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Grand Royale

Developed by AGS; Grand Royale is a gambling-oriented August 2020 video slot whose themes include roulette game, dice game, currency, French-suited card game and Brazilian carnival. The AGS-owned Super 10X Wild Gambling and Vegas are similar.

Twelve of the Grand Royale’s require three to five matches for regular payouts.

Grand Royale Game Characteristics

Grand Royale’s selling points include: (extra) free games, locked and collectible golden coins, 200 maximal wilds, two click-and-reveal and card-selecting bonus games, five bet levels, four progressive jackpots with eight of sets prizes, and 243 fixed left-to-right winning ways.

Grand Royale has a green-framed 5X3 grid; its patterned green background has a carnival queen, royal flush, playing cards tiny clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades suits. Denominations: $0.01 and $0.05. Bet levels: 50, 100, 150, 250, and 500.

Grand Royale has ten bet options. Denomination $0.01: $0.50 (minimum), $1.00, $1.50, $2.50, and $5.00. Denomination $0.05: $2.50: $5.00: $7.50, $12.50, $2.50, and $25.00 (maximum).

Grand Royale’s four special symbols: the substituting red-and-golden “wild” decorated with card suits; the free games-triggering and lucky card side game-unlocking starry colorful “bonus” roulette wheel’s pockets; the card-selecting game’s white-and-golden “GR” playing card; and the money charge game’s suits-embedded golden coin.

Grand Royale’s ordinary symbols: a carnival queen in red-feathered and silver attire; wad of green banknotes; brown roulette wheel; Ace and King playing cards; set of three branded, stacked white-and-blue casino tokens; blue goblet; two red-and-white dices; red A; blue K; orange Q; and green J.

Grand Royale’s payouts are from X5 to X1000. Three “bonus” pockets pay X100, four “bonus” pay X250, and five “bonus” pay X1000. Three carnival queens pay X20, four carnival queens pay X50, and five carnival queens pay X100.

Three wads of banknotes pay X15, four wads of banknotes pay X30, and five wads of banknotes pay X70. Three roulette wheels pay X15, four roulette wheels pay X30, and five roulette wheels pay X60. Three paired cards pay X10, four paired cards pay X20, and five paired cards pay X40.

Three stacked tokens pay X10, four stacked tokens pay X20, and five stacked tokens pay X35. Three goblets or paired dices pay X5, four goblets or paired dices pay X15, and five goblets or paired dices pay X25. Three A/K/Q/J pay X5, four A/K/Q/J pay X10, and five A/K/Q/J pay X15.

3+ “bonus” roulette pockets offer the card-selecting side game that may offer either: six, nine, 12 or 15 free games accompanied by between 50 and 200 wilds; or the money charge side game that can also be prompted by the regular game’s 6+ landed golden coins.

The three-round money charge game—on a green/red-framed grid—has sticky re-landing golden coins with +3 free rounds whose most valuable features are: golden/green valued banknotes; and “mini”, “minor”, “major” and “grand” symbolism.

Denomination $0.01’s maximal prizes: $10.00 mini jackpot; $50.00 minor jackpot; $500.00 major jackpot; and $10000.00 grand jackpot. Denomination $0.05’s highest prizes: $50.00 mini jackpot; $250.00 minor jackpot; $2500.00 major jackpot; and $50000.00 grand jackpot.

Grand Royale software: HTML5 technology; and supports mobile and desktops. Sound effects: ringing, chinking, and dinging. The 3D graphical animation: glittering, spinning, dolly zooming, falling coins, and lightning bolts.

Luck in Grand Royale

Grand Royale’s facts: a game of luck; 95.96% RTP rate; and 4.04% house edge.

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