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Golden Ram

Golden Ram is a January 2021 video slot. Its developer AGS’ Golden series also contains: Golden Wins (June 2019), Golden Wins Deluxe (August 2021), Golden Butterfly, Golden Dragon, Golden Hits, Golden Samurai, Golden OX Wins, Golden Nile, and Golden Skulls.

The ancient Greek’s mythological golden ram called “Krios Khrysomallos” inspired the fruity game Golden Ram whose other themes include musical instruments, armor, and card values. Apart from the golden coin that requires 6+ combinations; Golden Ram’s other symbols require three to five combinations.

Golden Ram Game Characteristics

Particularly, Golden Ram has a bonus game’s free re-spins, 243 left-to-right winning ways, four progressive jackpots, and numerous wilds accompanying its four sets of re-triggerable free games.

Golden Ram’s black 5X3 grid has a blue mountainous background. Its two denominations: $0.01 and $0.05.

Its bet levels: 50, 100, 150, 250 and 500. Thus, Golden Ram has ten total bets. Denomination $0.01: $0.50 (minimum bet), $1.00, $1.50, $2.50 and $5.00. Denomination $0.05: $2.50, $5.00, $7.50, $12.50 and $25.00 (maximum bet).

The Golden Ram’s three special symbols: the ringed red-and-golden ram’s skull offers the free games; the repopulating shiny blue-and-golden wild accompanies the free games; and a golden coin showing either the credits or a specific jackpot.

The ordinary symbols: a smiling blonde woman; a golden ram’s bust; a carved golden ram’s horn; a winged golden gladiator’s helmet; teal-and-golden harp; one-and-a-half pomegranate fruits; a bunch of red berries; red A; blue K; amber Q; and green J.

Golden Ram’s payouts are from X5 to X1000. Three skulls pay X100, four skulls pay X250, and five skulls pay X1000. Three women pay X20, four women pay X50, and five women pay X100. Three ram’s bursts pay X15, four bursts pay X30, and five bursts pay X70. Three horns pay X15, four horns pay X30, and five horns pay X60.

Three helmets pay X10, four helmets pay X20, and five helmets pay X40. Three harps pay X10, four harps pay X20, and five harps pay X35. Three fruits or berries pay X5, four fruits or berries pay X15, and five fruits or berries pay X25. Three A/K/Q/J pay X5, four A/K/Q/J pay X10, and five A/K/Q/J pay X15.

3+ golden skulls redirect to—and prompt players to pick from—a screen with two rams (left or right ram) that, during the bonus game’s three free re-spins (re-triggered by sticky coins), may randomly offer: either 6/9/12/15 free games accompanied by 50 to 200 added wilds; or golden coins displaying between $50.00 and $75000.00 credits or purple mini, blue minor, green major, or red grand jackpots’ signs. A jackpot counter between two columns, showing the collectible and collected symbols, may display these maximum limits.

Denomination $0.01: $10.00 mini jackpot; $50.00 minor jackpot; $500.00 major jackpot; and $10000.00 grand jackpot. Denomination $0.05: $50.00 mini jackpot; $250.00 minor jackpot; $2500.00 major jackpot; and $50000.00 grand jackpot.

There are mobile and desktop versions of the HTML5 game Golden Ram. Sound effects: crackling, beeping, ringing bell, retro, and chinking. The animated 3D graphics: luminosity, gushing and falling golden coins, glittering, dolly zooming, lightning bolts, and radiating sunburst.

Luck in Golden Ram

Golden Ram, a game of chance, has: a 95.96% RTP rate; and a 4.04% house edge.

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