 Deluxe

Fenix Play 27 Deluxe is a mythic video slot that games developer Wazdan released on September 21, 2017. Its blurb invites players to domesticate the phoenix, watch its hatchlings, and unearth treasures stashed in the bird’s mountainous lair. Consequently, the themes include reincarnation, Greek mythology, self-immolation, and classic slot machine symbolism.

Fenix Play 27 Deluxe is the last video slot in the four-game Fenix Play series whose first game is Fenix Play (June 2012), second game is Fenix Play 27 (June 2012), and third game is Fenix Play Deluxe (September 2017). Fire Bird (Wazdan; June 2012) is also phoenix-themed. Magic Fruits 27 (July 2013) and Demon Jack 27 (February 2016) are also in the “27” gaming line.

Fenix Play 27 Deluxe’s rival video slots include: Phoenix Fortune (January 2020) from Greentube, Flaming Phoenix (June 2017) from Skywind Group, and Phoenix (March 2019) from Dragoon Soft. Fenix (or phoenix) is a mythical self-immolating and reincarnating bird that is the basis for this video slot that has 27 paylines. All symbols require three winning combinations.

Fenix Play 27 Deluxe Game Characteristics

Fenix Play 27 Deluxe has a 3X3 grid whose standalone gold-framed grayish-white reels are lodged on a mountain peak. There are 27 fixed paylines, fourteen symbols, nine cash bets, no free games, a wall bonus-related win multiplier, a side game, and regularly pays from $0.20 to $16000.00.

Fenix Play 27 Deluxe has one special and thirteen ordinary symbols. Special symbol: the substitute is a stretched red-and-golden “wild” phoenix. Ordinary symbols: human face-embossed golden coin; heraldic golden sun; red-lined golden star; red-and-golden 7; gold-lined red bell; a golden bell; halved watermelon; purple grapes; raspberry; strawberry; plum; orange; lemon; and cherries.

The Fenix Play 27 Deluxe cash bets: $0.10 (minimum bet), $0.20, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $50.00, and $100.00 (maximum bet).

A $100.00 bet has these Fenix Play 27 Deluxe payouts for three winning combinations. “Wild” phoenix pays $16000.00. Golden coin pays $8000.00. Sun pays $4000.00. Star, or 7 pay $800.00. Golden bell, or watermelon, or grapes pays $400.00. Raspberry, or strawberry, or plum pay $200.00. Oranges, or lemons, or cherries pay $100.00. A nine-of-a-kind grid offers a X3 win multiplier.

Current payouts can be claimed. Otherwise, there is an optional two-sided seven-round gamble game. First option: (unticked “cards gambling only” icon): players click one of the two phoenix eggs in a rocky nest that may contain a hatchling—if the clicked egg emits dark smoke, the staked current win is nullified; if the clicked egg has a hatchling inside, the current payout is doubled.

Option two (ticked “cards gambling only” icon): players predict a face down playing card’s red/back color; the card flips to reveal itself, thus nullifying or doubling if there are wrong and correct guesses, respectively. Fenix Play 27 Deluxe’s non-progressive jackpot is X748, which (748X100) is $74800.00.

Fenix Play 27 Deluxe has good software. Features include: tortoise, rabbit and cheetah speed modes; screen magnifier; selectable low, standard, and high volatility levels; supports desktops, smartphones, tablets, and laptops; custom-built for Windows, iOS, html5, and Android; ultra lite and high quality modes; available in 19 languages; and 5-1000 mobile device autospins and 20-1000 desktop autospins whose single win and cash decrease/increase limits are capped at $1000.00 and $1000000.00, respectively.

The sounds include a howling wind interspersed with a screeching phoenix. The animated 3D graphics include the phoenix blustering green leaves, self-immolating winning symbols, flying hatchlings, and a close-up of the phoenix’s wings that resemble a curtain fall.

Luck in Fenix Play 27 Deluxe

A game of chance, the RTP rate of Fenix Play 27 Deluxe is 96.25% and the house edge is 3.75%.

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