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How To Access Gambling Sites if Blocked by Country?

Throughout the world, betting has become a focus of governments to add stricter controls on which websites you are allowed to bet at. Many countries have initiated blocks on the sites that you are able to access through various ways such as ISP’s being instructed to cut off your access to certain websites.
Why does this matter to you? The answer is that the fewer betting options you have, the higher the chances that you are betting with inferior odds – meaning lower payouts. For example in Greece, the list of sites blacklisted by the IAC is now well over 400. In Italy, the AAMS also blocks access of many betting websites. With so many sites being blocked, particularly betting exchanges, punters are the ones getting the raw end of the deal, whether you live in those countries or are traveling there on holiday.

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However, there are options out there for people that want to continue betting at the websites that they know and enjoy, and this article will explain a few of the most popular methods to do so. To put it simply, this is done by using a program or website that allows users to mask their IP address to appear to be accessing the internet from another location. The most popular methods of doing this are:

VPN – A Virtual Private Network is the ideal method. All traffic from your computer will go through the VPN via the country you are connected to. If you are connected to a VPN from UK, all your network traffic will go through UK on an encrypted connection. There are many good VPN’s to choose from, a free option to try is Hotspotshield.

Using a Proxy Server – This allows you to view blocked sites however it may be slower than normal web browsing. A popular option and easy option is HideMyAss, where you can simply type in a website address and access it via the proxy.

Tor – Connecting to this network can help you access blocked websites, however Tor can be slower than some of the other methods which may impact live betting. The way that it works is that it has multiple layers of encryption which it only unencrypts when delivering information to its destination, keeping your identity hidden.

It is also important to use the right deposit and withdrawal methods for your funds. The best deposit method to use is Paysafecards, since it is a safe and anonymous payment method. Then when you win your bets and make withdrawals it is recommended to use e-wallets like Neteller or Skrill/Moneybookers. Using your bank account or credit card will raise red flags that you are using offshore betting firms and this is not advisable. You will also need to confirm that the site is still accepting Greek members.
One betting exchange that offers these deposit methods is WBX, and their commission on soccer markets is just 3%. With £25/€25/$35 in free bets for new members, WBX is an excellent option for betting on Premier League and other soccer leagues.

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