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What Is An Over/Under Bet?

An Over/Under bet is a bet based on a total of an event during the game. Most commonly this refers to the total amount of points scored in a game, however it could also refer to other events such as over/under bets on amount of corners in a soccer game. Over/Under bets are a particular interest to gamblers who consider themselves experts on the tactical aspect of the game as it requires judging whether defences or attacks will be more effective rather than purely betting on the result of a match.

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For example in a game between the Redskins and the Eagles the over/under is set at a total of 48.5 points. You would now place a bet on whether you think there are going to be more or less than 48.5 points scored in this match. If the final score is Redskins 24, Eagles 21 then the total points scored would be
Over Under totals are often set with a 0.5 added to the end of the total.

This allows the bet to avoid being pushed and always ensure bets are won or loss.

For example in a match between the Bills and the Dolphins the Over/Under is set at 41 points. If the Bills win 24 to the Dolphins 17 then the total points scored is 41, and all bets for overs and unders will be classed as pushed and the stake is returned.

For American sports, 5Dimes offers the best over/under odds and lines.

The Over/Under bet also has another version that is primarily used in the UK for bets on soccer. Here, rather than simply betting on the over and under you put a value on a point, and choose either to buy points (choose the overs) or sell points (choose the unders), and win or lose an amount determined by the difference between your amount and the spread. This is a difficult one to understand without an example so we’ll look at one now.

In a soccer match the bookmaker has set the spread at 10 corners to occur during the match. Barry believes there will be more than 10 corners and so buys points at $10 each. If the amount of corners is more than 10 Barry will win $10 for each corner over 10.

If the amount of corners is less than 10 then Barry will lose $10 for each corner under 10. So 8 corners Barry would lose $20. 15 corners and Barry would win $50.

Over/Under bets done by this points method offer more risk, for more rewards, and are for the more tactically astute gambler. For the widest markets on UK Soccer betting when it comes to the over/under your best bet is Betfair.

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