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Longhorn Jackpots

A bovine January 2019 video slot from games developer AGS; Longhorn Jackpots is the basis for the slot Longhorn Jackpots Extreme Jackpots. Longhorn Jackpots, which is set in a Texan ranch—coincidentally, AGs-owned Ranchero Dinero has a Mexican ranch setting—has themes like card values, card suits, animals, skull art, stampede, and gemstones.

Named after the featured long-horned cows literally called Texas Longhorns; the Longhorn Jackpots’ regular wins require 3-5 matching symbols.

Longhorn Jackpots Game Characteristics

Longhorn Jackpots is notable for its click-and-reveal bonus game, thirteen symbols, (additional) free spins, two denominations, bet multipliers, ten total bets, five bet levels, 243 fixed left-to-right pay lines, and four jackpots with eight prizes.

A herd of Texas Longhorns under an orange-and-purple sky forms the background of the centered Longhorn Jackpots’ off-white 5X3 grid. At left, there are the four jackpot counters.

Longhorn Jackpots’ two denominations are $0.01 and $0.05. The five bet levels are: 88, 176, 352, 528, and 880. Their combined total bets are showed below. Denomination $0.01’s total bets: $0.88 (minimum bet), $1.76, $3.52, $5.28, and $8.80. Denomination $0.05’s total bets: $4.40, $8.80, $17.60, $26.40, and $44.00 (maximum bet).

Longhorn Jackpots has two special symbols and eleven ordinary symbols. Special symbols: a free games-offering floral silver star; and the substituting wild is a floral golden star, which also prompts the click-and-reveal game.

The ordinary symbols: an orange-and-cream “Longhorn Jackpots” brand name; a Texas Longhorn cow; cooper’s hawk; bob cat; milk snake; spade-embedded red A; clubs-embedded blue K; hearts-embedded yellow Q; diamonds-embedded green J; purple 10; and orange 9.

Winning combinations offer these Longhorn Jackpots’ payouts. Three silver stars pay X440, four silver stars pay X880, and five silver stars pay X4440. Three “Longhorn Jackpots” names pay X80, four “Longhorn Jackpots” names pay X160, and five “Longhorn Jackpots” names pay X800. Three cows pay X60, four cows pay X120, and five cows pay X480.

Three cooper’s hawks pay X40, four cooper’s hawks pay X80, and five cooper’s hawks pay X320. Three bob cats pay X30, four bob cats pay X60, and five bob cats pay X240. Three milk snakes pay X15, four milk snakes pay X30, and five milk snakes pay X120. Three A/K/Q/J/10/9 pay X5, four A/K/Q/J/10/9 pay X10, and five A/K/Q/J/10/9 pay X50.

3+ silver stars prompt ten re-triggerable free games. The bet multipliers are 1X, 2X, 4X, 6, and 10X. A landed golden star prompts a click-and-reveal game called “Jackpot Pick Bonus”; where the player is presented with screen filled twelve golden stars, and urged to click them to unveil and match three out of the four jackpot-awarding icons—amethyst, emerald, silver-and-blue cow skull, and golden-and-red cow skull.

The $0.01 and $0.05 denominations have these jackpots, respectively. Matching three amethysts: $10.00 and $50.00 mini jackpots. Matching three emeralds: $25.00 and $125.00 minor jackpots. Matching three silver-and-blue cow skulls: $800.00 and $4000.00 major jackpots. Matching three golden-and-red cow skulls: $10000.00 and $50000.00 grand jackpots.

The HTML5-based Longhorn Jackpots has a simple interface, mobile and desktop versions, and full screen.

Sound effects: jingling, retro sounds, clinking, whoosh, bell ringing, growling and purring cat, and screeching hawk. Animated 3D graphics: glistening, twinkling, flipping and dolly zooming symbols; gushing coins, and stampeding cows.

Luck in Longhorn Jackpots

A game of luck, Longhorn Jackpots’ RTP rate is 96.05%. The house edge is 3.95%.

Be responsible when gambling.

Don't gamble what you can't afford to lose. Know that it should be just for fun and the house always wins.

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