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What Is A Push?

A push is in essence a tied bet, where the player has neither won or lost and their stake is returned as if there was no wager made A push may also be referred to as a “no action” bet, as the bet is treated as if it was never placed and the stake is returned

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. The most frequent case of a push bet is in blackjack, where the player and dealer have the same amount on their cards, however pushes can also happen on sports betting.  

For example, three players sit at a blackjack table and all bet $10 on their cards. Player A is dealt 21, Player B has 19 and Player C has 18. All player stick. The dealer has 19 and holds, so player A wins $10, Player C loses his $10, but Player B’s bet is pushed and his stake is returned.

Push bets can also occur in sports betting where there is a possibility of there being a tied result. Spread bets are one of the main places where pushed bets can occur.

For example, in a match between the New York Giants and the Indianapolis Colts, the spread is set at 10 in favour of the Colts. If Bob places a spread bet on the Colts, he will win if the Colts win, or the Giants win by 9 or less, lose the bet if the Giants win by 11 or more, or the bet will be pushed if the Giants win by 10.

When you make a bet and it is pushed your wager will be returned to you after the event. If you make a parlay bet and part of this bet is pushed then this part of the parlay will just be removed from the parlay. FYI, a great place to bet parlays is

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For example, John places a parlay bet on 5 games, betting on the spread on each game. Part of Johns bet includes the Red Skins -4 points, and they win by 4 points pushing the game. As a result this part of Johns bet is pushed, and his parlay becomes a 4 game parlay.

These days most sports books will try and prevent there being a push outcome on their wagers by adding half point values to spreads to eliminate the chance of there being a push result. In some occasions sports book may even state that with push bets the house win, or the house lose as this means they can avoid giving back the stake for a pushed bet.

The reason Sports Books hate push bets is because any pushed result can still be a loss for them based on the costs they would incur taking and refunding the bet.

If you are looking to overcome the odds of a push, you should be betting at sportsbooks like 5 Dimes where buying points on all games is cheaper.

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