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What Is A Teaser Bet?

A teaser is a variation of a spread bet where you can place a bet with additional points on the spread, and as such is often referred to as “moving the line” on a spread bet. This type of wager is on a minimum of two teams and will on some bookmakers have a maximum of around 10 to 15 teams.

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When you place a bet on a teaser then additional points, determined by the bookmaker and usually around 6 to 7 points, are given to you for you to move the spread. This allows you to change the spreads to put it more in your favour; however this also will affect the odds on this and reduce the return you would get if you were to place a standard spread bet.

As a teaser bet is a variation of a parlay bet all teams in your selection must win to the bet. Tied results on teasers can vary by bookmaker, so it is worth checking before you place your bet whether these bets are pushed or whether they count as a loss.

E.g. Bill wants to place a two team 6 point teaser on the following matches

Lions +7 vs. Raiders -7
Pistons -3.5 vs. Packers +3.5

If he chooses the Lions to win he would get an additional 6 points, so the spread would be +13 in their favour (the +7 points of the spread plus an additional 6 points). If he wants to combine this with the Pistons, their line would be +2.5 (the -3.5 points of the spread plus an additional 6 points). Both teams would need to beat the adjusted spreads in order for Bill to win his bet.

There is a variation of the teaser allows you a greater number of points to change the spread on a maximum of 3 to 5 games is known as a number of names, including Big Teaser, Monster Teaser, Special Teaser or Super Teaser.

With the bookmakers having great experience in predicting the spreads for games, the teaser is seen as a way of tipping the balance into the gamblers favourite. On different sports teasing the favourite or the underdog is seen in different ways. For instance on the NFL teasing an underdog is often seen as having a good value as a bet as teams will often run out the clock when in front rather than scoring more, meaning the spread becomes tighter and a teaser bet will result in a win.

However on a sport like college basketball many believe there is a better value in teasing the favourite, as teams often play people much weaker than them and players will be looking to constantly put themselves in the spotlight of scouts by making good plays and running up the score.

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