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Red Silk

An adaptation of the reconciliatory Chinese Shangyuan/lantern festival; the October 2019 video slot Red Silk— from developer AGS—has oriental, floral, philosophical (Feng Shui, and Yin and Yang principles), textural, aesthetical, and Buddhist architectural themes.

Two, three, four, or five matching female symbols offer regular payouts. However, the koi, hand fan, bonsai tree, A, K, Q and J symbols require three, four, or five combinations.

Red Silk Game Characteristics

Red Silk’s special features include: few re-triggerable free games; collectible coins forming wild reels; ordinary to wild symbols; two wilds; two substitutes; 750 maximum bet levels; 75 left-to-right pay lines; and a lantern-choosing side game offering 2750 maximal credits or three progressive jackpots.

Red Silk has an opaque red-and-golden 5X3 grid on a nightly backdrop: a four-tiered pagoda fitted with lanterns, waterfalls, and trees are silhouetted against the star-studded, moonlit blue-and-cyan background. Each of the five reels have two circles (totaling ten) where the wild-making coins are collected.

Red Silk has a $0.01 coin denomination only and five total bets after factoring its five bet levels—75, 150, 225, 375, and 750. Red Silk’s total bets: $0.75 (minimum bet), $1.50, $2.25, $3.75, and $7.50 (maximum bet).

Red Silk has six special symbols: the first substitute is a floral red-and-golden “wild”; the second substitute is a red-and-golden “wild” stupa tomb mound; the scatter is an orange silhouette of a stupa mound that (like its wild equivalent) offers free games; and a floral golden coin transforms ordinary reels into golden wild reels.

The jackpot/credits-related special symbols are a golden Chinese lantern and a red Chinese lantern. The eight ordinary symbols: Chinese woman in a red silk; paired white-and-red koi fish forming a Yin and Yang shape; purple hand fan shan; green bonsai tree; red A; blue K; amber Q; and green J.

Red Silk’s payouts range from X5 and X250. Two women pay X5, three women pay X20, four women pay X50, and five women pay X250. Three paired Koi fish pay X10, four paired koi fish pay X25 and five paired koi fish pay X125.

Three hand fans pay X8, four hand fans pay X20, and five hand fans pay X100. Three bonsai trees pay X7, four bonsai trees pay X20, and five bonsai trees pay X100. Three A or K pay X5, four A or K pay X15, and five A or K pay X50. Three Q or J pay X5, four Q or J pay X10, and five Q or J pay X35.

The landed coins are moved to the collection points atop the reels, where filling a reel’s both circles make it a wild reel for two more regular rounds—the ordinary symbols in the transformed reel become wild too.

3+ ordinary stupa or “wild” stupa mounds offer seven free games, wherein the landed coins make their respective reel wild throughout the mode. 2+ more stupa mounds during the free games offer +2, +3, +5 or +10 additional free games.

The regular game’s landed coin can precede the selectable golden or red lanterns that can offer: $1000, $1500, $1750, $2000, $2250, $2500, or $2750 credits; or the maximum $100.00 minor jackpot, $500.00 major jackpot or $8000.00 grand jackpot.

Red Silk’s features: HTML5 software, and mobile and desktop versions. Sound effects: retro, ringing, and jingling. Animated 3D graphics: dolly zooming, glitter effect, shaking lanterns, outflowing coins, nodding woman, fireworks.

Luck in Red Silk

Red Silk, a game of luck, has: a 96.11% RTP rate; and a 3.89% house edge.

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