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Olympus Strikes

Trademarked on November 21, 2017; Olympus Strikes is a mythological video slot whose developer AGS LLC also owns the similar May 2020 game Apollo Stacks. Themes: Greek mythology, playing cards, weather element, gold, French suits, gladiator, and Hellenic religion.

“Olympus Strikes” refers to the lightning strikes synonymous with sky god Zeus—among the ancient Greek’s twelve Olympian gods.

Olympus Strikes Game Characteristics

Olympus Strikes has: enlarging grids; selectable (extra) free spins with increasing special winning ways; two denominations; five bet levels; seventeen symbols; 243 regular left-to-right winning ways; and symbol-matching jackpot-triggering side game with eight prizes.

Two Doric columns border the partly cloudy sky in the background of Olympus Strikes’ golden-framed 5X3 grid, with blue-partitioned black reels. Olympus Strikes’ ten total bets result from: the 0.01 and $0.05 denominations; and 88, 176, 352, 528, and 880 bet levels.

Coin denomination $0.01: $0.88 (lowest bet), $1.76, $3.52, $5.28, and $8.80. Coin denomination $0.05: $4.40, $8.80, $17.60, $26.40, and $44.00 (highest bet).

Olympus Strikes has two special, eleven regular, and four jackpot-affiliated symbols. Special symbols: free games-offering lightning-fueled golden torch; and the substituting wild is a golden-framed blue lightning bolt.

Ordinary symbols: wild-haired and muscled sky god Olympus showing off his lightning-engraved blue-and-golden gauntlet; winged white horse Pegasus; golden Eagle of Zeus; plumed golden centurion helmet; golden wheat stalk; winged golden sandal called Talaria of Mercury; lightning bolt-encased vase; red A; blue K; orange Q; and green J.

Jackpot symbols: golden-and-purple urn; golden-and-green Greek temple; golden-and-blue horse Pegasus’ bust; and golden-and-red god Olympus’ bust.

Olympus Strikes’ regular payouts involve fixed odds. Three lightning torches pay X440, four torches pay X880, and five torches pay X4400. Three Olympus gods pay X100, four Olympus gods pay X200, and five Olympus gods pay X1000.

Three white horses pay X50, four white horses pay X100, and five horses pay X500. Three eagles pay X40, four eagles pay X80, and five eagles pay X400. Three helmets pay X25, four helmets pay X50, and five helmets pay X250.

Three wheat stalks pay X10, four wheat stalks pay X20, and five wheat stalks pay X100. Three sandals or vases pay X5, four sandals or vases pay X15, and five sandals or vases pay X60. Three A/K/Q/J pay X5, four A/K/Q/J pay X10, and five A/K/Q/J pay X50.

3+ torches offer these choices: 15 free games and the green 5X3 grid’s 243 winning ways; or 10 free games and a yellow 5X4 grid’s 1024 winning ways; or 5 free games and a red 5X5 grid’s 3125 winning ways. Getting one blue lightning bolt on the grid may prompt a side game accompanied by twelve golden lightning bolts that are tapped to reveal urns, temples, Pegasus’ bust or Zeus’ bust—requirement: revealing any three-of-a-kind.

The $0.01 denomination’s four awards. Three urns: $10.00 mini jackpot. Three temples: $25.00 minor jackpot. Three Pegasus’ busts: $800.00 major jackpot. Three Olympus’ busts: $10000.00 grand jackpot.

The $0.05 denomination’s four awards. Three urns: $50.00 mini jackpot. Three temples: $125.00 minor jackpot. Three Pegasus’ busts: $4000.00 major jackpot. Three Olympus’ busts: $50000.00 grand jackpot.

The HTML5-based Olympus Strikes software has desktop and mobile versions. Ambient background: classical instrumental music. Sound effects: bell-ring, screeching eagle, retro, thunder, neighing Pegasus, and static hiss. Animated 3D graphics: glistening, glitter, sunburst, dolly zoom, electromagnetic spectrum, storm, and lightning strikes.

Luck in Olympus Strikes

Olympus Strikes is a highly volatile game of luck, with a 95.89% RTP rate and a 4.11% house edge.

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