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Aztec Chief

Aztec Chief is a Mesoamerican video slot whose developer AGS trademarked it on August 11, 2020. This adaptation of the then central Mexican Aztec Empire (1300s-1500s) has themes like polytheism, warriorhood, Aztec mythology, sacred architecture, and animal gods.

Aztec Chief’s regular payouts require two, three, four, or five matching tribal chiefs or “wild” tribal patterns. However, its seven symbols (jaguar, eagle, dagger, A, K, Q and J) require three, or four, or five matches.

Aztec Chief Game Characteristics

Aztec Chief’s notable characteristics are two wilds, two substitutes, a coin-clicking side game, a reel of ordinary symbols becoming golden with stacked patterns, free spins and 2-10 more free games, 75 left-to-right winning ways, and three progressive jackpots.

A bushy Aztec temple amid a glowing cloudy purple-and-orange sky forms the background of the Aztec Chief’s blue-partitioned, stony-framed and dark 5X3 grid, with two circles per reel for the collectible golden gods.

Aztec Chief has: $0.01 and $0.5 denominations; and 75, 150, 225, 375, and 750 bet levels. Denomination $0.01: $0.75, $1.50, $2.25, $3.75, and $7.50. Denomination $0.05: $3.75, $7.50, $11.25, $18.75, and $37.50.

Aztec Chief’s fourteen symbols include six special and eight regular symbols. The special symbols are: a collectible wild reel-activating golden spring and goldsmith god Xipe Totec; the first substitute is a colorful “wild” tribal pattern; the second substitute is a golden “wild” pyramid; and the jackpot’s two choices are a serrated blue mask and a spiked fireball.

Ordinary symbols: a bejeweled tribal chief in a feathery colorful headgear; supreme jaguar god Tezcatlipoca; war eagle god Huitzilopochtli; sacrificial cyan-and-blue obsidian dagger; red A; blue K; amber Q; and green J.

Below are Aztec Chief’s payouts. Two “wild” patterns pay X5, three “wild” patterns pay X25, four “wild” patterns pay X150, and five “wild” patterns pay X500. Two chiefs pay X5, three chiefs pay X20, four chiefs pay X50, and five chiefs pay X250. Three jaguars pay X10, four jaguars pay X25, and five jaguars pay X125.

Three eagles pay X8, four eagles pay X20, and five eagles pay X100. Three daggers pay X7, four daggers pay X20, and five daggers pay X100. Three A or K pay X5, four A or K pay X15, and five A or K pay X50. Three Q or J pay X5, four Q or J pay X10, and five Q or J pay X35.

Landed golden gods are relocated to the reel’s two spots that—if both are filled—change an ordinary reel to a golden-framed reel with three “wild” patterns valid for two spins. 3+ landed pyramids offer seven free games. 2+ re-landed offer more free games, with: two pyramids for +2, three pyramids for +3, four pyramids for +5 and five pyramids for +10 more free games.

The potentially jackpot-triggering golden god precedes ten golden masks that when tapped ascend to a seat above, where they reveal: a blue mask offering 1000, 1500, 1750, 2000, 2250, 2500, or 2750 credits; or a fiery spiked mask offering a maximum of $800.00 minor, $500.00 major or $8000.00 grand jackpots.

The HTML game Aztec Chief is available to desktop and mobile users. Sounds: jingling, ringing, and ambient tense jungle sounds amid rhythmic tribal drumming. The animated 3D graphics: zooming, glittering, fire, flipping reels, and intermixing masks.

Luck in Aztec Chief

Aztec Chief is a game of luck. RTP rate: 96.11%. House edge: 3.89%.

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