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Demon Jack 27

Demon Jack 27 is a satanic February 2016 video slot. Its developer Wazdan welcomes slot players to a demonic realm, where they brush shoulders with the devil. The thematic elements include harbingers of death, evil spirit, trinity, cult cross variants, Satanism, mysticism, hellfire, antichrist, and occult.

Wazdan has other hell-themed slot games, notably: Highway to Hell (May 2012), Highway to Hell Deluxe (July 2018), and Welcome to Hell 81 (February 2016). Demon Jack 27 is one of the four slot games in the “27” gaming line, alongside: Fenix Play 27 (September 2017), Fenix Play 27 Deluxe (September 2017), and Magic Fruits 27 (July 2013). Demon Jack 27’s rival slot games include: Hell Mania (May 2017) from SYNOT, Double Demon (January 2020) from Betsson Group, and Hell Game (March 2019) from Apollo Games.

The game is partly named after its evil protagonist’s name and partly after its 27 winning ways. All the symbols require three winning combinations.

Demon Jack 27 Game Characteristics

Demon Jack 27 has a partitioned midnight blue 3X3 grid whose helical golden frame is decorated with occultic symbolism. It has 27 fixed paylines, fourteen occultic symbols, nine total bets, no free games, a side game, a win multiplier, and regularly pays from $0.10 to $16000.00.

Demon Jack 27 has a special symbol among its thirteen ordinary symbols. Special symbol: the wild-and-substitute is a blazing and grinning, horned, red-faced and dark-haired devil named Jack.

Ordinary symbols: a blazing skull-embedded golden devil’s pitchfork; a blazing black-and-golden “HELL” direction road sign; a smudged golden pentagram with cyan wisps; a blazing red-and-golden 6; a red-eyed raven in flight on a cyan-and-blue mystic haze; a glistening skull-embedded purple-and-golden Gothic cross; Eye of the Providence with a seafoam haze; a blazing golden bell; a blazing red rose flower; a dark green serpent partially shroud in a cyan haze; a red-hot Leviathan cross; a green triquetra; and a blue cross potent.

The Demon Jack 27 cash bets: 0.10 (minimum bet), $0.20, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $50.00, and $100.00 (maximum bet).

The $100.00 bet yields these self-adjusting Demon Jack 27 payouts for three winning combinations. Jack pays $16000.00. Pitchfork pays $8000.00. “HELL” road sign pays $4000.00. Pentagram, or 6 pays $800.00. Raven, or Gothic cross, or Eye of the Providence pays $400.00. Golden bell, or rose flower, or serpent pays $200.00. Leviathan cross, or triquetra, or cross potent pays $100.00. The game’s X3 win multiplier is only applicable to a grid-wide twelve-of-a-kind.
There are two optional seven-round side games that can be switched back and forth by ticking or unticking the “cards gambling only” icon in the settings. Option one (ticked icon): players guess the face down playing card’s color by clicking a red circle or black circle—wrong guesses nullify the current payout, while correct guesses double the payout.

Option two (unticked icon): players guess a flickering face up playing card’s color by clicking “red” or “black”, prompting it to stop flickering—wrong guesses nullify the wins; correct guesses double the wins. Demon Jack 27’s non-progressive jackpot is X1104, which (1104X100) is $110400.00.

The good Demon Jack 27 software has notable features like: screen magnifier; standardized volatility level; supports desktops, mobile devices, tablet and smartphones; supports Windows, html5, iOS, and Android; thirteen 13 languages; energy saving mode; right and left hand modes; slow, moderate and fast speed modes; and between five and 1000 automated rounds whose single win, cash decrease and cash increase limits are $1000.00 in smartphones and $1000000.00 in desktops.

Ambient background: dark instrumental music. Special effects: chinking, Jack’s sarcastic laugh, ringing bell, hissing serpent, trilling raven, and swishing. The animated 3D graphics include: casually blinking Jack, ascending and descending embers, ember-emitting dolly zoom, spinning starry sunburst during big win presentation, glistening red-hot metalwork, glowing infernal, and spot fires.

Luck in Demon Jack 27

The RTP rate of Demon Jack 27 is 96.09% and the house edge is 3.91%. This is a game of chance.

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