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Justice Machine

The Justice Machine, a video slot from 1X2 Gaming, was released in March 2018. Comics, martial arts, parallel universe, and superheroes in action are among the themes. Kick A$$ (November 2015), also from 1X2 Gaming, is another comic-inspired game. Rival games include SuperHeroes (May 2016) from WorldMatch, Hero’s War Multiline from WorldMatch, and Amazing Heroes from Daub Alderney.

The Justice Machine is a slot game adaptation of a comic book series called “The Justice Machine”, which, in turn, is the collective name for a fictitious group of law enforcers that comprise of comic superheroes. Just like in the original literary work that Michael Gustovich initially published in mid-1981, this slot game is set in an alternate universe called Georwell, and the storyline involves the otherworldly enforcers storming into planet Earth while pursuing a runaway terrorist. The Justice Machine players aim for three, four, or five winning combinations.

The Justice Machine Game Characteristics
The Justice Machine has a 5X3 grid, pays up to X1250 the bet, two bonus-related symbols, multipliers, up to ten free games, a must-win game round, and 30 fixed pay lines. There are thirteen symbols. A golden yellow-haired female agent dressed in a blue-green spandex and a sweatband is the “Bonus Diviner” who unlocks the so-called “Save the Earth” bonus game. The expandable “Wild Titan” is a golden brown-haired agent dressed with a white, blue, and purple spandex. The free spins-offering Challenger is a muscled agent dressed in a lilac spandex.

The huge green “12” robot called Megabot; a yellow enemy-destroying fire called Blazer; Sector Trooper is a trigger-happy agent; Demon Warrior is an armored agent with a red horned head and wearing a blue spandex—he activates the must-win round; the blue Drone has a red-yellow afterburner glow; the Talisman (has a bonus too) is an agent dressed in a gray spandex; the Chain is a black female agent dressed in a gray-and-red spandex; and the Justice Machine brand logo is a yellow-and-purple gear wheel.

After The Justice Machine software loads, it prompts players to “Activate sound?”, wherein they answer “OK” or “NO”. Afterwards, they are prompted to “Continue”. The maximum bet is $0.01 and the maximum bet is $60.00.

The Justice Machine payouts for three, four, and five winning combinations. The Sector Trooper pays X2, X10, and X40. The drone offers X3, X15, and X50 maximum. The Megabot pays X5, X20, and X80. The Demon Warrior pays X8, X30, and X150. The Jet pays X10, X50, and X300. The Justice Machine brand logo pays X20, X100, and X500. Chain pays X40, X200, and X1000. The Talisman pays X25, X125, and X600. Blazer pays X30, X150, and X800. The Demon offers the highest payout range: X50, x250, and X1250. The Justice Machine’s non-progressive jackpot is $67500.00.

Although the good Justice Machine software is readily available for mobile devices, tablets and desktop users, navigating it may be a bit tricky because of the unique interface layout. The animated punching comic characters are appealing. The interesting sound effects include electrical short circuit and gunshots, while the theme song is “Broken” by Celestial Aeon Project.

Luck in The Justice Machine
The RTP rate of The Justice Machine, a game of chance, is 96% and the house edge is 4%.

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