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Wolf Queen

The March 2020 video slot Wolf Queen involves a royal blonde whose spirit animal is an arctic wolf. Developed by AGS, Wolf Queen has a superior version titled Wolf Queen Xtreme Jackpots (March 2020). Themes include: season, gems, mask, snowflake, jewelry, playing cards, fantasy, and mysticism.

Fire Wolf and Fire Wolf II (2020) are also wolf-themed slots from AGS whose other season-themed video slots are Spring Lion (2018), Spring Lanterns, Winter of the Dragons, Winter of the Dragons Xtreme Jackpots. Wolf Queen’s regular wins require three, or four, or five matching symbols.

Wolf Queen Game Characteristics

Wolf Queen especially contains: a click-and-reveal bonus game that determines its four progressive jackpots; re-triggerable free spins; dynamic grid; and a maximum of 3125 left-to-right winning ways.

The snowflake-filled background attests to the wintry setting of Wolf Queen, which has a gold-framed 5X4 grid. Denominations: $0.01 and $0.05. The five bet levels are: 88, 176, 352, 528, and 880.

Wolf Queen has ten total bets. Denomination $0.01: $0.88 (least bet), $1.76, $3.52, $5.28, and $8.80. Denomination $0.05: $4.40, $8.80, $17.60, $26.40, and $44.00 (highest bet).

Wolf Queen has the following two special and eleven ordinary symbols. Special: the free games-unlocking feature is a cyan-eyed silver wolf’s mask on a golden wheat stalk; and the jackpot-determining and substituting wild is a gnarling, wheat stalk-embedded and red-eyed golden wolf’s mask.

Ordinary symbols: a glaring, ornamented blonde in white; gold-handled diamond scepter; howling arctic wolf; diamond-encased golden scepter; ruby-encased golden-and-silver ring; red-stringed paw-embossed blue-and-golden amulet; ruby-encased gold-ringed diamond shard; red A; blue K; green J; and orange Q.
Wolf Queen has huge payouts. Three silver masks pay X440, four silver masks pay X880, and five wolf masks pay X4400. Three queens pay X100, four queens pay X200, and five queens pay X1000. Three arctic wolves pay X50, four arctic wolves pay X100, and five arctic wolves pay X500.

Three diamond scepters pay X40, four diamond scepters pay X80, and five diamond scepters pay X400. Three golden scepters pay X25, four golden scepters pay X50, and five golden spears pay X250. Three rings pay X10, four rings pay X20, and five rings pay X100.

Three amulets or diamond shards pay X5, four amulets or diamond shards pay X15, and five amulets or diamond shards pay X60. Three A/K/J/Q pays X5, four A/K/J/Q pays X10, and five A/K/J/Q pays X50.

3+ silver silver/golden wolf masks prompt a pop-up screen with a choice of three free packages: green 15 free games for the 243 winning ways; golden 10 free games and increased 1024 winning ways; and red 5 free games and 3125 winning ways.

However, Wolf Queen’s epitome is getting a potentially jackpot-unlocking wild mask; the pop-up screen’s 12 red X-marked circles are clicked to reveal and match three of the hidden symbols whose prizes depend with the denomination.

Coin denomination $0.01: $10.00 mini jackpot (matching three purple-and-golden snowflakes); $25.00 minor jackpot (matching three green-and-golden snowflakes); $800.00 major jackpot (matching three emerald-encased golden crowns); and $10000.00 jackpot (matching three ruby-encased golden crowns).

Coin denomination $0.05: $50.00 mini jackpot (matching three purple-and-golden snowflakes); $125.00 minor jackpot (matching three green-and-golden snowflakes); $4000.00 major jackpot (matching three emerald-encased crowns); and $50000.00 jackpot (matching three ruby-encased crowns).

Wolf Queen, a simple HTML5 game, supports desktops and mobile devices. Sound effects: retro, and howling and growling wolves. Animated 3D graphics: glowing, glittering, gleaming feline eyes, dolly zoom, gushing coins, and a silhouetted wolf edging forward amid falling snowflakes.

Luck in Wolf Queen

A game of luck, Wolf Queen’s RTP rate is 95.89%. House edge: 4.11%.

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