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Craps at a Bachelor Party

Terry wrote: I’ve been asked to run a craps game for a bachelor party this weekend. I know the rules, but if I am to give a donation to the groom, what would be good house rules to put in place to guarantee me more of a winning percentage? Pay even money on 6 & 8? Don’t offer odds? Any suggestions?

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Hey Terry,

That’s a very interesting question. The one problem with any form of gambling is that you can’t actually guarantee a profit, be it as the casino or the player itself. Sure in the long run you would make a profit as a casino, but in a few hours there is nothing you can really do to ensure a profit.

I think the first thing you should set out to do is to shave a fraction off the odds, and give the house more of an advantage. For example, odds like 9-10 for line bets, 14-1 for Yo, 3, 5-1 craps etc. As long as the game is played for a good length of time, it should work out in your favour. And with it being a bachelor party, no-one should mind a bigger vig.

You could even make a deal with the attendees beforehand that they have to donate a % of any winnings they earn to the groom.

One other thing you may want to consider is actually trying to make it into a tournament format. For example, let’s say 10 people were attending and you wanted to raise $500 for the groom. Each person could buy in for $100 and get a certain amount of chips, and then it’s a case of over the next few hours, they have to wager their chips and see who can end up with the most chips at the end. Then you give prizes of $250, $150 and $100 for the three people who have the most chips at the end of the night.

Hope this helps, and good luck at the bachelor party. Would love to hear how it works out!

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