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River Dragons

A dragon-oriented October 2019 video slot; the AGS-owned River Dragons is an adaptation of water-dwelling Dragons synonymous with the oriental mythological works. The Feng Shui principles and Chinese artifacts are also thematized.

AGS’ has several Dragon-titled slots, although River Dragons has most semblance to Forest Dragons (December 2019). “River Dragons”, both dragons, pot, carving, pearl jewelry, A, K, Q, and J must have three/four/five-of-a-kind for regular payouts.

River Dragons Game Characteristics

Stretching grids, 100+ (extra) free games, grid’s freely added rows, and newly-unlocked 4600+ bidirectional winning ways, and six sets of progressive max/min jackpots are the River Dragons’ best features. Its general characteristics are: three denominations; five bet levels; fifteen total bets; X5 to X400 regular payouts; two special and ten ordinary symbols.

River Dragons has an engraved, partitioned and golden-framed grid with dark teal reels; basically, the 3-4-4-4-3-dimensional grid has 576 bidirectional winning lines. The background’s dark blue metamorphic rock has two waterfalls, with the water dragons interacting above a cyan pagoda.

River Dragons’ denominations: $0.01, $0.02, and $0.04. Five “bet” level options: 88, 176, 352, 528 and 880. Denomination $0.01: $0.88 (minimum bet), $1.76, $3.52, $5.28, and $8.80. Denomination $0.02: $1.76, $3.52, $7.04, $10.56, and $17.60. Denomination $0.04: $3.52, $7.04, $14.08, $21.12, and $35.20 (maximum bet).

Special symbols: a free games trigger, the scatter is a pair of conjoined white and red koi fish; and the substitute is a golden-framed blue-and-red “WILD”.

Ten ordinary symbols: multicolored “River Dragons” title; golden-framed red dragon; golden-framed white dragon; turquoise-and-golden potjie pot; green-and-golden dragon carving; floral golden-framed pearl; red A; blue K; green J; and orange Q.

The Forest Dragons’ payouts vary. Three “River Dragons” titles pay X25, four “River Dragons” titles pay X100, and five “River Dragons” titles pay X400. Three red or white dragons pay X15, four red or white dragons pay X50, and five red or white dragons pay X100.

Three potjie pots or carvings or pearls pay X5. Four potjie pots or carvings or pearls pay X15. Five potjie pots or carvings or pearls pay X40. Three A/K/J/Q pays X5, four A/K/J/Q pays X10, and five A/K/J/Q pays X25.

Three paired koi in the three inner reels offer eight free games, with every reel’s total paired koi acting as the free games’ multiplier—free games are capped at 128. Furthermore, getting koi on the second and third reels adds two more rows above the 3-4-4-4-3 grid’s innermost (highlighted) reels to create a 3-6-6-6-3 grid with yet two extra rows to create the maximal 3-8-8-8-3 grid. From the original 576 winning ways, the newly recreated grid randomly assigns winning ways capped at 4608.

The progressive jackpots’ six amounts are: the denomination $0.01-related $200.00 mini jackpot and $2000.00 max jackpot; denomination $0.02’s $400.00 mini jackpot and $4000.00 max jackpot; and denomination $0.04’s $800.00 mini jackpot and $8000.00 max jackpot.

River Dragons is a mobile-enabled and desktop-friendly HTML5 game. Sounds: oriental ambient music; and jingling, ringing, growling, strumming, and splashing effects. The animated 3D graphics: glittering, zooming, splashing, ripples, glowing, waterfall effect, diving koi, and playful and springing dragons.

Luck in River Dragons

River Dragons is a game of luck. RTP rate: 95.92%. House edge: 4.08%.

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