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If there is a flush on the board, what happens to the pot?

In Texas Hold’Em there are five community cards dealt that you can build your hand off of with the two cards that are in your hand. Sometimes, the five community cards are all of hte same suit and they make a flush. It’s not a very common occurrence, but it does occasionally happen and always brings a lot of questions at the table. Mainly, what happens next?

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In poker, the best five-card hand plays at showdown. If there is a flush on the board, and no player at the showdown has a card of that suit, then all players have the same flush and the pot is split evenly between all the players. The only way that someone could win this hand without having the flush is by having a full house which beats a flush, but does not beat a straight flush.

If several players have a card of the suit, then the player with the highest card of that suit wins the pot, unless their suited card is lower than all of the cards on the board. For example: If the board is A-K-T-9-5 of spades, the highest spade above five would win the pot. If all the spades that players hold are below 5, then the pot is split evenly between all the players.

In an uneven pot, try to split the pot as equally as possible by exchanging chips where necessary to get to the lowest denomination of chip. If there is a chip left over, it goes to the player in the earliest position.

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These types of boards aren’t common, but they can happen and they often bail out one player who may have been drawing dead. They can also cost you if you made your flush on the flop or the turn, but someone else drew out this new hand. This is why you should bet your hand accordingly to avoid having to split a pot that you easily could’ve won a few turns earlier.

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    Additional Board Flush Questions:

    Does this players card count?

    A group of us playing texas holdem. Dealer face up cards (5) were hearts. Flush on the table. Now if someone in the group has a card of hearts from same suit, and another person has a pair with there card and one from the 5 dealer cards. Who wins the pot? Wouldn’t the person who has the heart along with the 5 hearts faced up on the table?

    It would depend on whether the persons card was higher than the community cards displayed.

    For example if the 5 cards were:


    And the player had the 2 of hearts, then the 2 of hearts would not play as it would not be part of the best 5 card hand.

    If in that same scenario, the player had the 6 of hearts however – then everyone elses hand would be AQT84, but his would be AQT86 and thus he would win based on the 6 being higher than the 4.

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