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Where Can I Bet On Sports On My iPad?

Ever tried betting on your cell phone? It’s not always the easiest, especially if you’ve got your bankroll spread over numerous sites and some don’t support mobile betting. Trust me, the amount of times I’ve been out and about, usually at the pub and been wanting to place a bet on the game I’m watching only to find it’s taking far too long to get my bet placed.

Well, since I purchased my iPad, things have become a lot easier. In the past I’ve actually had to phone Betfair to get my bet placed while I’m out because their Betfair Lite software and other mobile apps haven’t been that great. However, Betfair have now launched an app for the iPad, allowing you to get the best Betfair experience possible while on the move.

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There are very few bookmakers out there that have modified their site for use on the iPad, so it was great to see Betfair cementing their status as market leaders by grabbing new technology by the horns and going with it. Betfair have realised that us sports bettors want to bet on the go and still receive the best service possible. Trust me, the Betfair iPad app gives you the best service possible, so if you’re an iPad user and you want to bet, you really need to sign up to Betfair and take advantage of it.

And, of course, where there’s iPad software, there’s also iPhone software for Betfair, so no matter what great Apple device you’re using, you can get on the betting exchanges with ease.

And, what’s more is that you’ll get all the great free bet offers when you use your iPad or iPhone, so you’re at no disadvantage to the regular bettor. In fact, you’re probably better off, because if you’re out and about, you’ve had a bet on Betfair and your team is leading, but you want to lay that bet off, you can do it a lot easier than if you weren’t using your iPad or iPhone. Trust me, there is nothing worse that having a bet, wanting to lay it off, but the site takes too long to get going, then the log in might not work and by the time you’ve sorted it all out, you’re too late to lay it off. Never again with the Betfair iPad/iPhone app.

Of course, if sports betting exchanges aren’t your thing, Blue Square are also muscling in on the iPad market and also have software optimised for the iPhone. So if you simply want to place a bet at a traditional bookmaker on your iPad or iPhone, Blue Square might be the one for you. Again, you’ll still get all the great free bet promotions Blue Square have to offer, but you can use your free money while on the go. In my opinion, nothing makes a family dinner go a bit faster and better knowing I can take my iPhone out and have a bet while my uncle goes on some rant! Perfect.

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