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Pharaoh Sun

The January 2019 video slot Pharaoh Sun is an adaptation of—and is named after—the ancient Egyptian pharaonic leadership and sun god Ra. Its developer AGS’ suchlike game is Golden Nile. The themes: ancient Egypt religion, idols, mythology, ornamentals, cultural artifacts, … Continue reading

Luck and Luxury

Luck and Luxury is a part fiery, part glamorous progressive September 2020 video slot developed by AGS whose other similar games include: Lucky Guardian, Imperial Luck, Lucky Dragons, Glamorous Girl, China Luck XJP, and Lucky Peach. Voyage, inferno, luxury, metropolis, … Continue reading

River Dragons

A dragon-oriented October 2019 video slot; the AGS-owned River Dragons is an adaptation of water-dwelling Dragons synonymous with the oriental mythological works. The Feng Shui principles and Chinese artifacts are also thematized. AGS’ has several Dragon-titled slots, although River Dragons … Continue reading

Capital Gains

Capital Gains is a monetary April 2020 video slot whose developer AGS fitted it with its PowerXStream configuration mechanism, just like in the slot games Golden Wins (2019), Golden Wins Deluxe (2021) and Jade Wins (2019). Precious metals, U.S. legal … Continue reading

Apollo Stacks

A May 2020 video slot, Apollo Stacks is the first in its developer AGS’ three-game “Stacks” series, alongside Flamenco Stacks (October 2020) and Vegas Stacks (September 2020). This slot adaptation of Olympian sun/music god Apollo is associated with the Greek … Continue reading

Bonanza Blast

AGS released Bonanza Blast on January 10, 2020. This video slot’s plot relates to the mid-1800s California Gold Rush. Thus, the gold prospecting-related themes include: gold extraction, traditional mining tools, and blasting agent. The symbolic gold prospector requires two, three, … Continue reading

Crystal Magic

Games developer AGS released Crystal Magic on July 2, 2020; this magical video slot, whose themes are gems and enchantment, is in the two-game “Magic” series alongside Tiger Magic (October 2018).

Fire Wolf II

The December 2019 game Fire Wolf II is a fiery, feline, superstitious, mythological and totemic video slot based on its developer AGS’ game Fire Wolf. Also including classical elements and immortality themes; the developer’s four-game “Wolf” series also contains Wolf … Continue reading

Flamenco Stacks

Flamenco Stacks is a musical October 2020 video slot from AGS whose Apollo Stacks (May 2020) and Vegas Stacks (September 2020) are also in the three-game “Stacks” category. “Flamenco” is a southern Spanish dancing and guitar-oriented music genre. Themes: Spanish … Continue reading

Forest Dragons

Forest Dragons is a mythological video slot that games developer AGS launched on December 25, 2019. The Dragon series also includes: River Dragons (October 2019), Jade Dragon (July 2020), Dragon Fa (April 2021), Winter of the Dragons, Phoenix 888 Dragon, … Continue reading

Golden Wins

Games developer AGS originally released Golden Wins on June 17, 2019. Distributed by OLG; Golden Wins’ offshoot is Golden Wins Deluxe (August 2021). This oriental video slot’s themes are Chinese mythology, Chinese babies, luck, suits-fitted playing card values, gold, and … Continue reading

Grand Royale

Developed by AGS; Grand Royale is a gambling-oriented August 2020 video slot whose themes include roulette game, dice game, currency, French-suited card game and Brazilian carnival. The AGS-owned Super 10X Wild Gambling and Vegas are similar. Twelve of the Grand … Continue reading

Jade Dragon

Jade Dragon is a mythological, oriental, floral and ideological video slot from AGS. Launched on July 23, 2020, its themes include: gold, Chinese zodiacal animals, classical elements, and Feng Shui philosophy. The “Jade” trilogy also includes Jade Wins (April 2019) … Continue reading

Longhorn Jackpots

A bovine January 2019 video slot from games developer AGS; Longhorn Jackpots is the basis for the slot Longhorn Jackpots Extreme Jackpots. Longhorn Jackpots, which is set in a Texan ranch—coincidentally, AGs-owned Ranchero Dinero has a Mexican ranch setting—has themes … Continue reading

Olympus Strikes

Trademarked on November 21, 2017; Olympus Strikes is a mythological video slot whose developer AGS LLC also owns the similar May 2020 game Apollo Stacks. Themes: Greek mythology, playing cards, weather element, gold, French suits, gladiator, and Hellenic religion. “Olympus … Continue reading

Rakin’ Bacon

Launched on July 2, 2016 by AGS, the video slot Rakin’ Bacon features an adventurous pig called Cornsquealius. The basis for Rakin’ Bacon Deluxe (2021); Rakin’ Bacon’s configuration relates to the AGS-owned Stampede (2020), Da Ji Da Li (2016), and … Continue reading

Wolf Queen

The March 2020 video slot Wolf Queen involves a royal blonde whose spirit animal is an arctic wolf. Developed by AGS, Wolf Queen has a superior version titled Wolf Queen Xtreme Jackpots (March 2020). Themes include: season, gems, mask, snowflake, … Continue reading

Hearts and Horns

Hearts and Horns is a fantastic February 2021 game from developer AGS. It is a video slot adaptation of the love god Cupid—alleged Mercury’s winged son— and the love goddess Venus, in the ancient Roman mythology, thus its romantic, musical, … Continue reading

Fu Nan Fu Nu

Fu Nan Fu Nu is a lucky May 2017 video slot from developer AGS. The title Fu Nan Fu Nu’s meanings: “Fu”—lucky; “Nan”—boy; “Nu”—girl. Its offshoot is Fu Nan Fu Nu Lucky Dragons. Themes: oriental mythology, Chinese babies, celebration, zodiacal … Continue reading

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