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La Rouge

Released on May 3, 2017, La Rouge is a cinematic-inspired video slot developed by Old Skool Studios. It is distributed via Microgaming Quickfire. Themes: monochrome, comics, historical, film making, stylistic element, classic, jazz, playing card suits, and visual arts. Other video slots from Old Skool Studios are: Epic City (September 2014), Temperance (June 2018), Jewel Quest Riches (August 2017), and Maui Mischief (April 2020). La Rouge’s rival games include: Lady in Red (May 2010) from Microgaming, Tropic Dancer (January 2014) from Casino Technology, and Dictator (April 2017) from Betsense.

The French adjective “La Rouge” means a red thing, which is seemingly a reference to the game’s red graphics that are modelled on the Sin City film series. Four symbols (wild woman, gentleman, rotary dial, and rose flower) require two, three, four, or five wining combinations. Six symbols (“on the air” microphone, vinyl record, hearts suit, diamonds suit, spades suit, and clubs suit) require three, four, or five winning combinations.

La Rouge Game Characteristics

La Rouge has an unpartitioned 5X3 that is silhouetted against the lobby of the fictitious multistoried gray “LAROUGE” international luxury hotel; twenty fixed paylines, seven total bets, between eight and 20 free games, extra free games, (extra) stacked wilds, random multipliers, a bonus game, a gamble game, and regular payouts ranging from X0.5 to X1000.00.

The La Rouge software loads to show its three main features—stacked wilds, free spins, and bonus round—which are bypassed through the “continue” button.

La Rouge has three special symbols and eight ordinary symbols. Special symbols: the wild-and-substitute is a monochromatic image of a lipstick-wearing woman in white and gray; the free spins-triggering feature is a monochromatic gentleman in a black-and-red top hat and a red tie; and the bonus game-triggering feature is a black-and-white “BONUS” cut film holder.

Ordinary symbols: a gray-and-red rotary dial; a red-and-black rose flower; a gray-and-red “on the air” microphone; a black-and-red vinyl record; a red hearts suit; a red diamonds suit; a gray spades suit; and a gray clubs suit.

The La Rouge total bets: $0.20, (minimum bet) $0.40, $1.00, $2.00, $4.00, $5.00, and $10.00 (maximum bet).

These are the La Rouge payouts. Two, three, four, and five: wild woman pays X5, X 100, X400, and X1000; gentleman pays X0.5, X2, X10, and X25; rotary dial pays X2, X40, X200, and X500; and rose flower pays X2, X20, X80, and X200.

Three, four, and five: “on the air” microphone, or vinyl record pays X10, X50, and X100; hearts, or diamonds pays X10, $25, and X50; and spades, or clubs pays X10, X20, and X40.

Three gentlemen offer eight free games, four gentlemen offer 12 free games, and five gentlemen offer 20 free games that are accompanied by random multipliers. Three “BONUS” cut film holders unlock the five-level Starlite Bonus game whose winnings range from collectibles to prizes to picks to advancing towards the Hollywood party via a lift.

A winning combination unlocks the “paint the town red or black” gamble game that can either double or nullify the staked current win. La Rouge’s non-progressive jackpot is $10.00 X1000, which is $10000.00.

The La Rouge software is good by virtue of supporting mobile devices and desktops. Unfortunately, the control buttons are seemingly camouflaged on the steps leading to the lobby, therefore less notable. The jazz instrumental is melodious. Perhaps the most notable aspect of La Rouge is its outstanding 3D graphics, including: the “cocktail lounge”, and “cigar” and “majestic” outlets beside the hotel; the glitter and whirlpool effects; woman wearing red and white clothes in the side game; the pools and beams of light; and the monochromatic characters silhouetted against the dimly lit deserted streets.

Luck in La Rouge

La Rouge is a game of chance with two sets of RTP rates: the gamble game’s RTP rate is 50% and house edge is 50%; and the regular game’s RTP rate is 95.02% and the house edge is 4.98%.

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