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Bonanza Blast

AGS released Bonanza Blast on January 10, 2020. This video slot’s plot relates to the mid-1800s California Gold Rush. Thus, the gold prospecting-related themes include: gold extraction, traditional mining tools, and blasting agent.

The symbolic gold prospector requires two, three, four, or five winning combinations. Eleven symbols (nugget, cart, lamp, pan, pickax, A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9) require three, four, or five winning combinations.

Bonanza Blast Game Characteristics

Bonanza Blast has: bonanza blast and tool-picking bonus games; vertically expanding reels; lowly free games; four progressive jackpots; 880 maximal bet level; ten lowly total bets; between 243 and 16807 non-adjustable left-to-right winning ways.

Bonanza Blast has a nailed, heartwood-framed and red-partitioned off-white 5X3 grid that is set along a nugget-strewn mine railroad leading into an underground mine. Gold ore-filled crates border the mine entrance’s wooden barrier, which is located in a golden outcrop in the cactus-filled Californian desert.

Bonanza Blast has: 0.01 and $0.05 denominations; and 88, 176, 352, 528, and 880 bet levels. Bonanza Blast’s $0.88 (minimum), $1.76, $3.52, $5.28, and $8.80 total bets are associated with the $0.01 denomination; while the $0.05 denomination is associated with the $0.05: $4.40, $8.80, $17.60, $26.40, and $44.00 (maximum) total bets.

Bonanza Blast’s two special symbols: the substituting wild (if in inner reels) and potentially jackpot-triggering (if scattered) feature is a bunch of seven dynamite sticks; and the free games-prompting gold nugget.

Bonanza Blast’s eleven ordinary symbols: smirking hat-wearing white-haired gold prospector; gold-ore filled minecart; red kerosene lamp; gold plan; pickax; red A; blue K; amber Q; green J; purple 10; and orange 9.

Bonanza Blast’s five riveted jackpot symbols: crisscrossing golden pickax-and-shovel; and purple-and-golden “mini”, green-and-golden “minor”, blue-and-golden “major” and red-and-golden “grand” emblems.

Bonanza Blast has X15 to X1760 payouts. Two prospectors pay X25, three prospectors X100, four prospectors pay X200, and five prospectors pay X400. Three nuggets pay X176, four nuggets pay X880, and five nuggets pay X1760. Three carts/lamps pay X50, four carts/lamps pay X100, and five carts/lamps pay X300.

Three pans/pickaxes pay X40, four pans/pick axes pay X80, and five pans/pick axes pay X250. Three A/K pay X20, four A/K pay X60, and five A/K pay X120. Three Q/J/9/10 pay X15, four Q/J/9/10 pay X50, and five Q/J/9/10 pay X100.

3+ landed gold nuggets offer ten free games. The six/eight bunches of dynamite sticks—three/four dynamites on each side—atop the grid may randomly explode and expose more symbols in: the regular game’s newly 4X5 or 5X5 or 6X5 grid; or the free game’s newly 4X5 or 5X5 or 6X5 or 7X5 grid.

A landed dynamite prompts a golden-framed bluish 3X5 grid whose twelve pickax/shovel images are pressed to expose three similar “mini”, “minor”, “major”, or “grand” jackpot emblems.

First, the $0.01 denomination-related three-of-a-kind. Three “mini” emblems: $10.00 mini jackpot. Three “minor” emblems: $25.00 minor jackpot. Three “major” emblems: $800.00 major jackpot. Three “grand” emblems: $10000.00 grand jackpot.

Secondly, the $0.05 denomination-related awards. Three “mini” emblems: $50.00 mini jackpot. Three “minor” emblems: $125.00 minor jackpot. Three “major” emblems: $4000.00 major jackpot. Three “grand” emblems: $50000.00 grand jackpot.

The HTML5 game Bonanza Blast has desktop and mobile versions. Ambient background: country instrumental music. Sound effects: excited and yelling prospectors, ringing, swish, bang, clinking, countdown, and “fire in the hole!” order. The animated 3D graphics: glittering, smoky dynamite blast, minecart moving along railroad, dusty falling debris, and burning fuse.

Luck in Bonanza Blast

A game of chance, Bonanza Blast’s RTP rate is 95.97%. Its house edge is 4.03%.

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